In the rehabilitation center using slave labor?

During the large-scale raids in the rehabilitation center in Yekaterinburg — "The city, which will be without drugs" were found people who were unable to leave the premises. Deputy Chairman of the organization Mr. Malenkin announced in Russian search. Activities for the search was a criminal case, which was filed in the following items — false imprisonment and causing fatal bodily injury by negligence, Russian service reports the British news agency, Bi-bi-si.

"The rehabilitation center for men on the street Factory, 15 were found four keys are expected from the handcuffs. In this center, were found face, who talked about

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Biosensors Center for Advanced Technologies in Skolkovo

The project is the Center for Advanced Technologies "Biosensor technologies of molecular diagnostics for personalized medicine"The provisions to be consistent with the criteria of granting the status of a project participant innovation center" Skolkovo ". The project was approved by an independent panel of experts.

One of the most important tasks of the modern instrument has been and remains the creation of a new generation of biosensors that can produce highly accurate biochemical analysis of any liquids on the level of reach to most existing techniques. Of particular importance is the direction gets applied to the practice of

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Free surgery to replace the lens of the eye sight saved 1,138 residents of the Ivanovo region

Free modern surgery to replace the lens held in 1138 the inhabitants of the Ivanovo region in the first half of this year. The cost of the lens and supplies paid for the territorial fund of obligatory medical insurance. This was told on July 18 in the regional health department.


Recall, from 2012 as part of the modernization program of Health introduced health-economic standard for the surgical treatment of cataract by phacoemulsification. It involves the removal of a cataract with ultrasound probe through a micro. Healing time for such transactions reduced to 10

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Belarusian seedlings for forest Russia

This year, Russia received from Belarusian national forest selection and seed production center in the 10 million pieces of planting material.  

At present Belarusian center has the opportunity to put in Russia still 28 million seedlings. According to the Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Belarus Mikhail Amelyanovich, republican forest breeding and seed center has a high potential supply of seedlings in their neighboring country. In addition to Russia and acknowledged that procured in Belarus planter products at prices much more affordable Russia.

Ministry of Forestry of the CIS countries in

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BSU opened a medical diagnostic center

Photo: Belgorod State University

Belgorod State University Diagnostic Center has launched a set of innovative medical technologies, equipped with modern facilities to serve the students and staff of the university.

Diagnostic Center opened the clinic treatment and preventive medicine at the university created in 2008 from the Center for Prevention to provide qualified and affordable medical service to students, teachers and members of their families. For a new diagnostic center purchased the unique equipment worth more than 220 million rubles.

It remains only to pass the necessary licensing procedures, and separation (diagnostic, fluoroscopic and functional

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BSU has launched a production workshop nanotitan

Rector of the Belgorod State University Leonid Dyatchenko said that the production developed on the basis of high school academic products will be certified to supply to the world market. Nanotitan required for certification on the basis of the establishment of a pilot plant for the production of a full-fledged department of the product. At present, the company has made the final installation of equipment.

"We call on the Commission certification program. Certified nanotitan expose on the international market. From it we do implants and other products for health care, " — Said the Rector of the National Research University

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The earthquake occurred 50 km from Almaty

ASTANA, August 8 — IA Novosti-Kazakhstan.In the border areas of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan on Monday night there was an earthquake of magnitude 3.3, the website information center for special seismic data Geophysical Research Institute of the National Nuclear Center of Kazakhstan.

"According to the operative data center, August 8 at 02.52 pm Astana time in the border area of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, 50 km south-west of Almaty was an earthquake," — said in a statement.

Information on casualties or damage were reported.


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Belgorod Hospital received three neonatal reanimobile

The three specialized vehicle purchased by the fund "Generation". Keys from them today handed founder of Andrei Skoch.

Reanimobiles designed for intensive care units and neonatal intensive care perinatal center Regional Hospital. The department is equipped with the most modern equipment, allowing kids to assist in weight from 500 grams. When the department was created resuscitative Advisory Centre with mobile team. Each year, the center's specialists make up to 280 trips in the area of maternity institutions. Physicians have to be transported to other hospitals, including Moscow, infants, who may have an extremely low body temperature.

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White metallurgy. The key to success

Is the name of another film about CHEP, this time dedicated to the business card of another company — training center in Pervouralsk unique to Russia project on training for the steel industry.

The educational project, which cost more than 700 million rubles, CHEP launched by the Government of the Sverdlovsk region in the spring of 2011. Less than six months in Pervouralsk was built innovative training center, which has no analogues in Russia. Robotic technology, creative atmosphere and a high-tech center space correspond to the best European universities and overtake many of them.

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Starving fox hunt in the center of Kazan

Because of the snow fox come out of the woods to hunt in Kazan.

Because of the huge snow drifts in the woods red predator can not get to the production and looking for food in the city, according to LifeNews. Fox in the forest resort town on the ice of the river Kazanka.

Residents of the city could remove the camera as directly under the walls of the Kazan Kremlin starved fox hunt arranged on a mouse. Redheaded beauty was so impressed that he did not pay attention to the people.

Now the city office trapping combs Kremlin

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