Weather Center warns hurricanes and tornadoes

Deputy Director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia Gennady Eliseev said that after the heat wave in late July in the central areas of the country may be hurricanes, severe thunderstorms and even tornadoes.

The destruction of the blocking anticyclone, which is expected to influence the weather in the European part of Russia on July 15-16 for about two weeks, as a rule, leads to extreme weather events, according to RIA Novosti words Eliseev. "Possible hail, thunderstorms, tornadoes are possible, but they can only predict a very short period of time," — said the deputy head of the weather bureau.

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Nizhnekamsk (Tatarstan) renovated to open the case of the perinatal center

August 15 Nizhnekamsk solemnly opened new perinatal center. For repairs under the modernization program of Health of Tajikistan from federal and republican budgetswas allocated 97 million rubles.

Nizhnekamsk perinatal center — the second in the country in roominess. Therefore the technical equipment at such a large scale is particularly important — in the hospital of about 160 beds.

Exit polls: ECOOM — for Lukashenko 72.3 percent, INSIDE — 37,8

Society In a news release at 15 hours Belarusian Television reported data exit poll conducted by the pro-government center ECOOM.

According to these figures, 72 voted for Lukashenko, 3 voters. "In the nearest competitor" (this was said by BT) voted 6.33 percent.

Analytical Center EcooM actively involved in monitoring the electoral situation in the presidential election 2006. On election day, they spent the exit poll, the results of which voted for Lukashenko in 83% of the respondents. The frequent coincidence of predictions center EcooM with the results of various polls allowed experts to comment on the proximity to the

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In Nelidovo (Tver region). Opened a primary vascular center

In Nelidovo opened a primary vascular center. Work on the creation of the primary vascular center began in 2011 as part of the modernization program of health Tver region. In total, for this purpose was sent to about 50 million rubles, including 1.5 million from the regional budget of 6.7 million — from the municipal, the remaining funds allocated from the federal budget. During this time, in adapted buildings of the hospital was carried out major maintenance of the roof and facade, installed a new elevator, completely replaced by communication. Intensive care with ventilation and medical gas supply system.

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In Naryan-Mar, opened its first Arctic Centre Emergencies

Photo: Anton Vorobyev

In Naryan-Mar, opened the first of the ten Arctic rescue centers MOE. Its main task will be the prevention and management of emergencies in high terms. The center is a whole complex of garages for equipment, hangar and mooring for small boats and its own gas boiler.

 As reported on the discovery of the Ministry of Emergency Situations he will also be donated to the new technology, which will join the fleet of special equipment. Public safety, both on land and on water bodies in the NAO will now provide, for example, cars

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In Nartkale (Kabardino-Balkaria) opened a dialysis center

The city Nartkale 6 July commissioned a modern dialysis center.

The new center free medical care is provided for 176 patients with renal failure, which is vital program hemodialysis, ie blood purification procedure.

In the five rooms equipped with the latest, located 29 dialysis places. In the near future the number of beds will increase to 35. The duration of each procedure — from 4 to 4.5 hours, the center is working in three shifts to transport patients purchased 5 vans.


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In the NAO has started installation of the highest TV tower in the county

In the last days of summer in the village Velikovisochnoye Nenets Autonomous District, work began on the construction of a new television tower. Openwork beauty height of 48 meters will be the most important symbol of renewal of Contemporary Arts — Television. Since its commissioning residents distant even from the district center, not just the capital cities, villages Polar can enjoy all the benefits of the "digital revolution".

Recall that a significant acceleration of the transition to digital terrestrial NAO TV happened after the signing in August 2011 in Moscow at the headquarters of the Russian Television

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In Nalchik opened Art Center

Perfect gift Nalchik made family Madina and Albert Saralp to celebrate 455th anniversary of the State of Kabardino-Balkaria — September 2, the opening of the art center in a beautiful house in the alley blue spruce in a city park. As explained Saralp Madina, the main architectural idea behind the building was to organically communicate with the spirit and purpose of the art center — the preservation and development of national traditions in the work and support of young talents. And it is quite possible — building reminiscent of the good old Nalchik, its creators managed to avoid pomposity, but

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In Naberezhnye Chelny after the cap. Repair opened Perinatal Center

Repair perinatal center area of 13.5 thousand square meters began in August 2011. The result was completely renovated water supply, sewerage, and the electrical system of ventilation.

The program "Accessible Environment" made ramps, entrance, elevators, chambers with facilities for women with disabilities. According to the program of energy saving renovated facade, insulated space, installed LED lights.

Investment in the Perinatal Center was 381 million rubles. When repairs are strictly adhered to uniform standards, which are held in Naberezhnye Chelny in the reconstruction of the emergency hospital.

For pregnant women there are all the amenities: Triple Chamber, good conditions for

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In the Murmansk Regional Perinatal Center opened a new building

January 11 opened Novo housing department of nursing premature babies Murmansk regional perinatal center.

Opening the case "G" completes the construction of the perinatal center all the necessary work performed, performed procedures on registration of the object, obtained a license for medical activities of the 2nd start-up complex. The building was constructed in accordance with the new health regulations to provide high-tech care glubokonedonoshennyh children.

The total cost of the perinatal center was about 1 billion 300 million rubles. More than 400 million spent to date medical equipment.

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