Peel yourself a settle

Twig furniture is experiencing a comeback in popularity. The first chair I found of this type had been exposed to the weather for many years on an open porch in the woods of central Maine. It was grey and weathered, but still comfortable and sturdy. The iron nails pinning the parts together had rusted and stained the wood, but held with firm tenacity. It was there, ready for rest, at the end of each hike.

This was the first chair I had seen like this and I assumed it had been made there. Since then. I’ve found two others so

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A swanky new apartment condominium in the Orchard Road belt has a special lift that sends the owner’s parked car up to his residence, where these vehicles literally become part of the home decor. But there’s another way to enjoy your favourite «cars» in the comfort of your home — get them as furniture. A slew of carmakers has been launching chairs that carry the aesthetic trademarks and groundbreaking technology of their prized vehicles.

The Maserati by Zanotta lounge chair captures the harmonious lines of the new Maserati Quattroporte. Designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba have created a leather seat that



Worldwide, the number of people working at home, growing steadily. Furniture manufacturers have caught this trend and began to produce one by one pieces of furniture for the home office. In fact, for furnishing the office or home office is sufficient only three items: a table, comfortable chairs and shelves to store all necessary. Equipping the work area at home, you can give up the standard and sometimes quite dull office furniture and items to collect a work area on the taste of the objects of different styles.

Futurism and Ergonomics

The original kit for your home office offers





One of the greatest reliefs in the world is to come back home after a hard day’s work, kick off your shoes and laze around on a cosy chair. Muji’s Highback Reclining chair gives you not only comfort but the support you need. Lie back as the cushion, made of fluffy feathers with urethane chips for added strength, gently hugs your body all the way up to your neck. The chair comes with a lever that allows you to adjust its backrest to

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Launched in 2000, the Air chair, manufactured by Italian furniture company Magis, demonstrates how a deceivingly simple design is actually a sophisticated and highly functional object. Made of polypropylene with glass fibre added, it is constructed using gas-injection technology (of which its designer Jasper Morrison was a pioneer), which allows for continuously smooth surfaces. The chair is available in a palette of beautiful colours and is suitable for any environment, indoors or out.


With his signature minimalist approach, English product and furniture designer Jasper Morrison has created objects that exude visual restraint and

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CEC without observers uncomfortable

"There are two main missions of the OSCE and the CIS", — said chairman of the CEC Lidia Yermoshina.Yarmoshina named approximate number of observers — 700 people — "more reasonable" in comparison with 1235 observers, who worked on presidential elections 2006. "In a small country such as Belarus, more than 1,000 observers — an obvious bust" — explained clerk.CEC Chairman in an interview with Interfax Named functions invitation of international observers, "not just international standards, and a way of life." "We ourselves feel uncomfortable if no observers" — she explained."All that has been accumulated for the opposition these years, all

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Tragedy Park CHelyuskincev

You can see the that the moving part has come off the carousel astovu, pillars on which she "kept." And now chairs and chain karuseli lying outside the area.

According to police, which are about the ride, all the victims — four adults, two kids — assisted in the near clinic. None of the victims is not in the languid state. At the scene officers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Despite the fact that the split seats and other parts of the attraction strshnoe leave enough memory, it does not stop park guests who blithely ride adjacent roundabouts.

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Petyng or, in a national, tsiskanne …

"Free Belarus" on this week 1918 he writes about the flight of the Bolsheviks: "Glad all Minsk, so bolsheviki with outsiders chapter (Lander, Berson, butcher, Rezauski — Latvians, Russians, and Jews) abhodilisya with Minsk dwellers, as the Tatars at naezdi Batu. arrests, fines, Shooting — rained down on people like a horn of abundance. Poslya mess with Catholics started a fight with the Orthodox. That and another on the ground "separation of church and state" … That’s the method bolsheviki herded people into "sotsyyalistychny paradise.""Institute of Belarusian Culture began studies to identify the type of Belarusian antropolegichnaga — reported in

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Citations a day or November 6

"I was at the head of the colony, he gave me the phone Shklovsky chairman of the district court, said that he could this question solve. I got through to him, and he does not have desired me read — said that it was not his competence. I went back to the chief. There was Chairman of the Department of Execution of Punishment in Mogilev region. He said that the arbitrator violated the law — he owed solve this question, one way or another. We have nothing to do, we just guarded. I do not want to be angry

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Employees of the Institute Chair for Linux transferred for kids

Employees of the Institute of Applied Computer Science, Tomsk State Pedagogical University (Tomsk State Pedagogical University) was transferred to the Russian language developed in France operating system «DoudouLinux» («DoudouLinux"), designed for children from two years of age.

"Working with the" DoudouLinux "does not need to know the words and letters — a system of almost all in pictures. It has an intuitive interface and no traditional menu, taskbar, text messaging, operations with files and folders "- said the head of the project on the Russification, deputy director of the Institute Sergey lumps.

According to him, the

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