Russian scientists have created a model for the calculation of seismic hazard

In Russia it is the first model of this kind, which can be used to predict the effects of earthquakes in specific areas of the city.

Scientists from the Center for Geophysical Research Vladikavkaz Scientific Centre RAS-based REC "Geoengineering" looking for answers to questions about what will be the nature and extent of the devastation caused by the earthquake in a particular area

What factors influence the effects of the earthquake? This question is posed to science every time when assessing the devastation provoked by a powerful shift of the crust. Thus, the Niigata earthquake in Japan in

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July 20 opened in Tambov Ice Palace

The building sports complex will operate an ice arena measuring 60 m by 30 m with artificial ice, gym and gym choreography. Over the course of the competition from the stands of the ice arena will be able to observe the order of 973 people.

The new arena will be home to local hockey club "Tambov". In addition, it will play hockey and figure skating students of sports schools, public skating sessions are held. With the opening of the Ice Palace in Tambov will start studying for the region and a new sport — short track.

Also on this day

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Kovalska іnvestuvala bіlshe 2.5 million hryvnias in budіvnitstvo naukovyi center

Cherven 2012 rock oznamenuvavsya for Asotsіatsії "Promyslova-Budivelna grupa" Kovalska "vіdkrittyam Іnnovatsіyno-tehnologіchnogo Center.

On budіvnitstvo new structural pіdrozdіlu Grupa vitratila 1000000 100 tis. UAH. Sche 1, 5 million USD in Bulo іnvestovano Suchasni obladnannya, zokrema in unіkalny i єdiny in Ukraїnі viprobuvalny complex de prohoditimut povnomasshtabnі fіzichnі viprobuvannya produktsії on viznachennya mіtsnostі at rozkolі that roztyaguvannі on vigin, module pruzhnostі i like

So, basically zavdannyam new structural pіdrozdіlu є rozrobka recipes Concretes sumіshey i rozchinіv rіznogo priznachennya have to chislі dorozhnіh that arhіtekturnih betonіv, Promyslova pіdlog that virobіv napіvsuhogo vіbropresuvannya.


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In Adygea, near the village of Dahovskaya opened multifunctional center of extreme sports. The center includes a skate park and trails stretching slozhnoprohodimye two kilometers or more, combining a number of artificial and natural barriers: jumps, logs, rocks, swamps and ditches.

The center will be held championships in extreme sports at various levels. 


July 19 at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur, after the second phase of the renovation has opened new sports complex "Change", owned by OAO "KnAAPO." At the second stage of reconstruction has been spent over 100

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We Vіnnitsі vіdkrili Suchasni dіagnostichny Center

Large-scale projects — stvorennya i have vіdkrittya Vіnnitsі Suchasni munіtsipalnogo advisory dіagnostichnogo center — CCB іnіtsіyovany Mіnіsterstvom zakordonnih ref Іzraїlyu i realіzovany spіlno s Vіnnitskoyu mіskoyu radoyu that Blagodіynim Fund Poroshenko. Privіdkrivayuchi zavіsu, rozpovіmo scho іdeya vіdkrittya such center in Ukraїnі z’yavilas pid hour peregovorіv Poroshenko (if vіn CCB mіnіstrom zakordonnih right) i Pan Lіbermana. And from far away i share, Vlasnyi, mіstse roztashuvannya viznachilis pid hour Working zustrіchey mіzh vіnnitskoyu mіskoyu Vladoiu i Embassy POWERS Іzraїl in Ukraїnі.

— Mi zavzhdi radі podіlitis svoїmi of knowledge i tehnologіyami s friends, — said at the center vіdkrittі

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In the winery opened a modern diagnostic center

Modern municipal advisory-diagnostic center in the winery opened by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman.

This ambitious project was initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, and implemented jointly with the Vinnitsa City Council and the Charity Fund Poroshenko. The opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel Avigdor Lieberman, Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, chairman of the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration Mykola Gigha and Vinnytsia Mayor Vladimir Groisman.

In total, the creation of the Center has invested over two million dollars

At present,

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Lada Granta in foreign markets has become more popular Lada 4×4 SUV

AvtoVAZ in the I half-year 2012 to export 32,555 cars Lada — a 30.6% increase over the previous year. How to tell the agency "AUTOSTAT" in the press center of AvtoVAZ, the largest export markets for Lada cars in January-June were Kazakhstan (44%), Ukraine (27%) and Azerbaijan (16%).

In the I half of the largest share of exports accounted for AvtoVAZ Lada Samara (47,2%), Lada Priora (25,3%), Lada Granta (11,6%) and Lada 4×4 (10.8%). Thus, the new budget sedan which deliveries to foreign markets began in March of this year, has walked in the export of popular abroad

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In Tver, opened service center VOLVO TRUCKS

July 12 in Tver opened a new technical center for repair of freight cars of RUMOS Auto — Spokesman VOLVO TRUCKS. In this center has invested more than 300 million rubles. In addition to the repair zone at 16 stations with a line diagnostics company MAHA, center is equipped with an automatic gantry washing complexes with water recycling system. Offer all kinds of services on the repair and maintenance of heavy vehicles: from computer diagnostics and tire to body work on the slipway for straightening frames and painting of cars in the 12-meter cell. Stapel is unique in the

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Submarine Novomoskovsk has completed sea trials

Missile submarine strategic K-407 "Novomoskovsk" returned to the factory running tests in the waters of "Ship Repair Center" asterisk "(Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region)

"SSBN returned to the dock," Sprockets "on July 6. The test program involving the ship’s crew and commissioning teams enterprises fully implemented, "- said in a press release from the plant, in the shipyards where the submarine was held medium repair and modernization.

According to the press service, currently on schedule is the elimination of the trial observations. Today the "Zvezdochka" completes the repair and modernization of the cruiser. The act of transferring the submarine "Novomoskovsk" the customer

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In Lebedyan Lipetsk region opened Vascular Center

Opening Vascular Center in Lebedyan Lipetsk region.

Opening in Lebedyanskaya CRH vascular center with cardiac and neurological department was not only a good gift Lebedyantsev to the Day of the city and region, but also an enjoyable event for people across the south-western part of the region. According to statistics, cardiovascular disease in the area continue to play a leading role in the structure of morbidity and affect the quality of people’s lives. A myocardial infarction, stroke, continues to remain one of the main causes of death, including the workforce.

The emergence of Lebedyan vascular center, armed with

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