Erectile dysfunction or impotence, what’s new?

In 1992, the U.S. National Institutes of Health has decided to change, which was considered offensive to many men, the term "impotence" in a sweet and not as flashy term "erectile dysfunction". But, in spite of the fact that the name has changed, the problem remains and has not lost its relevance. It is known that erectile dysfunction occur in more than half of men aged 40 to 70 years. For example, in the U.S., the number of patients is 10 million (?).

Erectile dysfunction (ED) — the inability to achieve or maintain a penile erection sufficient for sexual

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Inflammatory disease.

Inflammatory diseases of the male reproductive system can affect its various departments:

testes and epididymis — epididymitis and orchitis; prostate gland — prostatitis; urethra — urethritis; the head of the penis and the foreskin — balanopostit.

Inflammation, arose in one of the departments of the reproductive system, can move to its other departments and related bodies (eg, the kidneys).

Because of inflammation can be infectious and non-infectious. Infectious inflammatory diseases may be specific (e.g., gonorrheal urethritis) and nonspecific. Noninfections inflammation may develop as a result of injuries, allergic reactions, disorders of prenatal development of the reproductive system.

Often in

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Children’s Sexual Pathology

Puberty — a period of serious physiological changes related to emotional development and readiness of the organism to reproduce.

Puberty in boys usually occurs two years later than girls. Puberty varies greatly depending on many factors, heredity and environment (climate, diet, lifestyle, etc.) and may be different at different generations. Recently, puberty occurs earlier and more intense explosion of growth. As a result, the modern youth is higher on average of their peers of previous generations.

Normal puberty matches the time between 10 and 16 years old. At this age we should expect rapid growth and adolescent

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The immune response to inflammation intimate

Despite the continuous improvement of methods of microbiological diagnosis and the development of new antimicrobial agents, there is a group infectious and inflammatory disease, the incidence of which in recent decades has been stably high without decreasing.

It is an infection of female genitalia. According to statistics, they rank first among all gynecological diseases with a frequency of occurrence of about 60 percent. A significant portion of these diseases are infections of the vulva and vagina.

The reasons for this situation somewhat. Among them — the variety of pathogens infectious and inflammatory diseases of the female

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Coitus interruptus

This method consists in the removal of the penis from the vagina before ejaculation and is probably the oldest contraceptive.

The effectiveness of the method

Interrupted sexual act is a very inefficient method of contraception.

First, not every man able to feel the onset of ejaculation and self-control at this point.

Secondly, some sperm is released at the beginning of sexual intercourse. According to some, this "avant-garde", consisting of the most moving and sperm, which consequently makes the probability of conception is very high.

Furthermore, repeated sexual intercourse can enter the vagina sperm remaining on the walls of the

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Injuries to the male genitalia

A variety of injuries and damage to male reproductive organs is amazing. Generally, this:

rips or tears bridle; sliced, chopped or biting wounds of the penis; bruises; subcutaneous rupture of the corpora cavernosa; dislocation of the penis; infringement of the penis; damage to the scrotum; testicular torsion, etc.

Damage to the penis more likely to occur in the area of the foreskin, the head of the corpora cavernosa, they can also be combined with scrotal lesions.

Types of injuries The most common type of minor injuries of the penis is pinching the skin zip lock. Despite the small surface

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What is contraception?

Capacity to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy in today's society a lot, so it's best to think about this in advance to avoid such a physically and psychologically traumatic procedures as a medical abortion.

Historically, that the burden of contraception shouldered the woman. However, in recent years actively developed and methods of male contraception, but so far they are not widespread.

What happens? Coitus interruptus. The best known method of contraception, when the man removes his penis from the vagina before the eruption of the seed. It is preferred by many couples because of the apparent ease of

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Strange bubble over U.S. military base


Mysterious bubble, suddenly appeared on the radar in the Tennessee Valley, the U.S., remains unexplained.

"Anomaly" as it was originally dubbed, appeared on the screens of Doppler systems early in the morning on Tuesday June 4, and gradually covered the territory equal to about half of the nearby town of Huntsville. The emergence of a bubble was accompanied by increased activity of military aircraft and multiple reports of the appearance of strange chemical odors.

City of Huntsville, Alabama, is home to numerous companies of the American military-industrial complex, the program NASA, and one

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