New MFC opened in Moscow and Smolensk

The new multi-purpose center providing public services opened last week in Marino in South-Eastern Administrative District of Moscow.

Currently, the district operates five such centers. In MFC Lefortovo district, Nizhny Novgorod, Printers, Marino, Ryazan provide 82 kinds of public services, issued more than 218 kinds of documents.

In Smolensk opened multi-purpose center for the provision of public and municipal services.

By this time in the Smolensk region multifunctional centers operate in Viazma, Gagarin, Roslavl and Safonov.

Zhumchuzhina Western Siberia — Kogalim

Kogalim — the city district command in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District of the Tyumen Oblast of the Russian Federation, the railway station on the Surgut — New Urengoy. In Kogalyma has major production facilities "LUKOIL"

The appearance of the town is connected with the opening of Povkhovskoye, Varyeganskiy and Tevlinsko-Russkinsky oil fields in Western Siberia in 1971. In 1975, near the village landed the builders of the railway Surgut — Korotchaevo, and August 31, 1976 the settlement got its official name — Kogalym. Already in 1978, was produced from the first ton of oil. Kogalim expanded

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In Novosibirsk opened Federal Center of Neurosurgery

Novosibirsk federal Neurosurgery Center — a unique project, upscale hospital where patients from all regions of Russia will be able to get the most qualified and high-tech help. Medical care to citizens of the Russian Federation will be provided free of charge, all treatment will be paid from the federal budget.

The center — a private clinic, diagnostic and clinical departments.

Children’s Department of Neurosurgery — today only in Siberia. It will treat children with diseases of the central nervous system, both congenital and the consequences of the injury.

Furthermore, construction began in Novosibirsk Regional Perinatal Center. Construction

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In Minusinsk (Krasnoyarsk Territory) branch opened outpatient hemodialysis

September 26 Minusinsk opening of a new division CRH — outpatient hemodialysis department. Creating a branch of the "artificial kidney" funded under the regional program to strengthen the material and technical base of medical institutions: during 2011-2012 from the regional budget was allocated more than eight and a half million rubles.

The center is equipped with the latest technology of leading manufacturers of medical equipment. In three spacious halls are eight hemodialysis machines. Can simultaneously work seven of them. Eighth, as explained by physicians, should be in reserve in case of emergency. Already in the beginning of October in

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In Ryazan, opened a business incubator

Sept. 21 opening ceremony of the investment business incubator on the Ryazan State Radio Engineering University.

The business incubator has 27 people working. In the future it is planned to accommodate about 40 small innovative enterprises, planned turnover of products and services are the main economic calculations for 2014 will amount to 70 million rubles.

It will be promising high-tech small and innovative projects in the field of information and telecommunication systems, nano-industry, transportation and space systems, energy efficiency and energy conservation.

Business incubator consists of a four-story building, where the small innovative enterprises, representative

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In Yekaterinburg, commissioned a new building Sverdlovsk RDU

In Yekaterinburg, commissioned a new building control center branch of JSC "UES", "Regional power grid dispatching Sverdlovsk region" (Sverdlovsk RDU).

The new control center of OAO "UES" is constructed in the framework of the territorial investment project to build the infrastructure and technological re-equipment of the Sverdlovsk RDU. The main objective of the project — improving the reliability of the supervisory control grid of the Sverdlovsk region.

Since its inception in 2002 the Sverdlovsk RDU housed in rented premises of the building of JSC "TGC-9", which imposes restrictions on the development of the technological infrastructure of the supervisory control of

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In Tambov region opened a new bridge

Last Saturday on the road "Tambov-Shack" — Homutlyayskoe forest has opened a new modern bridge over the river Cna.

The new bridge has become a part of the road "Tambov-Shack" — Homutlyayskoe Forestry, which connected the villages Gusev Glade, Cages, Lucka, Nut, Homutlyayskoe forestry, recreation center "Quiet Corner" and the park-hotel "Berendey" the village burned and regional center.The bridge was designed by the design and research institute "Sevzapmostproekt" (St. Petersburg)-to-order in the region. Such a bridge — the only one in the Tambov region. Contractor acted organization "Mostostroy" under the leadership of General Director Alexei Kochetkov. The work was done

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By preparing a historical event center SELKUPS

In the north-east of the West Siberian Plain Big River Basin is located one of the most remarkable parts of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug — Krasnoselkupsky. The uniqueness of Krasnoselkupsky district that is one of the few places in the Tyumen North, which is not affected by the process of oil and gas development and preserve the pristine nature and traditional way of life of the indigenous population. Area due to its remoteness has always been set aside, but times are changing. Area on the verge of great change, building a new airport in the area will

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In Kasimov (Ryazan region). Opened a new maternity hospital

September 17, 860-day anniversary of Qasimova held the opening ceremony of the new maternity inter-municipal complex.

Construction of a new model of maternity homes in the Central Regional Hospital in Kasimov was launched in 2010. Its structure includes obstetric hospital with beds for intensive care of women and newborns to 40 seats and antenatal clinic for 150 visits per shift. The total construction cost was 256 million rubles. For the new maternity hospital bought modern equipment worth more than 15 million rubles.

The commissioning of the inter-municipal maternity center in the region Kasimov completing the

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In Kursk, the first in Russia regional navigation and information center

September 18, 2012 JSC "NIS" and the administration of the Kursk region opened a joint venture of the "Regional navigation and information center in the Kursk region" ("RNITS in Kursk region"). It is the first company in the Russian Federation on the basis of public-private partnership created in order to accelerate the introduction of GLONASS technologies in the regions.

The center was established in the framework of the signed in May of this year, the quadripartite agreement on cooperation in the field of navigation between the administration of the Kursk Region, JSC "NIS", the Ministry of Transport of the Russian

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