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In the Omsk region opened a new building Oncology Center

March 6 opening of a new surgical building of the regional clinical cancer clinic. To date scheduled 17-minute operation. Operating housing a total area of 13.4 thousand square meters, is a three-storey building with a warm transition into the main body of a hospital. Here are the operating unit 16 operating rooms, an intensive care unit by 24 beds, morphological Laboratory, Department of preparation of blood, central sterilization department. The new building is equipped with modern medical equipment.More photos …

Surgical unit dispensary — is the largest east of the Urals surgical oncology center. Its construction from

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In Budennovsk (Stavropol Territory) has opened a modern center for outpatient dialysis

Last Saturday in Budennovsk opened a modern center for outpatient dialysis patients with chronic renal failure, equipped with modern medical equipment.

Twenty German vehicles "artificial kidney" will now be able to provide medical care to patients who need life-long treatment. Only on such Prikumya there are 120 people. Despite the fact that the center is a private institution and is owned by the company "EMSIPI — Medicare," the procedure there will be free in compensation for expenses is carried out of the budget at the rate approved by the Fund of obligatory medical insurance.

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In Tyumen, opened only in Russia Center for the Study of Water Quality

In the Tyumen State University (TSU) Opened Russia’s only world-class research center for the study of water quality. Establishment of the center and providing its employees with all necessary equipment was made possible by the fact that the TSU together with the professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Tatiana Moyseenko won the competition for the Government grants. It is reported A REGNUM.

"We have no equivalent of the laboratory, which would have been directed to the study of water quality, taking into account the biological and chemical research" — quoted Tatyana Moyseenko the press

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He began work access center Skolkovo technology park


On the basis of SEC thin film technologies in power at the Physico-Technical Institute in St. Petersburg, Ioffe opened the first center in the country shared Technopark Skolkovo (JUC)

According to the CEO of Technopark Sergey Kurilova, CCT is an integrated solution to support business innovation that pervades the entire chain from basic research to manufacture a new product.

Integralness evident in the fact that, first, there is the Ioffe Institute. Ioffe — the leader of the fundamental and applied research in the field of photovoltaics, providing scientific expertise on the basis of which the

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In Yelets (Lipetsk region). Intermunicipal opened maternity center

In 2011, the overhaul of obstetric center aimed 39.9 million, including new equipment is 7.7 million. In total, the program of modernization of health care in a medical institution has received 178 units of medical equipment. The new equipment will be caring for children in low-and extremely low weight.

In the repair and construction work has used advanced energy-saving technologies: automated thermal unit is mounted in the obstetric center, replacement of old wooden structures and metal pipes with plastic, installed energy-saving fluorescent lamps.

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In Sosnogorsk (Rep. Komi) opened a new sports complex

Fitness center "Meteor" was built in two years. Total funding for construction of the facility over 216 million rubles. Funds allocated from the national budget in the framework of the republican target programs "Infrastructure development of physical culture and sports in the Republic of Komi in 2008 — 2013 years" with the co-financing of the budget MO MP "Sosnogorskaya" of $ 2.6 million.

The system includes a universal game room, gym, methodical class 2 medical office, guest room, a snack bar. Capacity of the complex — up to 600 people.

In 2009 Sosnogorsk opened its first

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In Harkovі vіdkrili Novi perinatal centers

We Harkovі within realіzatsії natsіonalnogo project "Nova Zhittya — new yakіst receptionists motherhood that of Childhood" vіdkrito regіonalny rіvnya-thirds of the perinatal center.

Perinatal centers vіdkrito on bazі lіkuvalnogo that uchbovo-dіagnostichnogo body oblasnoї klіnіchnoї lіkarnі.

To conduct robіt s rekonstruktsії that Refit regіonalnogo perinatal center vikoristano bіlsh yak 41.5 mln., In addition chislі s sovereign budget — 35 million UAH., Oblasnogo budget — mayzhe 2.5 mln., The Fund Vіktora Pіnchuka — 4 mln.

Yak okremі pіdrozdіli in perinatal tsentrі stvorenі vіddіlennya іntensivnoї terapії for vagіtnih, rodіl that porodіl, vіddіlennya іntensivnoї terapії novonarodzhenih, zhіnocha konsultatsіya, Pologova

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In Orel upgrade rural health care

February 29 in the village of Spassky-Lutovinovo the Mtsensk District, Oryol Region was opened obstetric points. The construction of medical and obstetric center, which was conducted in the framework of the federal target program "Social development of village", spent 6.2 million rubles, of which about 724 thousand rubles — the cost of the equipment.

In addition to the residents of the village Spassky-Lutovinovo services of a new medical and obstetric center will benefit residents of seven villages and three townships Mtsensk District. It’s 788 people, 126 of them — children.

Currently in the Orel region developed a regional program

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In Kharkov, opened the Perinatal Center

At the Regional Hospital has earned the Regional Perinatal Center. Doctors will assist approximately two thousand births per year from all over the Kharkiv region.

Perinatal Center is located on the 4th floor of the training and diagnostic hospital building and consists of several separate units. In the structure of the perinatal center 140 beds, in particular, obstetric unit in the maternity ward, departments of pathology of pregnancy and extragenital 90 beds, gynecological unit with 30 beds, neonatology and pediatric unit with 60 beds, including 40 beds department co-host mother and the Department of Child and postnatal care with

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In Novocheboxarsk appeared Center for Energy Efficiency (video)

This kind of interactive space, where the language of the most modern technology shows how to reduce energy consumption and reduce their costs. On the eve of the facilities at the head of the republic demonstrated Mikhail Ignatiev.

Save light, heat and water here will teach everyone from ordinary consumers to industrial giants. Interactive equipment, which is literally packed center, makes energy-saving tips on simple, visual, and certainly is not boring even for children. Virtual tour tells how energy is produced and supplied to our homes. Competently use it in everyday life and reduce, so

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