Gomel shrinkage or outage in the store Twist?

Now in the Central district court of Homel filed preliminary consideration extraordinary claim. Trade Joint Stock Company "Center" blames team store "Twist number 3" in a large theft of goods and industrial products and asks the team to recover from the real damage in the amount of 13.6 million rubles.Defendants named 24 store employees: dealers, cashiers, operators, watchmen and porters. Among them, three members-independent trade union. Through Tribunal Company "Center" seeks to recover from each of 60 workers from thousand to 1 million rubles. Amount of the claim for each is dependent on the position and time of work in

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In pictures: the construction of a military facility in Solnechnogorsk

In the Moscow region commissioned by the Ministry of Defense built a number of complex buildings, dormitories, parking area, the barracks, the headquarters of a military unit, an educational building and training class guard.

According to the representative of the contractor — Federal State Unitary Enterprise "GUSST number 1 at Spetsstroy Russia" — currently the company's employees continue to maintain a high pace of construction. Including the construction of the communication center, medical center, fire station and integrated building. Of individual objects construction work are ahead of production schedule.

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In pictures: Iturup

In the framework of the federal target program "Socio-economic development of the Kuril Islands in 2006-2015" based on Iturup International Airport. The new airport will provide air service to Sakhalin, and in case of need — from Khabarovsk, Vladivostok and Japan.

Photo: RIA Sakhalin-Kurils

Kurilsk — administrative center of the Kuril region (Iturup)

Photo: RIA Sakhalin-Kurils

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Company "Gidrostroy" modernized fish processing workshop in the villages and the Whale Reidovo

Photo: RIA Sakhalin-Kurils


Photo: PMA Sakhalin-Kurils

Construction of a universal cultural and sports

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Photos of Olympic venues

Best photos of Olympic facilities in Sochi are posted by users in Instagram.

v_gonch: The biathlon stadium "Laura"

v_gonch: Center Luge "Sledge"

vikalinch: Resort Hotels "Rose Farm"


uliana_kosa: Resort "Rose Farm" in the summer

sergevs: The road to the finish area of the ski center "Rose Farm"

sergevs: The road to the finish area of the ski center "Rose Farm"

nikhl32: Halfpipe in extreme park "Rose Farm"

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15% of Belarusian families — byaplodnyya

In Belarus, the total number of families with 37% (in other words, one million 377 thousand families) — do not have kids. Naturally, some young families have not yet to have kids, some do not seek — or live a busy career, so to speak himself. But the proportion of specifically infertile couples — 15%, and this figure is an underestimate, as many couples are treated anonymously. By the way, barren recognized marriage where pregnancy does not occur after 1 year of continuous sexual life (if spouses beware). The basic precondition for male infertility are acquired prostatitis, female — interruption

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Fiztekh add hardness alloys

In July, the Troitsk starts a new research and educational center. The government is investing in the development of its 500 million rubles, and connects the "RUSNANO" to finance.

In July, the science city of Troitsk (territory of the "Big Moscow") starts a new research and education center at the Technological Institute for Superhard and Novel Carbon Materials (TISNCM) and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). This is "News" said the director of TISNCM Vladimir Blank.

The center is created on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation. The Centre is an ambitious task. As an

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Physical culture and sports department opened in the center of children’s creativity Izhevsk

October 9, in the Leninsky district of Izhevsk opening ceremony of sports and sports department in the center of children's creativity. Will be able to attend the section 400. It will be available judo classes, athletic gymnastics, acrobatics, aerobics.

The discovery will allow the department to improve the social situation in the region, will provide the employment of children and adolescents, will help to improve their health, will demonstrate sportsmanship at events city, republican, regional, Russian and international levels.

Federal Nuclear Center staged in China radionuclide thermal units for space purposes

FSUE "VNIIEF" (Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod region). Successfully completed the design, manufacture and supply in China radionuclide thermal units of space with a capacity of 120 watts. The visit of the delegation VNIIEF to China was the final step in the execution of contracts between JSC "Glavkosmos" and China's industrial corporation "Great Wall".

Earlier, the Federal Nuclear Center, Tianjin Institute of sources put the current radionuclide units with a capacity of 4 and 8 watts and engineering model of radionuclide thermoelectric generator. In the execution of contracts involved specialists CB-1, CB-2 and EMR "Vanguard".


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Federal Cardiology in Krasnoyarsk has gained international recognition

Federal Cardiology Krasnoyarsk included in the prestigious international study on the treatment of patients with narusheniyaemi heart rhythms. This program will last for five years and puts Krasnoyarsk Cardiology in line with the leading hospitals in the world.

According to an international study inspector «CASTL-AF» Stephen Fraser: "The organization of the Center matches the protocol of the leading clinics in Germany, the quality of treatment of patients with impaired heart rate at a high level. I emphasize anti-stress atmosphere of the Center. In Krasnoyarsk, I have no comment. "

September 14, 2010 clinic "Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery" in

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Putin is the United Russia and goes to the premiere

At the congress, Putin confirmed that he accepted an offer to become prime minister under President Medvedev and said that he would lead the party after the inauguration of the new president. According to the Constitution of the RF President may at any moment send to dismiss the head of the government, but Prime Minister — Chairman of the party, having a constitutional majority of the parliament — it is almost second, if not the first center of power. "Imagine a President Medvedev — without a party or an ordinary member of the party, or a member of its management,

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