Ekaterinburg from a height (2012) Part 2

Photo report of Fame Stepanova

Ekaterinburg — very bright and vibrant city. Among the other major Russian cities, he stands out for its ambitious projects in the field of development. He became the first Russian provincial town, which was overcome by 50-storey milestone in the construction of high-rise buildings, and today it does not stop there. The capital of the Urals is a major financial and industrial center, the "capital" of the Urals and the fourth largest in Russia by population.

Area 1905

Downtown area

Big Chrysostom

Belinsky and LCD "Atrium"

Sverdlov Street

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In Novokuznetsk opened bypass road

A new highway is directly connected to the two districts of the city — the Kuznetsk and factory, reducing the distance between them three times. Now, from one area to another will be accessible in 30 minutes instead of one and a half hours. New detour should relieve the city center and to improve road safety.

It used to get from a factory in the Kuznetsk district, had to make a detour of nearly 30 km through the city center, and twice to cross the river Tom, you have to drive for two road bridges. Such a route is seriously

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In Kursk opened interdisciplinary nanotechnology center

In Kursk started interdisciplinary nanotechnology center. Already there are 2 unique microscope is the 1st scientific results.

Visitors nanocenter meets an unusual exhibition. Meet this staphylococci on the bark of a tree, and then captured nanofotohudozhniki tin on carbon. Spherical shape surprised by its beauty even scientists. The increase to 100 thousand times possible with the help of special equipment, which boasts not every Russian region. Unique scanning electron microscope. The resolution is 1 nanometer. This allows you to conduct research in the field of micro-and nano-electronics, chemistry, physics and biology. Microscopes will use the staff of

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LISKI city of Voronezh Region

Do not judge me harshly — I’ve never been in LISKI.

My eye came across an article about the city and region. Then he found the photos — I liked them very much. I place my findings. I would be glad if liskintsy connect themselves write about their wonderful city.

First — paper, bring it fully.

A secret place "Where or in Russia?

January 25, 2012, 17:10 ["Arguments of the Week", Vladimir Leonov]

It turns out that in Russia there is a unique area where young people are not eager to get into the

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By historical events center is preparing SELKUPS

In the north-east of the West Siberian Plain Big River Basin is located one of the most remarkable parts of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug — Krasnoselkupsky. The uniqueness of Krasnoselkupsky district that is one of the few places in the Tyumen North, which is not affected by the process of oil and gas development and preserve the pristine nature and traditional way of life of the indigenous population. Area due to its remoteness has always been set aside, but times are changing. Area on the verge of great change, building a new airport in the area will

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In the village. Morki the Republic of Mari El opened fitness center

A modern fitness center "Olympus" was opened in the village Morki. Construction of a sports facility in the framework of "Gazprom — to children" lasted about two years, and 17 October took its long-awaited opening.

The building is located near the ski base, several areas for aerobics, wrestling, table tennis and exercise equipment, and a spacious gymnasium measuring 45 by 24 meters with spectator bleachers for 159 seats.

In Belgorod opened a public-private medical center

Photo: bel.ru

In Belgorod opening of multidisciplinary medical center "Harmony Health." The new center — the result of a joint project of the Government of the Belgorod region, Belgorod and administration of the insurance group "MAX" on public-private partnership.

The project was the reconstruction of the former municipal hostel, located at Pushkin Street, 34. Area of the new center is about 6,000 square meters. It is designed for 1,200 visits per day. It will be provided medical care adults and children Belgorod and the region.

The structure consists of five sub-agencies: medical, surgical, pediatric, diagnostic and dental. In the

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In the village of Red Lipetsk region opened a fitness center with swimming pool

Modern swimming pool "Blue Whale" opened Oct. 15 in district Red Lipetsk region.

The pool is a high sporting standards and is equipped with six 25-meter lanes. There is a podium with 100 seats, locker rooms and showers, coaching and medical rooms, a laboratory, a mini-cafe.

The new pool can be called a full-fledged sports complex where you can not only swim, but also work out at the gym, which is located on the second floor. The pool will be able to deal with both adults and children. In addition to sports teams, will run "health groups".


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Laser Technology Center opened in Kirov

Vyatskiy Laser Innovation and Technology Center, established under the Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation of Germany and Russia in the field of laser and optical technologies, opened in Kirov.

Guests of the event were shown in action robot TruLaser Robot 5020, which carries out the operations 3D-cutting, welding and heat treatment. Currently, protected by patents and worked dozens of technologies, including such universal as laser welding of steels with high carbon equivalent, laser-plasma refining of steels under atmospheric conditions, surface polishing, plating.

The main task of the center — to encourage the introduction of innovative laser technology in the

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The new sports complex Aquarena was opened in Kazan

New private fitness center, building customer and owned by LLC "New", located on the street Korolenko and began operations on October 1.

In the sports complex has 2 swimming pools: 4 lanes at 50 m and 4 lanes of 25 m, the area of women’s akvaerobika, wading pool, Jacuzzi, fitness room, kardiozal, 2 aerobics room, sauna center.

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