In Monchegorsk appeared mobile medical center

Complex based on KAMAZ was raised a city hospital to diagnose patients in remote areas. Mobile clinic will allow us to do the necessary tests and examination of the patient. As a result, doctors will be able to make recommendations to hospitalize the patient and detect the disease in its early stages of development.

The car went in Monchegorsk on the program of modernization of Medicine of the Murmansk region. The concept of Health of the Russian Federation, much attention is paid to the diagnosis of diseases. Disease detected at an early stage, it is easier

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In suburban Dolgoprudnom opened tennis center

September 2 Dolgoprudnom near school number 9 opened Tennis Center.

The Center 4 indoor courts with a cover "hard", 2 mini-courts to engage kids, 2 outdoor clay courts.

Belarusian seedlings for forest Russia

This year, Russia received from Belarusian national forest selection and seed production center in the 10 million pieces of planting material.  

At present Belarusian center has the opportunity to put in Russia still 28 million seedlings. According to the Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Belarus Mikhail Amelyanovich, republican forest breeding and seed center has a high potential supply of seedlings in their neighboring country. In addition to Russia and acknowledged that procured in Belarus planter products at prices much more affordable Russia.

Ministry of Forestry of the CIS countries in

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The new building of the rehabilitation center for the police opened in Vologda

In Vologda opened a new building health of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Vologda region — healing lodges for the police. This is a truly momentous event for the Vologda region — centers equipped with the latest medical equipment, including a full range of rehabilitation measures of regenerative medicine, in the North West is no more.

September 4th center began its work in full.

The need to build a rehabilitation center for law enforcement officers came to the area in the late 90’s when the police were coming back from the "hot

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In p. Bakaly (Bashkiria) opened fitness


The new sports center built in the grocery and a half years. For everything it took 69 million rubles from the republican budget.

FLC gym includes an area of 42 to 24 square meters, a fitness center and modern fitness equipment. The village is also reconstructed the biathlon complex, and are now building a special roller trail.


In p. Ivolginsk (Buryatia) opened fitness center

The opening ceremony of a fitness center in the village of vovtoyalas Ivolginsk Buryat Republic on August 27.

The two-storey building provides facilities for team sports, as well as for the players, wrestlers, tennis players and fans of martial arts. In addition, everyone will be able to do physical therapy, visiting gyms, showers and sauna.

Total area of sports facility was more than two thousand square meters, the estimated cost — 98.386 million.


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KAMAZ and Intel showed a prototype onboard media system

The company "KAMAZ" and Intel presented a prototype onboard infotainment system designed specifically for long-haul vehicles KAMAZ-5490.

Featured media center is localized for the Russian market. It includes navigation with current information about the workload of transport networks, radio, media player, a telephone application, calendar, browser, application for social networking, as well as voice control and integration with infrastructure services.

It is noted that in the prototype used the latest dual-core processor for embedded Atom (model not specified), and a software platform, open source, compatible with Tizen.

For satellite positioning in the media

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Aviation Training Center S7 Training has introduced a system of automation of the educational process

As part of the development and enhance the quality of the educational process, S7 Training Center implemented an information system fully automates the learning process of the formation of training applications to the preparation and issuance of certificates of training completion. The developer of this system of the Russian company "Devpark" specializing in the development and implementation of software for automating businesses.

"Our goal was to create a single database for all courses of training and transfer the entire flow of documents in electronic form. The introduction of integrated automation system S7 Training allowed to reduce efforts

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Two new FOCA opened in Murmansk region

In Cole and Monchegorsk was inaugurated fitness centers. They are built in the framework of the regional target program "Development of sports infrastructure of the Murmansk region in 2012-2014".

Complexes meet all required standards, they can organize tournaments nationwide as well as international level. For people with disabilities are provided ramps.

In the one-story part is placed a sports hall for team sports. In the two-story portion on the first floor is the lobby, security room and fire post, dressing room, locker rooms, showers and toilets, office medical care. On the

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Another successful project in the Republic of Belarus

August 8 in Minsk near the station. Metro "Borisov path" at the end of Independence Avenue opened a new shopping center "Crown", equipped with the company «Modern-Expo", one of the leaders on the market of equipment in Eastern and Central Europe. This object was the sixth in the retail network.

  The total area of the new "Crown" is 20,670 square meters. m, retail — 7000 m. m shopping center parking lot has 686 parking spaces. Soon, the founders promise to build a shopping center pedestrian walkway through the Minsk Ring Road (MKAD). The structure of the shopping

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