The company Viriom presented an effective innovative drug

for the treatment of HIV

Company "Viriom" presented data on the effectiveness of the innovative drug for the treatment of HIV in the Moscow International Week of Virology.

Developed by "Viriom" innovative drug VM-1500in clinical trials (CI) makes unique pharmacokinetic properties, and unlike other drugs of this class show a high efficiency, and resistance to HIV.

This was held at the "Moscow International week of Virology," said research director, Dr. Vadim Bychko.

Scientific and Practical Conference "International Week of Virology"— This is a global event that brings together leading scientists from Russia and

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Republican logistics selhoztsentr opened in Yakutia

National agricultural logistics center, bringing together 12 agricultural cooperatives, the construction of which was spent 170 million rubles, opened in Yakutia.

The center was established on the basis of the national cooperative "Sahaagroprodukt" which, in turn, brings together 12 agricultural cooperatives, such as "Amma", "Taatta", "Ust-Aldan", "Curapca."

Center allows you to receive and process, to ensure proper storage and operational marketing of fresh local produce. Facilities and equipment allow you to take the center of dairy and meat products, processed wild plants, adjusted output of meat products.

Products will

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A new body of the test center Altaivagon

Test center hardware railway built in the Altai region in 2008. Then the volume of investment in its creation amounted to about 136 million rubles. To build and equip a new building to receive 300 million rubles. His work will allow the plant to produce more modern cars.

The plant is already preparing to release new products, among which the car weighing in at 75.5 tonnes, equipped with a new braking system, with each trolley car has its own brakes.

JSC "Altaivagon" for 9 years is a part of "SDS Mash." In the next 3

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Russia won the right to repair, service and training fleet


Russia and Vietnam are building a center for repair and maintenance of ships of the Soviet and Russian-built in Cam Ranh, where there was one of the most important naval bases of the USSR abroad, as well as point of logistics. In recent years, Vietnam is one of the most active buyers of Russian military equipment. Moreover, purchased a high-tech products — ships and aircraft. It is in this center will serve ships of all classes and types up to medium repairs. In 2009, during a visit to Moscow by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung signed a contract

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In the center of Sankey had unusual exercises

In the center of Sochi Luge "Sledge" held teaching service professionals timing. Employees of different simulated emergency situations and the actions in case of their occurrence. For example, if the power supply fails equipment, the need to quickly connect a backup power source while maintaining the functionality of the entire system of timekeeping.

 "We have here is two-timing system, let’s call them" A "and" B ", both of them duplicates — tells the operator the bobsleigh track Denis Annikov. — We are always working on ‘A’, but in the case of a failure, switch to the second

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In Armenia began selling cars Gazelle NEXT»

September 27 in Yerevan opened its first dealership GAZ. Simultaneously with the opening of the center hosted the first in the Republic of Armenia presented a light commercial vehicle of a new generation of "Gazelle NEXT». 

Built in accordance with corporate standards GAZ, dealership will implement the entire product line of the company, "Gazelle NEXT», light commercial vehicles "Gazelle of Business" and "Sable BUSINESS", of medium trucks GAZ-3309, "Sadko", as well as special equipment on their base.

As a part of the car center, showroom, service station, storage of trucks. Staff was branded center

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In Ufa, opened two new model library

On Saturday, September 28, in Ufa, the presentation of two multipurpose libraries.

This Center of comfortable reading and entertaining leisure "Dream" and information-entertainment center "Spectrum".

Even today, there are 15 in Ufa model libraries. In such libraries done to the reader and the librarian was comfortable to engage and work. There are all conditions that anyone can get the information you need quickly and affordably.

The model library — is a multi-cultural awareness, education, and educational center with an optimal set of material and information resources and the ability to model their

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The violence in the settlements

In the UK, the police check the information that the immigration center guards raped women awaiting deportation

In British immigration center "Yarls Wood" women are sexually abused by guards. This was reported by one of the defenders of the former occupants of the center, it has spent six months pending deportation. Police launched an investigation, and lawyers called on the authorities to check carefully the activities of "Yarls Wood", which is not the first time attracted the attention of the public.

Police launched an investigation into the incident at the British immigration center "Yarls Wood"

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The new perinatal center started in Voronezh

The main construction works perinatal center in Voronezh completed. Contracts for the supply of medical and technological equipment, the question of equipping the center with furniture, soft items, computer equipment and software. Completed installation of medical and technological equipment. Perinatal Center began operations on July 1.


Construction of health centers (many photos)

Recall the construction of the perinatal center began in August 2009. Earlier, the press center of the governor and the regional government reported that the center will be operational in April 2011. Corps offices surgery, generic, health clinics and nutrition unit

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In Moscow completed the modernization of 198 KZHI

At 198 mill concrete products (198 KZHI), which is part of the holding, "GVSU" Center "and is located in Borodino, Moscow region, work began on the commissioning of the upgraded production of concrete products. The new shop is specialized in the manufacture of vertical exterior and interior walls.

By the level of technical equipment of the enterprise has no analogues in the Moscow region. As part of membership in an international consortium to modernize Russian industry GVSU "Center" entered into an agreement with leading European manufacturers to supply the latest equipment. Including exclusively for robots have

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