Mon to Freedom

Morning * Over the weekend, June 9 and 10 Grodno public protested against plans careless reconstruction of the historic center. Talk with Grodno activists, one of the organizers of public resistance Ales Zalewski * Mogilev damaged four of the monument to the town’s oldest in the Catholic cemetery. A few early June 10 s destroyed gravestones in the ancient cemetery of Bobruisk. Within a month, the police finds intruders who defiled the Jewish cemetery in Borisov. Reports on the extent of vandalism in the cemetery in Belarus* Reporting the summer military-patriotic education. 11 thousand Belarusian troops this summer will take

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Center of Europe: And I hunt, so that we were like France, UK, Germany

Victor Skylark — the real tsentralnaevrapeets. This forty-year-burly lives in the village and all the men malehankih which ends just to make ends meet.He works as a driver in the forestry, which receives 350 thousand rubles. He sent all his own three children in the capital and very unwilling to vorachivalis kids home. He does not have huge bank accounts and expensive real estate.But Victor — the real tsentralnaevrapeets. After all the men of the village is in the heart of Europe. According to the opening of the Belarusian geographers.Together with Victor we roll on my "Volga" in the middle

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Courts in Grodno: one fine and seven warnings

Protocols on participation in an unsanctioned picket considered referee Dmitry Matseyuk. He forbade reporters be the consideration. Young people came to protest against the demolition of an old steam mill in the center of Grodno on the street Misha Cornflower. They held banners "Do not ruin Grodno!" And "is protected by law." They were detained by the police.• Grodno detained about fifteen young activists, 23.05.2007 • In the center of Grodno destroy an old mill, 23.05.2007

Mogilev: Where are the signatures of delegates to the congress?

According to the initiators of the creation of the Commission in the process of nominating delegates campaign 67 people gathered in his support of 300 voters’ signatures. They were all registered Mogilev Monitoring Commission congress delegates.After verifying the signatures collected Central Monitoring Commission mandate delegate received only 23 people.May 15 Policy Council Democratic Forces and Central Committee agreed to make an observation in Mogilev special commission to examine the facts of extinction signatures.One of the initiators of the creation of the commission Dmitry Solovyov said, "Freedom", which was composed of representatives from six Mogilev regional organizations political parties."The central observation

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Mogilev activists shall be removed from the role in the regional conference

Policy explained to his decision, so that the Central Supervisory Board violated the agreement and the conditions of nominating delegates to the Congress Democratic Forces Belarus.May 10 held a press conference at which the policy will be presented by certain claims to the Central Supervisory Board, also to the political council connecting voedinyzhdy democratic coalition.Conference Democratic Forces Mogilev region is scheduled for May 12.

Ales Bialiatski — Vice President of the International Federation of Human Rights

Session of the organization held in Lisbon.The Human Rights Center "Viasna", which is a favorite A.Belyatsky, became a member of the International Federation for Human Rights in 2004.Recall, the Human Rights Center "Viasna" was deprived of official registration.

Opposition prepares regional mini-congresses

Political Council member Victor Korneenko responsible for regional activities. He states: current meeting showed that there is a single regional favorites position."Regions have always been more consolidated position — comparable to the central structures. Regions have the realization that there is a conflict in the united democratic forces. They are ready to make the judges in resolving this conflict. But this is not a judge on the side, and the people who work for total democracy. "Chairman of the Minsk branch of the BPF Party Alexei Kavalets states that regional meetings — "decent but forced step":"The center can not agree.

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What is the future of the historic Grodno?

Field meeting of scientific and methodological council — a two-day. Yesterday, the participants stayed in the World. Whereupon they went to Grodno. And just being on the road deputy governor control on protection of historical and cultural heritage and restoration of the Ministry of Culture said Igor Cherniavsky our Radio:Chernyavskii ‘first question was about the course of the reconstruction of the castle complex world, it presented the emperor Bubnovskiy. And second question — it Bernardine Monastery in Minsk project proposals — what may be possible. " Sovereign Chernyavskii noted that there was a decree of the Council of Ministers, whereby

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The more Lukashenko wants to become Europeans, the better for all

State Center for Democracy, which is run by Nadia Duke — One of the most influential and recognizable centers that support for democracy in the countries in which it does not. Last year, during the election campaign this particular center Belarusian KGB vinyl in support of "Partnership".As a U.S. organization to work in a country where authorities use anti-American arguments to discredit the recipients of foreign aid? Nadia says Duke."Anti-Americanism is inherent not only in Belarus, we are confronted with it even in Eastern Europe. But it is — the result of internal political situation, and not a reaction to

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V.Dolgolev: Our homeland start against Belarus information war

"All these information flows mud rigged numbers, attracted" by the ears "arguments focused on the creation and consolidation in the minds of the Russian people ideas about" the Belarusian boarder " who live at the expense of the Russian Federation ", — said salting. By him, there is a coordinated approach to federal channels lighting Belarusian-Russian relations, "complete silence in the life of a Union country suddenly changed estimates" friendship prices. " "Fascinating in the sleeve is trump ace media — some fabulous results" public opinion poll of Russians ", allegedly reflecting the attitude of the population of the Russian

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