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Certification of workplaces RESERVE INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY

Accelerating scientific and technological progress is inextricably linked with the improvement of the organization and stimulation of labor, the steady growth of labor productivity and economical use of resources. One of the most effective methods to identify the reserves for increasing the efficiency of production is a certification of workplaces.

Ministry of Railways has decided to hold the recording and certification of workplaces on all railway transport enterprises since 1985

The recommendations of the procedure for certification of workplaces. It is carried out in four stages.

At the first stage the inventory and accounting jobs in the enterprise with

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In the height of summer began to fight with the traders Kondyukov

To continue to trade this technique in standardization bodies need until June 12 to provide the documents. Traders they say that the new requirements is practically impossible. On the days of household air-conditioner dealers received a letter from the Belarusian Municipal Institute of Standardization and Certification in which they are warned: from July 1, 2008, according to the state energy conservation program there, the products must be labeled with stickers energy efficiency. Package of documents in the department waiting until June 12. Firms which do not fulfill the requirements, will be required to temporarily stop their activities. Merchants Kondyukov outraged

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Tu-204SM has been successfully tested at low temperatures

Continuing certification tests entirely new family of aircraft modification "Tupolev" — Tu-204SM. One of the two cars after the stage of improvements in the production of the final assembly of CJSC "Aviastar-SP"Successfully completed flight testing at low temperatures in Yakutsk Sakha Republic.

Within 10 days were 12 flights at temperatures up to -45 degrees Celsius. Results are positive: all the equipment, systems and engines airliner operated in accordance with the stated specifications and airworthiness requirements. The tests took place in the cold under control specialist team flight test facility Zhukovsky, took part in the certification experts

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Tu-204SM has successfully completed a test of resistance to EMI

Successfully completed the program of ground certification tests of the Tu-204SM number 64150 under the impact of high intensity electromagnetic fields (HIRF). HIRF tests were conducted to confirm the security systems of the Tu-204SM from the effects of electromagnetic fields emitted by TV and radio stations or radar, designed to ensure safety.

According to the preliminary results of the tests carried out have shown compliance with the requirements of the aircraft certification basis.

Certification tests conducted by specialists of JSC "Tupolev" and JSC "Beriev Aircraft Company. Beriev" on the basis of the Taganrog Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex under

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Tu-204SM pass certification tests in Yakutsk

In accordance with the plan of work for certification of the Tu-204SM special passes certification testing at low outdoor temperatures, the press-service of JSC "Tupolev".

In the course of the specialists of JSC "Tupolev" and ASN GosNIIGA audited ability of the aircraft and its systems to withstand thermal stress. The test program includes the evaluation of the training aircraft to take off after a short period (up to 2 hours) and long term (at least 12 hours) parking. Taking into account indicators of warming up time before the flight, the temperature control in the cabin and cockpit, specified in

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Tu-204SM has completed certification testing

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The work on the certification of the main changes of the type design of the Tu-204-100E — "The Tu-204SM with binomial composition of the flight crew, marching PS-90A2 engine APU TA18-200M, modified and re-installed equipment." According to the results of works executed Supplement Type Certificate number CT233-Tu-204-120SE/D10 from 31.05.2013, the

Tu-204SM (significant upgrade) — an upgraded version of the Tu-204, which differs from the preceding aircraft family Tu-204/214 improved aircraft technical and operational characteristics. Tu-204SM features a new auxiliary power unit TA18-200M and upgraded PS-90A2, which compared to

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Tu-204SM completes certification

At present, almost all the tests are finished, except for the tests at low temperatures and high intensity of icing, which are likely to be held soon in the Arkhangelsk region. In the certification of the aircraft involved two Tu-204SM. Additional certification tests are carried out only within the framework of the major changes made to the Tu-204SM compared with the Tu-204-100.

Tu-204SM previously successfully fly off in Yakutsk when severe frosts, in the United Arab Emirates — at high temperatures, and also performed a number of take-offs and landings on wet surfaces.


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Tu-204SM completes a series of tests in difficult climatic and meteorological conditions

The new mid-range domestic airplane Tu-204SM, built at Ulyanovsk aircraft plant, completes a series of tests in difficult climatic and meteorological conditions, the press-service of JSC "Tupolev".

The other day, the Tu-204SM number 64151 in the take-off and landing modes, made a series of runs on the runway (runway), coated with a layer of water. The tests were conducted in a special pool established at the airport LII. Gromov in the suburban Zhukovskom.Tselyu these tests is to assess the safe operation of the airplane in conditions of rain and the rain, to a tropical approximate.


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Tver Carriage Works mastered the western market

The car body is international class RIC, developed by JSC "SEZ" is together with Siemens, is preparing for the static tests, which will soon be held in Austria.

Recall that in 2009 an agreement was signed between Russian Railways and Siemens to supply 200 carriages class RIC. Then it became known that the direct participation in the design and construction of the car will Tver Carriage Works (part of ZAO "Transmashholding"). The new cars will be in line with European and Russian requirements for use of cars. For example, when building using five different strains used in electric railways

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