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In Penza opened a dialysis center

June 6 Penza opening dialysis center «Fresenius». The new center is equipped with 34 dialysis machines "artificial kidney" of the new generation and is designed to assist 300 patients: 200 — by hemodialysis and 100 — by peritoneal dialysis. The opening of the center ensures patients receive affordable and timely medical assistance appropriate to the best standards. Currently, the center treats 130 people.


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In St. Petersburg SEZ construction of science and technology center

A resident of a special economic zone "St. Petersburg" manufacturer of electrical equipment "Novotekh" came to the construction site. The company is building the scientific and technical center.

"SPE" Novotekh-SPb "" will build a special economic zone in St. Petersburg Scientific-Technical Center, reports the Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovation Petersburg. The company producing electric drives for portable electric power tools and machinery occupy the area of one hectare.

"We welcome the access to the construction site of another resident. The company joined us at the end of last year and has already started the

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New Art School opened in Yugorske (Yugra)

In young artists Ugorsk housewarming. The city opened a long-awaited artistic and aesthetic school, which was built a few years. Managed to finish school with the help of district authorities.  Four-storey building will accommodate 500 students. Spacious lounges can be used as additional exhibition space and a place for fizkultminutok. The school’s 20 spacious and bright classrooms, a computer room and its own library. There is even an elevator and showroom unusual shape.


Welcomed the participants of the ceremony the head Ugorsk Rais Salah, mayor Michael Bodak, Tyumen regional Duma deputy Yuri Kholmanskaja,

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In Moscow, opened the laboratory of innovative creativity

Prototyping Lab "InnoGrafika" opened on May 29 in Moscow. It is the second program of creating a network of centers of Moscow Youth Innovation Creativity, implemented Centre for Innovative Development of Moscow with the support of the Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship, and with the assistance of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia. The first center was opened at the beginning of the year at the Moscow State Engineering University, here today are prototypes of future production models.

Each laboratory, part of the network TSMIT, equipped with the most modern digital equipment

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In Ingushetia, opened a rehabilitation center for disabled children

In Magas, the grand opening of the national rehabilitation center for disabled children.

The establishment of the modern equipment for high-quality rehabilitation, a massage room, integration workshops, hot tubs, swimming pool, and is located in the center of the hospital for 55 beds. In the rehabilitation center will also operate five offices. Young patients will be able to carry out rehabilitation on fourteen diseases, including disorders of the musculoskeletal system, central nervous system of children from one year and up to fourteen years.

National Rehabilitation Center for children with disabilities is built under the Federal

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In the Tula region opened a fitness center

Fitness center, which will be able to visit every 100 people, was opened in the village Tovarkovsky Tula region, the worst affected during the wildfires in the summer of 2010.

Total funding for the construction of a sports facility amounted to 28 million rubles. Construction was completed in the shortest possible time — within 2.5 months.

On a total area of more than a thousand square meters, now has a tennis court, facilities for basketball, volleyball, mini-football. "The new sports facility will not only give children the opportunity to actively engage in sports, but will take

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In the Khabarovsk region opened a rehabilitation center for children with disabilities

In Sovetskaya Gavan, Khabarovsk Krai inaugurated the new building of the rehabilitation center for children and adolescents with disabilities.

Construction of the center was conducted in 2008, for this purpose has been allocated over 224 million rubles, most of them — the means of the regional budget. The establishment has the most advanced equipment for quality rehabilitation. There are massage services, integration workshops, spa baths. Every day center will be able to attend up to 85 children.

C emergence of this institution will be solved the rehabilitation of children Sovetskaya Gavan, Vaninsky, Ulchsky areas.

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In Ulan-Ude (Buryatia) opened Center of Nuclear Medicine

The building of the National Cancer radiotherapy clinic was built in Ulan-Ude, modern equipment will treat complex forms of cancer with minimal risk of damage to healthy organs from patients in the Baikal region and Mongolia.

Close and dilapidated building of the Republican Oncological Dispensary, built in 1964, did not meet modern requirements. In 2011 began the construction of medical diagnostic equipment at a cost 4.5 billion rubles, that is, except for the Center conformal radiation therapy to the canyon, will include a 150-bed hospital and clinic.

"Discover the department is equipped with two modern

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In Kemerovo built a modern volleyball complex Arena

21.01.11 Kemerovo a presentation volleyball center "Arena", which is located in Komsomolsk park.


The total area of the new sports complex — 4000 387 square meters. It houses the playing field with parquet and carpet "torofleks." The auditorium is designed for 2,000 seats. In the center is equipped with modern lighting and sound equipment needed for the broadcasts.


In addition, the training-equipped recreation center with a gym, sauna, swimming pool, health and massage rooms, changing rooms and showers.

January 21-22 at the sports complex will be the first competition —

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The reconstruction of the Regional Centre

military-patriotic education in Izhevsk

FSUE "GUSST number 8 at Spetsstroy Russia" as soon as possible carried out reconstruction of a 2-storey building of non-state educational institutions of further education for adults and children, "the Regional center of patriotic education and training of citizens for military service" DOSAAF regional branch of the Udmurt Republic. The general contractor for the reconstruction was made by a branch, "SU number 8102", led by Alexander Vladimirovich Markelov.


In the course of reconstructed premises with a total area of 2008 square meters, the building

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