Pure Siberian Business

The company "Dishes Service Center", which sells tableware and household goods from Kazan to Khabarovsk, showing rapid growth, is not afraid of the arrival of large network of companies and is looking for the potential to develop within themselves.

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Novosibirsk really buy cookware that is strongly associated with "Ware Center".

"That if you ask, for example, a person in Novgorod, where he buys the dishes, he says — and nowhere else. That's because the first set of dishes presented to him on the day of the wedding, and the last will be presented at the

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The European Parliament will help Belarusians

The proposal appealed to the MEP representatives of public organizations "Soyuz-Chernobyl Belarus" and "Soyuz-Chernobyl Ukraine." It is planned that International Centre will be built at the sanatorium "Forest Vodytsya" near Kiev.International Center aims to scientific and practical activities in assisting the liquidators of Chernobyl. The victims will be able to get there course of treatment, to be screened on the definition of disability. How should this work now and why should seem International Centre in Ukraine, explains managing public association "Union Chernobyl-Belarus", the liquidator-Chernobylets Alexander Volchanin

The problem is not only Belarus, but this problem European

"Before This time no

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CHETRA opened a service center in the Far North

CHETRA dealer in North-West Company "Uraltehtrans" opened in Usinsk service center, which is going to track and comprehensive service equipment operating in the territory of the Republic of Komi and Nenets Autonomous District.

The opening of the center follows the concept of CHETRA dealer network across Russia, working on the principle of a single window. Equipment dealer, not only supplies machines to customers, but also is responsible for the timely supply of spare parts and the quality of the provided service. Over the past year and a half the company "Uraltehtrans"

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After 4 years, there will be Innograd

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Innovation City, which should be the center of the Russian scientific and technological modernization, will be developed by building templates offered by the French company AREP. The winner of the architectural design innovation city in Skolkovo Foundation Council has identified the development of the center of the development and commercialization of new technologies.

In the final involved two foreign companies — AREP of France and the Dutch OMA. They both have experience in Russia and, according to its own promises will attract Russian subcontractors. The concept of the winner is seen from a bird's eye something

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Central Design Bureau Progress won the tender to build the complex, Review-P

Samara Samara Space Center "Progress" won the tender for the creation of Roskosmos space complex "Review-P" for all-weather radar operational round the clock surveillance of the Earth, the contract price — 3.6 billion rubles, the message on the site procurement.

The figure — Russian satellite remote sensing (RS) "Resource DK 1".

"Spacecraft" Review-P "- radar. Launch date — 2015. This machine locator based on the AESA (active electronically scanned array), which will receive the image better than one meter," — said the head of technical policy and the quality of Russian Federal Space Agency Michael Khailov All-Russian

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CA asterisk (Severodvinsk) began to repair submarines Smolensk

Ship Repair Center "asterisk" (Severodvinsk, is part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, USC) has initiated work to restore the technical readiness of the underwater nuclear missile cruiser "Smolensk" project. 949A "Antaeus". As the press service of the company for the stay at the dock workers and specialists of "Stars" will perform the bulk of hull maintenance and other docking works, it is expected that it will take several months.

In the spring of 2012 the ship will be launched and its completion will continue to survive.  

Ship Repair Specialists of the Center will hold

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Health centers for children

In the Irkutsk region already operating nine health centers with modern equipment and software systems. Here, residents of Irkutsk region are free to undergo a full inspection, identify weaknesses and get the body's own individual program of recovery. Until the end of 2010 in the Angara will open another eight health centers for children. 03.12.2010 In the Tyumen region will begin work three new children's health center 03.12.2010 Volga opened health center for children. He — the third in the region and the only one in town. 03.12.2010 In Togliatti opened the first health center for children 02.12.2010

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Center display aircraft named after I. Kozheduba 75 years old

March 22, Center display aircraft located in Kubinka, 75 years old. The Center includes the famous aerobatic team "Russian Knights" on the Su-27 and the "Swifts" — the MiG-29.  In the second half of April 2013, the Centre planned for the commemoration of the anniversary.

History of the Centre started in 1938, when at the airport Gorelovo (Leningrad region). Based on the 70 th and 58 th Fighter and 33th separate reconnaissance squadron was formed 19th Fighter Aviation Regiment. In 1939, the pilots of the regiment began to military trials-16 fighters with M-63

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Better drugs than the Bible?

The center was created at the end of the last century by German nationals, the husband and wife Anita and Egbertam Shoane.From media reports it is clear that Egbert and Anita purchased an old building in Ostrovchitsy village school, where he made a rehabilitation center for those svetlagortsav who wanted to get rid of drug addiction. How principled this assistance, knows one of the former addicts Svetlahorsk: "Many of net hard to adjust to life. If they shall be removed from the drug, they behold the that already divorced from social life. Did not find the case, understanding at work,

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The center, which will prepare 15,000 sergeants in the year, will open in the CVO

Interspecific training center, which will annually prepare a 15,000 sergeants will work in the Central Military District, reported the press service of the county.

"Since September 20, the troops of the Central Military District will be operational interspecific District Training Centre for the training of junior staff. New structural unit will now consist of seven training centers in five regions of the Russian Federation"- Said in a statement.

Will head the new structure Colonel Edward Zavarzin. The new association will include two training centers for junior professionals motorized troops, educational training centers tank, missile and artillery troops, air defense

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