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Science is sent into space / multipurpose laboratory module is ready to fly

MLM — multipurpose laboratory module, named "Science", another "brick" in the building of the Russian segment of the International Space Station. Module size is comparable to a small house 13 meters long, 5 — wide. While he was still on Earth — in the Khrunichev Space Center, and a complete copy of its simulator — Cosmonaut Training Center. Soon the module "Science" will take its place in orbit.

We Kіrovogradі vіdkrili sudinny Center

On Kіrovogradschinі in one іz kraschih lіkuvalnih zakladіv regіonu — Oblasnaya kardіodispanserі — vіdkrito sudinny center.

About priznachennya that mozhlivostі center proіnformuvav zavіduvach rentgenendovaskulyarnim unit kardіodispanseru Vitalij Crumb.

"Stvorennya such a great center є prorivom kardіologіchnoї for the Service of Region scho permitted to nabliziti rіven nadannya medichnoї Dopomoga to єvropeyskih standartіv" — vіdznachiv kardіolog.

"Svoєrіdnim" sericite "center є nadpotuzhny angіograf fіrmi" TOSHIBA "vartіstyu 15 mln., Pridbany for Costa derzhavnoї subventsії — povіdomiv kardіolog. — On tsomu aparatі mozhna vikonuvati koronografіyu that stentuvannya sudin scho є radical methods lіkuvannya atherosclerosis that іshemіchnoї hvorobi sericite. "

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The whole country is 800 square meters

Today in St. Petersburg, Russia opened a unique layout with reduced copies of all that we have: cities, forests, lakes, the cosmodrome and even people.

Then everyone feels Gulliver. Average growth of the people of this country — just over one and a half centimeters. All life on the layout less than the usual 90 times. In order not to miss anything, we have to literally stick your nose where it should be, but to strain the eyes and ears need not.

From the center of St. Petersburg of Peter and Paul Fortress — perfectly clear to Moscow — the

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In Orenburg, after the reconstruction of the hospital opened a perinatal center

This is a 5-storey, the largest housing center with total area of 9 thousand square meters. meters. During the repair of 8 individual organized labor wards, two operating rooms, provides a comfortable 1 — and 2-seat Chamber to co-host the mother and child.

The next step — building repairs antenatal and gynecology department, as well as ancillary facilities — will be completed in this year.

Before renewing agency staff tasked with nursing small babies from 22 weeks and birth weight of 500 g for doctors arrive modern equipment.

Later in the facility will be repaired all 4 therapeutic

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In the center of Barnaul have a unique diagnostic scanner

Diagnostic center of Altai Krai expanding its capabilities

Keys, watches, bank cards are best left at the door. The area of a powerful magnetic field. Here is a super-modern machine, while only one in Russia, the second such only after a month will be in Moscow.

Even experts in the Altai magnetic resonance imaging, the textbooks are all learning Russian, do not cease to be surprised. Even externally — a new word in the MRI. Customarily narrow tunnel magnet for the first time extended to 70 cm Dmitry Mikhalkov, Head of Department of MRI Diagnostic

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Fiztekh add hardness alloys

In July, the Troitsk starts a new research and educational center. The government is investing in the development of its 500 million rubles, and connects the "RUSNANO" to finance.

In July, the science city of Troitsk (territory of the "Big Moscow") starts a new research and education center at the Technological Institute for Superhard and Novel Carbon Materials (TISNCM) and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). This is "News" said the director of TISNCM Vladimir Blank.

The center is created on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation. The Centre is an ambitious task. As an

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Vologda children’s marine center Meridian was the original owner of the ship Vologda

June 15 at the Maritime Centre of Karelia in Petrozavodsk launched Pomeranian koch "Vologda".

A copy of the old Pomeranian ship built by carpenters, shipbuilders Maritime Centre commissioned by the Vologda region.

"This ship is not in any children’s training center in Russia, not even at home koch — in Petrozavodsk. 20-22 June, a group of 7 people will leave in Petrozavodsk on distillation koch "Vologda". The captain is waiting for us on the ship, " — the director of children‘s marine center of Vologda "Meridian" Dmitry Yushin.

Approximately June 22 pupils of "Meridian" will be released on nomadic "Vologda"

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Near Kazan build an innovative city with 155 thousand people

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov laid the capsule in the foundation of the future Innopolis, innovative city designed for 155,000 people.

At 40 kilometers from Kazan, on the right bank of the Volga launched construction on the area of 1.2 thousand hectares. Here, a village on the IT-20 000 experts in the field of information technology.

"Today launched a big project. Several years later there will be work and live 155,000 people, and no! People who want to change their lives, their country. And

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In the center of Krasnoyarsk appeared free Wi-Fi

On the left bank embankment Krasnoyarsk in Central Park and a fan park "Beaver Log" appeared free Wi-Fi. One of the largest operators of the city — JSC "Intertaks" — launched the second phase of the project "Living Krasnoyarsk" to ensure the hotspots residents free wireless access to the Internet at high speeds.

To use the service, you need a list of possible Internet connections laptop / smartphone to choose a hot-spot The service is available round the clock and free of charge.

Recall that in the first phase of the project "Living Krasnoyarsk» Wi-Fi hotspots from "Intertaks" is

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The village Novobokino (Ryazan region). Opened the new House of Culture

June 8, 2012 in the village of Novobokino the Sarajevo region Ryazan region opened a new cultural center. Culture House was built by the regional and federal budgets on the program "Social development of village". It features an auditorium with 80 seats, a library with computers, a modern, well-equipped gym.

In 2012-2014, in the Ryazan region plans to renovate 21 rural cultural center, 11 music and art schools, 3 museums, 7 rural libraries.

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