In Rossosh Voronezh region opened youth center

September 7, 2012 in Rossosh the grand opening of the Youth Center.

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The first part of this center was inaugurated in November 2011 — it is located registry office, and now to add to it a large cinema complex with two 3D cinemas and a training unit. Youth center with a total value of 581.6 million rubles also includes an observatory, numerous clubs and clubs, billiards, bowling, disco hall and café, the menu of which will not be alcoholic beverages.

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In the city of Ivanovo region Ples opened children’s and youth center for winter sports

Children and youth center for winter sports in the Reach opened on December 16. Schooling is free.

Children's sports center is located in the ski resort "Sweet Mountain". Boys between the ages of seven to 16 years are engaged in areas of "skiing" and "snowboarding". Center built by the investor, and now transferred to the balance athletic youth school of Olympic reserve № 2.


In Orel opened FOK Olympic

February 18, 2012 in Orel in the State University — UNPK the grand opening of a fitness center with a swimming pool. Construction of the complex was carried out in the framework of the project "500 pools." Sports facility built on the latest technologies. The cost of construction amounted to 234.5 million rubles, including 37 million rubles — the regional budget, 145 million rubles — federal, 57 million rubles — extra-budgetary funds.

The pool is designed to use it as university students and residents of the regional center. In addition, it is planned that in the construction will be holding

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In the Carpathians, bears cure for stress

In Ukraine, opened a rehabilitation center for the Bears, who were ill-treated. These bears will take away from the owners, and to send to restore health to the Carpathians.

According to news channel 24, in the National Park "Synevir" for 2.4 million hryvnia arranged the 14 hectares of land, this created a natural habitat for brown bears.

Bear Resort is designed for 30 animals, but if necessary it can be expanded. Here will bring animals from all over Ukraine. And take care of them are European volunteers. Twenty-trained staff will teach clumsy not live in cages, and

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In Eysk (Krasnodar Territory) has opened a dialysis center

In Yeisk area long-awaited event — based on the third clinic opened a branch in Krasnodar nephrology center where people in need of dialysis, will be able to get quality health care. These offices are already working in Sochi, Novorossiysk and Armavir. They meet the highest international standards.


The opening of the hemodialysis center — an example of public-private partnerships. The major reconstruction of the building and the delivery of equipment have been produced with the assistance of a private company. The total investment, including the supply of equipment and overhaul facilities, amounted to 35 million rubles.

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In Gulkevichi (Krasnodar Territory) has opened a dialysis center

In the area of the opening Gulkevichskom dialysis tsentra.Ob features and specifics of the dialysis center told the audience professor, medical director of the medical center "Nefros" Anatoly Yampolsky.

Creating a dialysis center in the municipality was made possible thanks to the support of the district head Vyacheslav Novoshitskogo. He said that after the opening of the center's specialists will work closely with the central regional hospital, and receive appropriate medical treatment in the new center will not only gulkevichane, but residents of neighboring areas.

In the city of Vladivostok has opened a dedicated children’s ophthalmology center

In the center picked up a great set of therapeutic and diagnostic equipment, which allows to make an individual program for each child. The center ophthalmologists, doctors of the highest categories that are highly experienced in working with children.

Children ophthalmologists "Seaside Center for Laser Vision Correction and Eye Microsurgery" inspect and treat children with complex forms of strabismus, amblyopia, nystagmus, with refractive errors: myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism.

In the Voronezh region opened timber breeding and seed center

December 6, 2012 in Voronezh Region was inaugurated breeding and seed production center.

The main advantage of LSSTS — high world-class technology, which include innovative modern equipment for the production of seeds of improved hereditary properties and cultivation of seedlings with closed root system.

The center will produce about 4.4 million pine seedlings and 1.3 million oak seedlings per year.

Starting a new enterprise will provide the Voronezh region and the neighboring planting material of improved hereditary properties and stable work in reforestation and afforestation.

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In Voronezh, opened a children’s dialysis center

The opening of the center took place in Voronezh. Opened a center actor and member of the Board of Trustees of care and protection of children and adolescents "We are together." The center will work on the basis of the regional children's hospital number 1.

The center will be treated free of charge children with chronic renal failure.

"It's a great thing. When the Fund's intention was to create for the year 50 such centers, I do not believe it's real. And now we discover is the 25th center. It's great that we were able to solve this challenge!

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In India, the epidemic erupted mysterious infection

In a remote village in India New Vahong, located 80 kilometers to the north of the district center Ukhrul, in Manipur, applies a mysterious infection.

Over the past two months she has already claimed the lives of four children from 6 months to a year, according to The Morung Express. And, at least eight children were transferred to the district hospital for treatment.

The disease has symptoms resembling dysentery with profuse vomiting. Despite the fact that the hospital were only children, there is information about the death of an adult woman.

According to experts, the situation can transcend the critical

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