Russia cuts off the supply of: Central Europe without oil

Katstsulani Matteo (Matteo Cazzulani), translation Inosmi

Moscow drained the pipeline going to Poland and Germany due to the construction of alternative infrastructure for transport of oil from the Belarusian border to the Gulf of Finland, which increased the level of emergency in refineries Czech Republic, Poland and Germany. Assurances of Prague, Warsaw and the fear of difficulties in Berlin.

Russia closes valve and Central Europe is increasingly suffering from a lack of oil. On Friday, April 6, energy company Orlen said that in the last month, there were sharp decline in crude oil supplies from the Russian

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Floods in central Nigeria took the lives of 28 people

Floods in central Nigeria took the lives of 28 people Natural Disasters

According to local authorities, the floods in central Nigeria, caused by heavy rain, took the lives of 28 people. List of missing grows. Many houses, bridges and land destroyed. It is reported that about 1,500 residents were evacuated.

The Red Cross is assessing the magnitude of floods. According to preliminary data of the water it took at least 5 settlements. Two days of heavy rains are the most this season. Evacuated people remain in need of food and blankets.

This is not the first

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Flooding in central Nigeria

Flooding in central Nigeria Natural Disasters

In Nigeria, the beginning of the next rainy season, which brought the first flood, leading out of the country's infrastructure operating and bringing down buildings. After the first wave of showers reported 35 dead in the central city of Jos, and in the economic capital Lagos.

Flooding occurred in Jos after dam Lamingo. Washed away or damaged about 200 houses. The victims were so many people because the levees break occurred in the evening after a three-hour rain when most residents returned from work and was at home, getting ready for bed.

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Abnormal weather events in the center of Europe

Abnormal weather events in the center of Europe Weather and Climate

Besides the unexplained heat in some parts of the subcontinent, such as the Central European countries of Austria and Switzerland, the weekend was marked by abnormal weather phenomena. Lake Zurich in the south-western part of the canton of the same name was registered in Switzerland unusual and extremely rare tornado in July. Its causes meteorologists just trying to find.

In Austria, after prolonged heavy rain and showers in the central province of Styria, there were several floods, and with them, and mudslides. That mud flows caused the

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The drought came to the central and eastern provinces of China

The drought came to the central and eastern provinces of China Weather and Climate

Eastern province of Anhui and central Hubei experiencing extremely dry weather conditions. Hundreds of people in these parts of China are experiencing a shortage of drinking water, let alone water for other purposes. From May 2012 to the north of Anhui fell only 26 mm of rainfall, which is the lowest in the history of the province. Hundreds of hectares of crops completely destroyed the lack of moisture.

Along the banks of a dry river Vohe on line 3 km long left over a

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Tornado in Japan. Video


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TOKYO, May 6. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Yaroslav Makarov /. About 40 people were injured in Japan from the hurricane that hit today on the central and northern part of the main Japanese island of Honshu.

As the central fire department, which in Japan is responsible for eliminating the consequences of emergencies, the hurricane severely damaged 50 houses in the city of Tsukuba. Due shkvalistnyh gusts were smashed glass windows and shop windows, toppled billboards. As a result, the continuity of power lines for

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Heavy rains exposed evacuation of Cuba

Heavy rains exposed evacuation Cuba Weather and Climate

In the central province of. Cuba Sancti Spiritus, located 350 km from the capital city of Havana, long rains continue to pour. In the early days of rainfall reached 400 mm. In the municipality of Trinidad daily rainfall broke all records: Casilda fell around 556 mm in Topez de Kollantez 538 mm and 442 mm in the County. At the moment, set a new record for rainfall in May, which equals more than 900 mm.

This amount of rain had an impact on the level of the rivers of the

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Heavy rains in Central America. Video


14.10.11.Uzhe 30 people were victims of bad weather in Central America. Over one hundred thousand injured. Four days in the region do not stop showers.

Flooded the city, from the mountains of landslides. The hardest hit have people of Guatemala — where the road washed out, damaged bridges, no electricity.

In neighboring El Salvador, rivers burst their banks. Rescuers evacuate people. Placed in temporary shelters for more than two thousand people. Not better things in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Honduras.

Unfavorable weather forecasts. Rains in Central America will end only after a few days.

Source: Channel 5, St.

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Center of Chisinau was no light


CHISINAU, October 27 — News-Moldova. Road traffic in the center of the city in the morning of Thursday noon was paralyzed due to an accident — traffic lights stopped working at the Chisinau central highways, causing huge traffic jams formed.

"The cause of the accident was a power outage at 8:30 on power lines, which provides one of the central streets of Chisinau. The exact cause of the accident is not yet known. We are working to resolve the situation in the near future electricity will be fully restored, "- said the agency spokesman Union Fenosa —

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Russia needs a paradigm shift in economic growth

Temporary stabilization of global financial markets, which followed after the promise of the ECB M.Dragi do what it takes to save the euro, led the Russian Ministry of Finance once again increase the amount proposed for placement among investors of government debt securities.

The dynamics of the share of overdue loans in the total amount owed on the mortgage loans

It is the desire of the finance department would be quite understandable and, perhaps, even justified, if not at the same time there were negotiations with the Central Bank of Russia to significantly increase the budget, which the

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