In Elecrtostal opened a renovated hospital

Machines perinatal center opened to receive childbirth. In the last month completed a major renovation here. Funds for this have been identified as part of the modernization program of health care.

In some departments of the center of the run at the end of October. But that does not prevent doctors and midwives to perform their professional duties, as in the main offices of major repairs completed.

In addition, the new perinatal center is ready to take patients from a nearby hospital Noginskogo, which recently closed for renovation.

In Shusha (Krasnoyarsk Territory) has opened a new sports center

To name a sports complex in honor of the famous countryman Ivan Yarygin offered Shushenskaya pupil school N 2 Elena Pavlova, who became the winner of a special competition.

The opening day will be awarded to a schoolgirl annual subscription to the sports center where you can play basketball, volleyball, futsal, handball, wrestling, gymnastics, etc. To set the audience stands. Do not forget about people with disabilities from entering the building is equipped with special ramps

In the south of the Odessa region — hail and flooding

May 19. Renee city — district center in southern areas was in the disaster area.

How to tell "Odessa. Comments "the locals, the city was several thunderstorms with large hail. Hailstones the size more pea filled city.

In addition, the beam crosses the city on the site of a small river, which here is called Techiya went powerful water stream. The flood flooded neighborhood port. A local sports center saved with sandbags to prevent water from getting inside the building.

The flood affected local resident who tried to cross a bridge over the river. According to witnesses, a woman

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Shilov (Ryazan region). Opened the new building of ethno-cultural center

June 23 in a working village Shilovo held a housewarming ethno-cultural center "Dawn."

Created in 1994, the Center has many responsibilities for the study, preservation and promotion of traditional culture and folk art. The staff of the extensive material on ethnography Shilovsky edge. Material Foundation Center has about a thousand pieces, which formed the basis of the Museum of peasant culture. Science Archive Center is open to all comers. Twelve club groups involved about 200 people.

In Saranga Nizhny Novgorod opened fitness center

The new fitness center "Pearl" opened on December 29 in a working village Saranga Nizhny Novgorod region.

On the basis of the complex is planned to develop a mini-football, volleyball, basketball, hockey, sports aerobics, swimming, boxing, judo, chess and other sports.

Sports facility became the 24th Fock built in the last five years in the region under the regional program to build fitness centers. Next year we plan to commission another 5 FOKov — Kstovo, Knyaginino, Ardatove and 2 FOCA in Nizhny Novgorod.

Fitness center is built to the standard design and includes a

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The center of Russia at the weekend will be under the care of an anticyclone

Weather at the center of European Russia at the weekend and next week will be stabilized and warmer than normal, possible precipitation and fog, said the Russian meteorologist.

As the meteorologists at the weekend and during the week for the CFD will be dominated by a anticyclones, atmospheric pressure is consistently above normal.

"The probability of only slight precipitation, mostly drizzling nature, and is not without fog. Average daily temperature remains positive and exceeds the norm by 4-4.5 degrees," — said the meteorologist.

In the coming weekend of the CFD will be under the "care" of a powerful anti-cyclone, the

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In Chuvashia, learned the basics of saving 120 primary school students Novocheboxarsk

120 primary school students were trained Novocheboksarsk 10-11 April 2012 at the Center for the basics of saving energy "Chuvash Energy Retail Company" (SDCs of JSC "RusHydro ESC"). After-school lessons for the children spent specialists energy company.

In an entertaining game form guys have learned the rules of rational use of energy resources, told how to help parents save electricity, heat and water, have offered their recipes conservation.

"Lessons for younger students on energy conservation have their specificity — they need to be entertaining and informative, — Said General Director of OAO "Chuvash Energy Company" Alexander

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In Chuvashia, completed the construction of sports and building complexes in rural areas

In the district center Krasnochetaysky District Chuvash Republic on 24 August, the opening of a new sports complex — The 24th in the last seven years.

With the commissioning of the 24-second account of the complex phase of construction is completed FGC in rural areas of Chuvashia.

Construction of the sports complex was carried out in the framework of the republican target program "Development of physical culture and sports in the Chuvash Republic for 2010-2020". Sports facility was built for co-financing from the federal, republican and municipal budgets.

It housed purpose sports hall the size of 24 x 42

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In Chita opened regional cancer center


November 20 in Chita open a six-story medical building regional cancer center.

The area near the center of 24,000 square meters. Center has 214 beds. The total estimated cost — more than 770 million rubles. 440 million of this amount — the regional target money. More than 300 million spent on equipment. Construction began in 2002.

Photo: Photo:

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In Cherepovets (Vologda region). Opened a medical center

At exactly 7:30 in the morning all the staff clinics, the first adult and three children, was already on the ground. Just yesterday there was chaos inherent in hastily moving today — cleanliness, comfort, and joy in the eyes of physicians — are open!


The new clinic — all the ideas of Ministry of Health: not just globally modernized facilities, but also technical innovations.

"Filling" the complex will carry out complex operations, which the city has not yet been done in clinics, says chief doctor clinic number 1 Alex Vinidiktov: "Now we have a unique

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