Portrait of the 18th century.

If the XVII century was predominantly religious, the XVIII — mostly not religious.

Divine Providence takes place is now omniscient human mind. This was the era of the internal courage: if there is no God, but there is only empty sky, which can not be afraid, you lose the value of many of the moral criteria and restrictions. We live only once, after death we did not expect, so we will enjoy every moment, and «after us — the deluge.» It was a time, a premonition, to prepare the catastrophe of the French Revolution.

The main lifestyle for a

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The King’s Speech

In the Paris bureau of Christian Liegra may not include music. Everyone knows that the master works in silence and in silence. For us, he made an exception and spoke about the Japanese design and re-emerged on the fashion style of the XVIII century.

We found Christian Liegra workplace Mandarin in a chair in his design. On the table — a pack of white paper, a glass of sharpened pencils and a book, «In Praise of shadows», Junichiro Tanizaki. «This is my favorite writer, says the designer. — I close the Japanese philosophy. And in design as well. I

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What will be the art of the 21st century.

At the end of XX century. What are his epithets not only awarded: a violent, tragic, avant-garde, catastrophic. But the same definition, likely to be approached century XIX, and XVIII, if you look into them more closely. At the crash site, wars and conflicts, each time marked not only destruction, but also the creation, the great discoveries in science, art. In XX century, the passage of time has accelerated several times, especially in Russia. The October Revolution, the victory over Nazi Germany, flying in space — these milestones of the XX century will forever in the annals of humanity

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It is now 24 years since buildings in England started after 1939 have been eligible for listing. Listing matters because it is both symbolic and practical in its effects — symbolic because official sanction is not given without a struggle and then becomes a catalyst for further engagement, and practical because without listing, most buildings are at risk, if not from demolition then

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Stray and needy IN THE MIDDLE AGES


When it comes to the Middle Ages, is usually remembered kings, knights, crusades, castles and magnificent cathedrals. But it is rather a grand facade. Most people with great difficulty, earns his bread throughout life. ‘Frequent war reserves full devastation, desolation and famine in the Middle Ages were commonplace. And nobody, not even The sovereign lords, was not immune from having to join the ranks of vagrants, beggars and wanderers internally.


What is this song because of the bend in the road? Step aside, Miss respected people, they go to the holy places. Pay attention

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A Century of Play

We live today in a world of systems. The way that we work and learn, communicate and socialize, conduct our finances and engage with our governments—all these fundamental aspects of our lives are increasingly mediated through digital networks of information. We no longer research by consulting experts in encyclopedias or libraries. In the age of Wikipedia, we are the experts. This blurring of boundaries between producers and consumers, professionals and the public, has happened in photography too: who today is not in some way a photographer?

For the past one hundred years, the still and moving image embodied personal storytelling,

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Grodno in ancient castle decoys should not build

Creator of the restoration project Grodno old castle is Vladimir barrels. Now some experts at criticizing the project. In the first half of 1990 years wasand supported by an eclectic concept: the main thug transformed into a Renaissance style that was manufactured at the request of King Stefan Batory at the end of the XVI century, and also to build a church tower, images of which have not survived.How Republican Scientific and Methodological Council is currently considering a draft Vladimir Bochkova? Says Deputy Managing Protection Agency historical and cultural heritage and restoration of the Ministry of Culture Igor Cherniavsky:"To support

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Archaeologists have dug up the 12th century Minsk

Courtyard by Cyril and Methodius Street, 8. There had previously been a monastic brewery and stables. Archaeologists have unearthed until the third part of the total area. Later they will go specifically to the area of the monastery, on the street Cyril and Methodius, 6. Archaeologist Yuri Kolosovsky reads:"As a result of these excavations we apparently failed to find that building, which is the beginning of the monastery. Preserved part of the floor of this building. Preserved foundation stove belonging to the 17th century."On this terrain authorities want to build a cultural and entertainment center. And while there will be

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Grodno castle ruin of the XIX century

Workers began the final destruction of the palace wing of the XVIII century on the street. Bitter. Appeared before him a shield with the image of the palace complex — so he has to look after reconstruction. Around the end of XIX century tower on the corner of Naydusa and Russian on Friday put the fence, it will be destroyed, and later it will be built with modern brick. Please 1990s house remodeled, but not perfectly. It is not brought to an end, and later for fifteen years the house was destroyed, it at least twice a fire broke out.

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The expedition of the Russian Geographical Society returns home

Research vessel "Aldan"

Research vessel "Aldan" left the place Search the famous caravels — Ice Harbor, the place where in 1596 a Dutch expedition led by skipper Willem Barents held its most difficult winter in an attempt to pass the northern sea route from Europe to India.

Search engines work on the site of the sinking started in 1977, followed in 1978, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1985, 1991, 1992, 1995, 2006, 2008 and 2009 in the Ice Harbor worked next expedition.

Despite the fact that the ship is still not found, can not be said that

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