In Tambov region opened a new bridge

Last Saturday on the road "Tambov-Shack" — Homutlyayskoe forest has opened a new modern bridge over the river Cna.

The new bridge has become a part of the road "Tambov-Shack" — Homutlyayskoe Forestry, which connected the villages Gusev Glade, Cages, Lucka, Nut, Homutlyayskoe forestry, recreation center "Quiet Corner" and the park-hotel "Berendey" the village burned and regional center. The bridge was designed by the design and research institute "Sevzapmostproekt" (St. Petersburg)-to-order in the region. Such a bridge — the only one in the Tambov region. Contractor acted organization "Mostostroy" under the leadership of General Director Alexei Kochetkov. The work was

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For the tireless work of the KGB. January 19

Society Chronicle of repression. Searches, detentions, interrogations by the KGB and the police are continuing in different cities of Belarus.

Vladimir Eremenko interested in the KGB

This afternoon, a department of the Minsk activist of the Young Front Vladimir Eremenko came KGB.

In Vitebsk KGB interrogated Lydia Sagidullin

Mrs. Sagidulina during the election campaign was the confidant of Vladimir Neklyaeva and coordinated the work of the electoral headquarters in the Vitebsk region.

Laid off from their jobs journalist's mother, "Nasha Niva"

Dmitry Pankovets

Irina, the mother of the journalist, "Nasha Niva" Dmitry Pankavtsa, along with her sister journalist

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Early next week, in central Russia significantly colder

Weather in the central regions of European Russia remains unstable because of the high activity of the cyclone — rain is expected, at the beginning of next week the first major cold snap of the season, according to the weather center.

According to forecasters, on Saturday will prevail cloudy, sometimes rains in the night and morning fog are possible. Daytime temperatures will be around 17-24 degrees. On Sunday, the cyclone center will leave Russia to make room in the west of the anticyclone, which stabilizes the weather. Day places will be sunny, but they do not prevent the air to

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In Taganrog hemodialysis center opens

In Taganrog outpatient dialysis center opened, designed for patients with chronic renal failure. Its placed on the base of the city hospital number 1. Saving procedure for purifying the blood of toxins Prince out here with the apparatus "artificial kidney".

The dialysis center is designed to help tens of eight patients. Now here there are already more than 30 residents who previously had to travel three times a week in a medical institution like the south of the capital. People with chronic renal failure, the kidneys work or not their function is minimal. Without the help of

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In the village of Surazhskaya Ovchinets (Bryansk region). Built a house of culture

House of Culture, solemnly opened in the village Ovchinets Surazh district, appeared on the site of the former, which burned down in 2008.

On the creation of a new cultural center provided over three million rubles: a little more than two million — from the budget settlement, more than a million — from the district treasury. Another 28 thousand rubles collected by local residents. And help with registration stage and purchase seats have sponsors.

Former DC locals have laid down in 1956. It was built of logs left over from the church, which in the years of the

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In Stupino near Moscow opened a large logistics center

One of the largest logistics platforms in the world opened today Stupinsky area. Total warehouse area of 115,000 square meters. Every day there will be m unload about 700 truckloads of various goods.

This is not the only logistics center in the Moscow region. These companies have a Dolgoprudnom, Chekhov, Khimki. And the work there, mostly professionals from the metropolitan region. So, just on a platform of "Sidorovo" employed more than a thousand residents Stoupinsky district.

In Sterlitamak (Bashkortostan) opened a regional vascular center

Regional Vascular Center (RIC) to provide medical care to patients with acute coronary syndrome and acute cerebrovascular Sterlitamak opened on the basis of the clinical hospital № 1. At the opening of the center spent about 400 million rubles from the state budget, of which 120 million rubles — for the repair of buildings and more than 200 million rubles — for the equipment.

As part of the vascular center two departments: neurology for patients with acute stroke and emergency department of cardiology and neurosurgery. They are equipped with modern diagnostic and medical equipment, which allows for

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About Yarsy in the middle Topol

As part of the continuing modernization of the Strategic Missile Forces Teykovskogo missile formation 54y Guards Missile Division until the end of this year intrudes secondunder account regiment, kitted new PGRK "yars."

Launcher of the complex has a MIRV (multiple reentry part of the personal guidance) the power of warheads is 150-300KT of TNT. Also in the article draws on the latest developments in the field of missile defense to overcome the enemy and make it inaccessible to the existing defenses at least some of the potential enemy.

That's why the enemy has so insistently its missile defense system

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B becomes restored Kalantaevsky pond

Lipetsk region, the village Stanovoye. At its original location rebuilt so-called Kalantaevsky pond. Last Wednesday, avid fans of fishing tackle for the first time thrown here and have not gone without a catch: the lucky and managed to catch carp and silver carp and crucian carp, grass carp and white. And the fishing was free.

The initiator of the revival of the pond was the head of the rural settlement of Stanovlyansky Lyudmila Krasnov. Initially, there were doubts that the pond on the site will stand out of the water it will not go away. But technically it was precisely

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In the village Fastovetskoy (Krasnodar Territory) opened a dialysis center

Health facility opened in the framework of the investment project to build a dialysis center in Krasnodar and its offices in the province, which implements the German company Fresenius Medical Care. The new center is set 20 vehicles "artificial kidney". Department at a time can take up to 120 people.

Nefrotsentr will work not only for the residents of district coach, but also the neighboring areas. Now patients with renal insufficiency will get high-tech help to the highest standards without going to the regional capital.

Doctors, nurses, attendants and technicians have been trained in the center of Krasnodar.

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