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Russian magnetic resonance imaging

It appears in Russia for many years, there is the production of these complex devices. Research and production firm "Az" produces several models

Russian tomograph "Ellipse"



Company History

Research and production firm "Az" organized in 1988 as an innovative company in the development and production of domestic magnetic resonance imaging. Human resource base of the company amounted to scientific, engineering and technical personnel and skilled workers leading companies and research institutes.

Permanent head of research and production firm "Az" is the Archangel Vyacheslav A. — Member of the Russian Academy of

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In Urfa the 3D-printer printed the new item for the defense

Order one of the defense plants Sverdlovsk Region has recently completed an innovation-innovation center layout and prototyping (CIP) Ural Federal University (UFU). In just four hours out of the plastic on the modern industrial 3D printer produced here an important part for the development of new businesses, reported On the eve in the press center of the university.

"This is a layout that is 75 times smaller copy of the actual product — the director of CIP Yuri Abraham. — But not a toy. Customer is really working on a new design and layout and

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Olympic Oval: the erection of steel structures

In Olympic Park began installing metal buildings Indoor skating center. Only be mounted around 6,000 tonnes of metal. The building will have an oval shape in the gray-white bloom with a tinted gray-blue stained glass. For the construction of modern technologies of concrete bearing structures that provide strength building skating stadium and its safety. To cover the ice oval and the creation of the outer shell of the building is proposed to use a light metal.

Indoor skating center is planned to be commissioned in the autumn of 2012, when it would be launched first test

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Prototyping center established at the University Dubna

The decision of the Academic Council of the University "Dubna" on September 27, 2013 created a new unit — the center of prototyping.

Prototyping Center— Engineering and production facility, specializing in the development of a complete scheme of production — from computer-aided design to prototyping functioning of electronic devices. Its capabilities will be used not only students, but also small businesses Dubna, including residents of the SEZ. This will allow them to significantly reduce the cost of production of prototypes of their own development. 

Center equipment received under the program to support small and

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In Kurgan opened fitness center Velez

In the neighborhood of the capital Zaozernoye Zauralye the grand opening of a fitness center.

The building was constructed for the year. Its area — 800 square meters. There are halls for mini-football, volleyball, basketball, boxing. Equipped gym. The plans — opening sections of aerobics, fitness and gymnastics.

Also in the courtyard of FOCA installed outdoor fitness, which are suitable for training both adults and children.

Over the past three years in the Urals built many sports facilities such as a sports complex "Youth" pool "Olympus", an ice arena, "Youth" in Kurgan,

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In the city of Perm Tchaikovsky completed the first phase of construction of winter sports center

In Tchaikovsky put biathlon complex, whose construction was part of the regional project "School of Champions".

Fully prepared of household housing complex, snow-making system, shooting and shooting area. It remains to complete the work on the ski-roller track.

Biathlon Complex — the first stage of the federal training center for winter sports. The complex consists of skiing and biathlon tracks (the length of its main range is 4 kilometers). Next to the "biathlon" is the construction of complex 5 jumps — the second part of "winter" center. Builders are assembled structures mountains acceleration and a touchdown for

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Notary Russia creates protected legally valid electronic document

Foundation "Center for Innovation and Information Technology" at the Federal Chamber of Notaries and the company "Aladdin RD", a leading developer and provider of information security, announce the introduction of integrated solutions "software suite to protect information for the notary." The project jobs Russian notaries are equipped with a means of forming electronic digital signature (EDS).

The decision to implement the activities of notaries in Russia EDS and organization of information exchange with the notary public authorities Russia is part of the modernization program-budget of the Institute of Notaries Russia. In October 2010, the Foundation "Center for Innovation

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How to get in Skolkovo?

Team Fund "Skolkovo" will tell you how to get involved in the project of creating a global innovation center in Russia to get the status of its members, which receive preferential partner companies on how to organize cooperation between Russian and foreign participants how to act in Skolkovo University of Technology.

If you have questions you can ask on the phone 8-800-200-09-09 (free from all regions) on Wednesday, March 16 from 9:30 to 11:00 Moscow time. And now send by fax: (495) 257-58-92 or e-mail:

They will answer vice-president of the "Skolkovo" for interaction with

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Republican logistics selhoztsentr opened in Yakutia

National agricultural logistics center, bringing together 12 agricultural cooperatives, the construction of which was spent 170 million rubles, opened in Yakutia.

The center was established on the basis of the national cooperative "Sahaagroprodukt" which, in turn, brings together 12 agricultural cooperatives, such as "Amma", "Taatta", "Ust-Aldan", "Curapca."

Center allows you to receive and process, to ensure proper storage and operational marketing of fresh local produce. Facilities and equipment allow you to take the center of dairy and meat products, processed wild plants, adjusted output of meat products.

Products will

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The astronauts tested the anthropomorphic robot

In September at the Cosmonaut Training Center Yuri Gagarin performed experimental studies of advanced anthropomorphic robot SAR-401, developed by NPO "android technology" and its interactive virtual three-dimensional model.

 The purpose of the work performed by order of the Central Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering is the study of the possibility of the on-board flight operations using the robot remotely controlled by a human operator in the so-called a copying mode. The principle of control a humanoid robot in a copying mode is based on the repetition of their movements of the human operator, which are set by

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