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In Novonikolayevsky area opened multi-purpose center

Multipurpose center municipality in the district was already Novonikolayevsky twentieth service "one stop shop", organized in the region. The institution will operate in a spacious building area of 144 square meters. m The cost of establishing a cell divided between district and regional budgets — 2,000,000 and 3,100,000 rubles, respectively.It is planned that day there will be able to serve about 60 people. The focus of work — the provision of municipal services, such as provision of land on lease or ownership, issuance of permits for major repairs, construction and renovation of buildings, as well as translation into non-residential premises.

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Flight over Kazan (2012) — Photos

Report of Fame Stepanova

In this post I collected the photos taken during a flight over Kazan on a sunny summer afternoon. Undoubtedly, this city — in his own amazing and interesting. It combines the beautiful historical buildings and modern skyscrapers. Kazan continues to prepare for the Universiade, which will take place in 2013 — is in full swing throughout the construction and reconstruction.

The left bank of the Volga

Millennium Bridge over the River Kazanka

Romanovsky bridge over the flow Bulak

Right duct Bulak left Pedestrian Bauman

Kazan KremlinMore information about the

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In the Moscow region has begun construction of a logistics center

The village Orudevo Dmitrov district, the laying of the memorial capsule at the construction site of the new logistics center.

Thanks to this project in the area will be more than a thousand additional workers meating, increase tax revenue.

Logistics center in the Dmitrov district — this is the sixth in a large area of the French company in the Moscow region and the eleventh in Russia. The estimated area of the new warehouse complex in the Dmitrov district will be 125 thousand square meters.

In the Moscow region opened a new psycho-neurological

New psycho-neurological boarding and rehabilitation center for disabled otrylsya in the suburbs. It was built as part of the program of social support Muscovites, for which the city is budgeted at more than 2 trillion rubles. The center is equipped with the latest technology, and its interior and sports equipment will be envied by other hotel or fitness club.

In Yaroslavl, opened the concert and entertainment center

Total area is about 31 thousand square meters, the make-up center designed by 450 artists. New concert hall spectacular center will be transformed into a 12-minute versions. All of this opens up opportunities for the use of the complex — in the walls of the new CDC can be carried out large-scale activities of federal and international level, concerts, exhibitions and seminars.

New concert and entertainment center of Yaroslavl was to be a gift to the President of the Russian Federation to the 1000th anniversary. But the timing of its delivery were repeatedly postponed, and then, finally, on

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In Irkutsk Center opened children’s technical creativity of Children w / d

Center was built under an agreement between the Government of the East-Siberian Railway and the Irkutsk region.In the center there are the classes of technical creativity, equipped with dummies and fitness equipment, rest rooms for accommodation of children, a cafe, a library, a computer lab. The ground floor will house exhibition halls of the museum of the East-Siberian Railway.

In the village of Red Lipetsk region opened a fitness center with swimming pool

Modern swimming pool "Blue Whale" opened Oct. 15 in district Red Lipetsk region.

The pool is a high sporting standards and is equipped with six 25-meter lanes. There is a podium with 100 seats, locker rooms and showers, coaching and medical rooms, a laboratory, a mini-cafe.

The new pool can be called a full-fledged sports complex where you can not only swim, but also work out at the gym, which is located on the second floor. The pool will be able to deal with both adults and children. In addition to sports teams, will run "health groups".


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Laser Technology Center opened in Kirov

Vyatskiy Laser Innovation and Technology Center, established under the Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation of Germany and Russia in the field of laser and optical technologies, opened in Kirov.

Guests of the event were shown in action robot TruLaser Robot 5020, which carries out the operations 3D-cutting, welding and heat treatment. Currently, protected by patents and worked dozens of technologies, including such universal as laser welding of steels with high carbon equivalent, laser-plasma refining of steels under atmospheric conditions, surface polishing, plating.

The main task of the center — to encourage the introduction of innovative laser technology in the

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The new sports complex Aquarena was opened in Kazan

New private fitness center, building customer and owned by LLC "New", located on the street Korolenko and began operations on October 1.

In the sports complex has 2 swimming pools: 4 lanes at 50 m and 4 lanes of 25 m, the area of women’s akvaerobika, wading pool, Jacuzzi, fitness room, kardiozal, 2 aerobics room, sauna center.

Started the construction of a modern dialysis center in Tver

In Tver, launched the construction of the regional dialysis center. This will be the first in Russia specialized institution for the care of patients with renal insufficiency.

The first stage of creating a dialysis center has already been passed — defined place in the regional hospital, assembled construction documents.

The total investment in the construction and organization of the center with the regular update of its infrastructure will be about 200 million rubles. The center will create 60 jobs. It will hold up to 37,000 dialysis procedures god.Eto is a high-tech medical facility that is able to serve free

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