In Perm opened a major logistics center

Today, the company "Henkel" opened in Perm its most modern logistics center in the world. Logistics facility at the plant "Henkel" is the first in the Urals region logistics center of class "A" with the automated storage and shipment of finished products. Total area is about 12.5 thousand m², the estimated storage capacity — up to 25 thousand pallets. The volume of investments in this regional project totaled 567 million rubles.

Goods shipped from the complex, will be sent to customers in several federal districts in the country — Volga, North-Western, Urals, Siberia, Far East, Central. Also, detergents,

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In Perm, has opened a new research and educational center

Research and Education Center of Applied Chemical and Biological Research (Himba SEC) was established in the framework of cooperation Perm Technical University (PNIF) and the Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne (EPFL, Switzerland) on the metabolism and diabetes, with the support of the charity fund "Neva", the regional government.

— The opening of the center — this is one of the results of that work, which is the regional Ministry of Education on the development of higher education in the region. This is the start of a unique project that brings science Perm region to a new level. This is

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In the Perinatal Center spent four operations in one day

SIMFEROPIL, July 30, 2013 — The press service, AR Crimea. Newly Perinatal Center KRU "KTMO" University Hospital "in one day was held just 4 operations to close the ductus arteriosus in neonates. Operations conducted physicians surgeons Kyiv City Heart Center in cooperation with the Crimean experts.

All the kids were weighing less than 2 kg (890 g, 1 kg 145 g, 1 kg 150 g and 1 kg 465 g). 

"The operation was successful, on the fourth day after three infants were transferred to spontaneous respiration. Nowadays the kids all the problems behind the state

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In Penza open primary vascular center at City Hospital № 1

Primary Vascular Center opened on the basis of Penza city hospital № 1 on February 7. On the repair of the hospital to create a new structure has been allocated 202 million rubles.

For the efficient operation of medical institutions and the provision of quality health care to the population purchased 138 units of high-tech equipment in the amount of 120 million rubles.

The primary vascular center has 240 beds cardiac and neurological profiles. Here will be delivered to the patient with acute myocardial infarction, progressive angina, complicated hypertensive crisis. Also, patients with emergency neurological

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In Penza opened a dialysis center

June 6 Penza opening dialysis center «Fresenius». The new center is equipped with 34 dialysis machines "artificial kidney" of the new generation and is designed to assist 300 patients: 200 — by hemodialysis and 100 — by peritoneal dialysis. The opening of the center ensures patients receive affordable and timely medical assistance appropriate to the best standards. Currently, the center treats 130 people.


In Penza, in the 350-year anniversary of the start digital terrestrial television broadcasting

In Penza began test broadcasts of TV channels package RTRS-1. The transmitter power of 5 kW, mounted on a tower of Penza branch of RTRS, signal covers the regional center and coming neighborhood that is home to more than 700,000 people.

This means that more than 50 percent of the residents of the area may already be set up TVs and receive TV signals with excellent picture quality and sound.

TSETV launch was held in celebration of the 350th anniversary of the city of Penza. Digital transmitter start button pressed veteran radio television transmitting center

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In Paris, built Russian Orthodox center

Russian architects Arch-group and the French studio Sade Sarl won the competition for project of the Russian Orthodox spiritual center of cultural du Quai Branly in Paris, which will be located near the Eiffel Tower. The total area of the construction will be 4500 square meters. m

The planned complex is located at the intersection of the embankment Branli (Branly) and av. Rapp (Rapp) that form in the north area of the Resistance and the bridge of Alma. The southern facade of the complex is on the street. Universite (university).

On the Quai Branly directly

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In Paris, started the Russian visa application center

In the heart of the French capital opened Russian Visa Center (REC). It is located in the business center and a stone's throw from the famous Champs-Elysées. The French have long asked to do it to the maximum to make life easier for those of them who visit Russia on business or as tourists — said at the ceremony, the Russian Ambassador to France Alexander Orlov. And so it happened. Thus, the commitment we have made to our French colleagues, satisfied.

During the month of REC acted in "test" mode: the reception of documents produced from the visa

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Dezhnevo Ukhta

"Cape Dezhnevo" from "subjective camera" Once with the beginning of the history of this village future gas industrial center of the Komi Republic — city of Ukhta. In Dezhnevo first lived in towns. They built 6 kilometers from a new city. With modern housing and the prospects of the good life. Dark came the 90's and those who did not leave the neighborhood, were forgotten by the city that was built. House looked like barracks, people mostly fell to the bottom. Today at the 2000 residents in Dezhnevo no school, no leisure center, a

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In Yar-Sale (Yamal) opened a new sports complex

September 15 in Yar-Sale, Yamal-Nenets AO opened a new fitness center "Arctic."

In the "Arctic" is a sports hall and swimming pool, two gyms, a cafe. The complex also features an indoor ice rink, which can take up to one hundred visitors a day.

On the basis of the fitness center will operate Children's and Youth Sports School in three sports: mini football, mini-volleyball and national sports.

Construction of the facility was conducted from November 2007 through targeted investment program for the account of JSC "Gazprom".

In 2012, the Yamal is planned to commission 23 objects of education, health, physical

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