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National Project Nova Zhittya

In the framework of reforming the healthcare industry of Ukraine opened the eighth perinatal center. The medical establishment cost about 70 million USD opened in Poltava, writes the "Interfax-Ukraine".

The opening ceremony was attended by the First Deputy Head of Presidential Administration of Ukraine Iryna Akimova and Vice Prime Minister Oleksandr Vilkul.

"National Project" Nova life "- is one of the biggest public projects. This is the eighth center, which has earned the country. It’s nice that in addition to budget money invested in its construction and sponsorships, "- said Akimov.


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In the Rostov region started navigation and information center

In Rostov started navigation and information center of the Ministry of Transportation — one of the first in Russia. In the center of accumulating information about the location, speed and technical state of about six thousand passengers and nearly 900 school buses, road and forest protection technology. As the clock through the GLONASS system are being watched center staff.

In the event of an emergency in each vehicle equipped with a tracking system, there is an extra button connection with the center. In turn, he is in constant interaction with all operational services.

Information on

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Rehabilitation Centre of Inclusive Education

On the eve of the Feast of the Baptism of the chairman of the regional council Eugene Hoopoe pupils visited the regional training and rehabilitation center remedial work and inclusive education, where they study 235 children with hearing and speech.

Worldwide, people with disabilities are active participants in life. After all, a person‘s worth does not depend on his ability or achievement. All people feel and think the same way. All people need each other, need the support of all. First and foremost, it concerns children. These are the main principles of inclusive education, whose mission

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Pskov Nephrology Center started

January 24 outpatient dialysis center in Pskov began accepting its first patients. To date, running a dialysis room. In February, the second will open, which will be treated patients with viral hepatitis. Center — a successful outcome of the public-private partnership. The investment agreement between the Administration of the Pskov region and the German company "B.Braun Avitum Russland" was signed a year ago. There are plans to open a branch in Pskov on 10 seats.

The appearance of the Centre — is a huge step in improving the security of the population of the Pskov region of

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Training simulation center opened in perinatal technologies


In the Angara opened simulation center to train modern perinatal technologies.

The purchase of equipment for the simulation center of Irkutsk Oblast budget allocated about 9 million. The center is equipped with modern computer simulation of wireless systems delivery, mobile remote infant manikins for first aid team, mannequins preterm infants with the ability to monitor and record vital signs, exercise machines and fitness equipment delivery stitches to practice obstetrician-gynecologists medical procedures.

On mannequins, simulators and modules can work out the manual skills and algorithms of action in a particular situation in the provision of

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Moscow: Moscow at around R-44 helicopter

The report’s author — Alexander "Russos" Popov


This flight took place in autumn 2011 and somehow overlooked on the screw. We look at Moscow and the surrounding area.

1. The route begins at the heliport Lindsay (Aerosouz). The flight took place on October 20 with the doors removed. To say it was cold — to say nothing. But the photographic art requires sacrifice and the right equipment.

2. Vitenevo. Specifically about these sites is not clear, but there still blooms coast of illegal buildings. (On the Water Code to all

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The Dnipropetrovsk started a single youth

Internet portal

The Dnipropetrovsk started Internet portal Youth Centre region ( This project will help young people broaden their education, find a variety of options for active leisure time and take the first step to becoming your own career. Presentation of the web portal was based on the Youth Center of Dnipropetrovsk.

Internet portal Youth Center Dnipropetrovsk region includes the following headings: "news", "youth for youth", "employment", "international programs", "training", "volunteer", "projects". Page Youth Center also can be found in social networks ("in contact", "Classmates», «Twitter», «Facebook»). The site will help young people Dnipropetrovsk region decide their

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In Barnaul, opened-the-art Federal Center of Traumatology, Orthopaedics and Prosthetics

In the children’s ward patients meet the Dragon, three heroes, rabbits, bears and tigers. Previously, this could be seen except in American cinema: a super-modern hospital equipment, comfortable house. In general, the dream has come into reality. The other day in full force started Federal Center of Traumatology, Orthopaedics and Prosthetics.

Specialized agency of the trauma and orthopedic patients in the province was not. There were only the branches of medical institutions, including the Novosibirsk Research Institute — said the head doctor Lyudmila Grigoricheva institutions. — And because federal quotas for residents of the region operations issued irregularly.

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In Tula opened a hemodialysis center

Hemodialysis center opened in Tula at the city hospital number 9 in a public-private partnership. The new center is being treated hundred of patients, physicians working in three shifts. In case of need, will be organized and the fourth shift. All services are provided free of charge.

New dialysis center has 19 artificial kidney. It is equipped with specialized equipment of last generation. Area Center Hemodialysis can be twice as much equipment.

A total of 4 centers and 1 office hemodialysis currently employs 39 units of the artificial kidney, which allows you to completely

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In the Murmansk Regional Perinatal Center opened a new building

January 11 opened Novo housing department of nursing premature babies Murmansk regional perinatal center.

Opening the case "G" completes the construction of the perinatal center all the necessary work performed, performed procedures on registration of the object, obtained a license for medical activities of the 2nd start-up complex. The building was constructed in accordance with the new health regulations to provide high-tech care glubokonedonoshennyh children.

The total cost of the perinatal center was about 1 billion 300 million rubles. More than 400 million spent to date medical equipment.



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