In Kurgan opened a children’s avtogorodok

October 26, 2012 the grand opening of Urban Training Center of the road safety of children on the basis of MBOU "Education Center" of the city of Kurgan.

With the support of the Administration of the city of Kurgan fully brought to life the idea of the town center on road safety of children. Today it consists of two rooms, equipped with modern thematic teaching and didactic equipment and training grounds, for training and to young pedestrians and young cyclists.

Center implies, first, a systematic preventive work with children and young people using modern interactive equipment and reinforcement of knowledge

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In Kungur (Perm) opened a new perinatal center

From today Kungurskiy perinatal center in the Perm region officially opened. It physicians are willing to accept up to three thousand births a year. The construction of a new center in Kungur spent 500 million rubles.

Perinatal center has 105 beds, of which 60 — and 45 obstetric — gynecological. Already fully equipped with all the necessary separation newborn, neonatal pathology, pre-and post-natal department, gynecology and intensive care. In the long term perinatal center will accept pregnant women not only from the kangaroos and Kungurskoye area, but also more of the seven territories of the region.

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In Kumertau opened MFC (Bashkortostan)

Multifunctional center of public and municipal services (MFC) opened on Wednesday, October 10, at Kumertau. This is the first in Bashkortostan branch MFC central office began work in June this year in Ufa.

— Residents will be able to get 71 Kumertau public service and community significance — told in the press service of the MFC. — In the near future the center will work bank, notary, insurance agency. For the convenience of visitors to the center has a coffee shop, children's room, ATMs.

In Ufa, IFC clients are now available for more than 70 public services

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In the Kuban State University (Krasnodar) inaugurated the pool

Superbasseyn, which now is proud of high school, built in just a few months. The first stone in the foundation of a fitness center, adjacent to the university stadium, was founded in November of last year. The very construction began in the spring — and boil! After just six months — last November, the student "sea" fun ended. And in December, college and university swimming team has already started training.

Pool length of 25 meters, width — 16. Available swimmers 6 tracks. Thanks to the latest water treatment system of hygienic standards in the classroom can not worry. Along with

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In the Crimean opened a new fire and rescue center

November 24 Russian Minister of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov opened in the city of Krasnodar region Krymsk new fire-rescue center.

"We specifically chose to create such a center to strengthen the protection of the district of Krasnodar region", — said the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Specialists of the center has already participated in the liquidation of the consequences of vanishing tanks temryukskeye area where the four cars on fire. The fire was extinguished, the victims and the victims.

The new center is equipped with modern technology and special equipment for use in any environment. Crimean

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In the Krasnoyarsk region opened another FLC

July 30, the Sharypovo the opening of a fitness center (FOC) "Siberia", timed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the city.

Fitness center was built as part of regional departmental target program "Development of physical culture and sports in the Krasnoyarsk Territory in 2011-2013.".

In Fox will have two gyms: universal game room of 27.0 x 45.0 m, where you can play football, volleyball, basketball, rugby and other sports. For viewers equipped stands at 200 people. The second hall — fitness — an area 12.0 x6, 0 m

The entrance to the complex is equipped

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American analysts have arrived in Belarus

Society Representatives of leading U.S. think tanks are on a visit to Belarus.

"As part of the American delegation includes program managers, professors and senior staff of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Research Service of the U.S. Congress, the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace Foundation" Heritage ", the fund" Initiative to reduce the nuclear threat, "the Institute for New Democracies, University Redfardkaga "- told Interfax at the Foreign Ministry of Belarus.

"The meetings of the National Assembly, with the guidance of foreign and defense ministers, the Belarusian political scientists and journalists," — added in the press-service.Details — later

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In Krasnoyarsk, have a unique research center for examination of the quality of medicines

Check the authenticity of medicines and the quality of the experts of the center can and pharmacies.


Rabbits are indeed experimental. Before you carry out various manipulations with them, weigh them carefully. There are also white mice, they are checked by the toxicity of drugs. Soon there will be a center of expertise and rats, and guinea pigs.

Leonid NIKOLAENKO: "We try to medication safety did not affect people's health. All of these studies are carried out on animals in order to prevent people from any side effects "

And here is to study

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In Krasnoyarsk open primary territorial Vascular Center


In Krasnoyarsk, for patients with vascular disease on the basis of the City Clinical Hospital № 20 is open primary territorial vascular center with hospitalized patients with acute neurological symptoms and acute cardiovascular disorders.

In 2011, the province will create 2 more primary vascular center at City Clinical Hospital № 6 and on the basis of Achinskoy central hospital.

To date, the province operate a regional vascular center (on the basis of the Regional Clinical Hospital) and 3 primary vascular center: Norilsk, Minusinsky and the city hospital number 20 of Krasnoyarsk. By the end

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In Krasnoyarsk center opened to patients with heart disease

In Krasnoyarsk, started the third center in the city for patients with acute cardiovascular disease.

The new office was opened on the basis of angiography city hospital number 20 on the street. Instrumental, 12. Early conduct this study allows to identify the vascular pathology and determine whether treatment. 

Previously, the study patients were sent to the regional clinical hospital or emergency hospital. "A new kind of help to avoid unnecessary transport of patients and in no time at all to give them the necessary assistance. Technology will halve hospital mortality from acute coronary

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