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In Chuvashia, completed the construction of sports and building complexes in rural areas

In the district center Krasnochetaysky District Chuvash Republic on 24 August, the opening of a new sports complex — The 24th in the last seven years.

With the commissioning of the 24-second account of the complex phase of construction is completed FGC in rural areas of Chuvashia.

Construction of the sports complex was carried out in the framework of the republican target program "Development of physical culture and sports in the Chuvash Republic for 2010-2020". Sports facility was built for co-financing from the federal, republican and municipal budgets.

It housed purpose sports hall the size of 24 x 42 m,

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Ambulance Ufa received new reanimobiles

Demskoi substation ambulance received six new ambulances. Their driving, repairs and maintenance will be engaged Ltd. "Phoenix-management" of Perm. For Ufa ambulance is the first outsourcing experience (involving external services), while in Russia Ufa became the second — after the city of Perm.

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— The car "emergency" working around the clock, so twice a day — in the next transfer driver — his mechanic inspects every month it passes inspection, if necessary, repaired. All of these will now engage our partners — said "shock" the head physician of the Ufa

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Siberian Regional Vascular Center earned in Novosibirsk

The other day in full force earned Siberian Regional Vascular Center, which now has everything to save the lives of the most difficult patients. In its modernization this year invested about 130 million rubles.

New methods of treatment of vascular specialists have adopted at City Hospital Doctors Hospital Meshalkina. Doctors are proud to show a new, modern X-ray operating governor. It makes jewelry work: put stands on the blood vessels in ischemic diseases.

Doctors on duty in the operating round the clock. Thanks to their skill, and this instrument is not able to save one human life.

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In Dudinka build the world’s northernmost ice rink

In Dudinka completed the construction of the future center of the pile field of winter sports. It has to be the most northerly in the world sports center of its kind. This was reported in the press service of the city administration.

Construction of a new sports facility in Dudinka — the skating rink with artificial ice for 250 seats — is within the four-party agreement signed by the governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Lev Kuznetsov in the summer of 2010 at a meeting chaired by the Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin.

On the eve of

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In Elecrtostal opened a renovated hospital

Machines perinatal center opened to receive childbirth. In the last month completed a major renovation here. Funds for this have been identified as part of the modernization program of health care.

In some departments of the center of the run at the end of October. But that does not prevent doctors and midwives to perform their professional duties, as in the main offices of major repairs completed.

In addition, the new perinatal center is ready to take patients from a nearby hospital Noginskogo, which recently closed for renovation.

In the Kaluga region opened a cultural and sports center

In district Iznoski open community center "Olympus". Its construction began in September 2011. At 1,800 square meters will house a cinema, a universal gym, and classrooms individual sports. The building is equipped with an elevator for people with disabilities.

Next to be built playground with universal coverage.

B becomes restored Kalantaevsky pond

Lipetsk region, the village Stanovoye. At its original location rebuilt so-called Kalantaevsky pond. Last Wednesday, avid fans of fishing tackle for the first time thrown here and have not gone without a catch: the lucky and managed to catch carp and silver carp and crucian carp, grass carp and white. And the fishing was free.

The initiator of the revival of the pond was the head of the rural settlement of Stanovlyansky Lyudmila Krasnov. Initially, there were doubts that the pond on the site will stand out of the water it will not go away. But technically it was precisely

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In Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Oncology Center launched a CT scanner

In Ivano-Frankivsk regional oncologic dispensary on Friday launched a 16-slice CT scanner, worth 5.6 million USD.

"Our people do not need to travel through Austria, in Israel, in Germany, and to come here and get the same professional help as abroad for a lot of money" — said during the launch of the imager Head of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional State Administration Michael Vyshivanyuk.

As the head of the regional health department Nikolai Oliniychuk by scanner physicians can diagnose a tumor in the primary stages of development, to control the process of treatment and this will reduce the radiation exposure

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The village Koygorodok (Komi Republic) otkrytli new culture center

The center has excellent facilities for the creative development of people of all vozrastov.V one large and cozy building located Children’s Music School, and Children’s Library, and club, and cinema hall — All this will contribute to the development of culture and art professional.

Construction of the Center of Culture was carried out at the expense of the national and municipal budgets. The total cost of the works — 74 million rubles. Construction of the Center lasted eight years. The new building meets all sanitary, fire and aesthetic requirements.

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North Caucasus data center opened in Stavropol

In Stavropol, was opened only in the North Caucasus Federal District North Caucasus data center. This is a significant event for both government agencies as well as for business and population North Caucasus Federal District.

Until recently, the platform for organizing and storing all those involved in the processes of information was data center in Krasnodar. Now such open national telecommunications operator "Rostelecom" and Stavropol. It will ensure that the needs of not only the land but also the North Caucasian republics.

"Stavropol region as a site for the data center was chosen, — the vice-president director of macro-regional branch

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