Dityache center sotsіalnoї reabіlіtatsії Pearl Pridnіprov’ya

Tvorchі maysternі I nashomu tsentrі all spryamovano on creative rozvitok Dytyna, yak priїhala to nashogo center. Cutaneous Dytyna protyagom zmіni vchitsya chomus creative with our creative Maisternia "Petrikіvsky rozpis", "Stilnі drіbnichki", "Charivny klubochok", "Komp'yuterniy design", "golden thread".

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Evpatoria suffered terrible hurricane

Though July 13 and did not coincide with Friday, but was unlucky day Evpatoria. The city was paralyzed with a powerful hurricane rain and squally winds.

As the official site Evpatoria, for forty minutes the city was flooded with water. Element felled trees and damaged power lines. Stopped trams.

Evpatoria streets flooded. The water level in some areas up, and the machine just "floated" on the roads.

In many areas of the city lost electricity, and then stopped providing water due to the termination of the pumps on the second lift station, which feeds the entire city.

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Children’s Railway Kemerovo region has opened a new season

A solemn ceremony dedicated to the opening of trains this year, was held at the station "Pioneer". It was attended by young railwaymen who studied the basics of railway professions in the educational center of the small trunk. On June 1, under the supervision of instructors children's railway, they will pass an industrial practice, working as an assistant engineer, conductor, on duty at the station, railway workers, etc. vagonnikami

Kemerovo children's railway started operations in 2008. It was built in accordance with the cooperation agreement between JSC "Russian Railways" and the administration of the Kemerovo region.

At no time

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Flood in Uzhgorod

Today in Uzhhorod because of heavy rain, which was held in the morning, on some streets formed a flood …

Residents to get to work today, the regional center was extremely difficult.

— To work today was getting a half hour. First like on the bus — the water off at the knees. Then tried to call a taxi. Almost all machines have refused to go — thanks to a good taxi driver who dared to swim the hundred meters in depth. Then we have for a long time in traffic, because, of course, the move is flooded and

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Element again caused damage in Eastern Georgia

TBILISI, June 24 — News-Georgia, Natalia Smolnikova. Strong wind and hail destroyed the day before most of the crops and broke the power lines in the villages of the Lagodekhi district (Kakheti region), said on Friday Kakheti Information Center.

According to the center, hail began at ten o'clock in the evening and lasted for an hour.

Eleven villages affected by the disaster has been destroyed by 40% to 100% of the crop, according to Information Center of Kakheti.

Local authorities calculate the damage area.

Rain fell this spring have caused significant damage regions of Georgia.

Descended from

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Two new FOCA opened in Murmansk region

In Cole and Monchegorsk was inaugurated fitness centers. They are built in the framework of the regional target program "Development of sports infrastructure of the Murmansk region in 2012-2014".

Complexes meet all required standards, they can organize tournaments nationwide as well as international level. For people with disabilities are provided ramps.

In the one-story part is placed a sports hall for team sports. In the two-story portion on the first floor is the lobby, security room and fire post, dressing room, locker rooms, showers and toilets, office medical care. On the

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In Adygea, near the village of Dahovskaya opened multifunctional center of extreme sports. The center includes a skate park and trails stretching slozhnoprohodimye two kilometers or more, combining a number of artificial and natural barriers: jumps, logs, rocks, swamps and ditches.

The center will be held championships in extreme sports at various levels.



July 19 at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur, after the second phase of the renovation has opened new sports complex "Change", owned by OAO "KnAAPO." At the second stage of reconstruction has been spent over

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Bangkok flooded, the water breaks through to the city center

BANGKOK, Oct. 23 — RIA Novosti, Yevgeny Belenky. Flooding, on Friday and Saturday spread to the northern and eastern suburbs of Bangkok, is gradually moving to the city center, said on Sunday reports RIA Novosti.

On Sunday, much of the Don Muang district and Lax (Cheng Vatthana) north of Bangkok, including a number of highways and railways, were under 30-50-cm layer of water. Water is gradually moving to the south, to the city center.

Efforts of the authorities to withdraw the water into the sea through-pass channels in the east and west of the city prevents began in the Gulf

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Tunguska phenomenon unraveled?

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A grant of 30 million rubles for the production of micro-

The magazine "News of Cosmonautics» № September 2012 published an interview with Stanislav Karpenko, technical director of the company "Sputniks". In the summer of 2012 the company "Spuniks" — Resident Fund "Skolkovo" — received a grant in the amount of 30 million rubles. creation of an integrated framework for the development, production and use of small spacecraft.

These satellites are supposed to be used to monitor the Earth's surface and the organization of communication. The world market of devices with such a functional is estimated at $ 2 billion

— Stanislav tell us the background to.

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