Challenge #1:

Open shelves over the washer dryer makes the room feel cluttered.

Solution: Cabinets with doors hung over the washer/dryer makes a better use of the available height of the wall and the doors hide clutter.

Price: 3 piece cabinet set, plus side counter all bought as a set : $123 at Habitat for Humanity Restore.

Challenge #2:

Need to store gift bags, wrapping paper and bows in a more accessible way.

Solution: Two solutions made this possible

1. Door hanging shoe holder was modified to hold wrapping paper and decorations making good use of the unused door space.



Editor’s Note: In response to The Great Nail Tech Challenge that ran in last year’s Big Book, here’s a letter from one tech who accepted the challenge. Sara, what an awesome accomplishment! If you took the challenge to heart, we’d love to hear from you on which ones you tackled. E-mail


Challenge #6: Suggest a service your client doesn’t normally get. I purchased a chemical heel peel product and when I see I won’t be able to remove a client’s heal callus «almost” completely, I suggest the peel. I apply it and it works while I’m doing her


The «Zelenodolsk» TRUE COURSE

…Recent short commands and small anti-submarine ship (IPC) «Zelenodolsk», throwing the stern surf gently concerns pier. Quickly instituted moorings, put the ladder.

Captain 3rd Rank Vyacheslav Zhuravlev wearily leaned back in his command chair. Quite a few miles passed a ship on rough winds from the sea. And every hour voyage was full of intensive combat training sounded alarms, changed each other’s input. It always happens when you address important training and combat tasks. At this time, the crew involved in the command post exercise connection. Solve a range of complex tasks, the sailors had a chance to work in

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Chichester-Miles Leopard — A small aircraft but a huge challenge

Dwarfed by their museum neighbours, the surviving pair of Chichester-Miles Leopard jets need no viewing platforms; to examine each aircraft, you simply peer over it. The tiny twin-jet is a saga of endeavour, trial but finally, disappointment.

The Leopard was created by Ian Chichester-Miles, ex-de Havilland, Hawker Siddeley and a former chief research engineer at British Aerospace Hatfield; he founded Chichester-Miles Consultants Ltd (CMC) in January 1978. The new company was based near Hatfield at Welwyn, its mission to develop an economical high-performance miniature business jet. With planned cruising of around 435kts, CMC’s project aimed to completely surpass piston-engined private

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Gomel: another political prisoner

Upon written request of employees of local broadcasting company "Gomel" Zhukovsky "ripped off work" TV. Police officer assured that Zhukovsky read "on the colors and inflated, apart from the fact, on whiteRussian language. "September 18 Konstantin Zhukovsky came to his office broadcasting company "Gomel" to complain about the biased coverage of events in the town.Namely, the fact that the TV does not light tribute way of reprisals against local activists.Central tribunal which is next to the broadcasting company, punished arrests based on trumped-up charges police youth activists Dmitry Zhaleznichenka and Andrew Tsyanyuta.Since the book of comments and suggestions Konstantin Zhukovsky

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9-year-old boy caused by the blast case

Call — in connection with the investigation of the explosion in Minsk on July 4. The agenda is labeled a "come to the police department Cherikov on mining entities for involvement in the explosion."

About Man call the police Krycheu correspondent of the newspaper "Free City" Roman said his mom Christmas Lena Bolshakov. According to her, the police were going to take in the offspring fingerprints.


According to Christmas, boy  already questioned about the explosion at the school and local police Sergeant Ivanov Cherikov. Mom found out about this event. Youth owed to come to the police

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BC Lokomotiv-Rostov conceded at home in the French Cholet Challenge Cup

[Img =] MOSCOW, January 6 — RIA Novosti. Basketball "Locomotive" in Rostov-on-Don on Tuesday conceded at home in the group stage match against French Challenge Cup "Cholet" with a score of 65:66. The Russian team, which is to enter the top spot in the group needed a victory over Marseille with a difference of 4 points, at the end of the first quarter has won 6, but keep this modest reserve until the end of the game the railroad could not. In another match of the group stage, "Locomotive" will play at home on Jan. 13 with the Swiss

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Dr.Web for Android tablets on the Japanese educational Challenge Tablet

The company "Doctor Web" reports that Dr.Web for Android in April 2013 with pre-installed on the Japanese educational tablets Challenge Tablet. The manufacturer of these devices — the company Benesse Corporation — has acquired a comprehensive OEM-license for Dr.Web for Android. 

In the framework of the Russian company "Doctor Web" — the manufacturer of anti-virus protection of information — from the Japanese company Benesse Corporation has agreed to preinstall software product Dr.Web for Android tablets to popular Challenge Tablet.

Since April 2013, the start of the new academic year in Japan, these tablets are used

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Public safety in England — a strategy demonstration of military power

Concentrated kind of strategy natsbezopastnosti Britain — is the eye of the military and political control of the country to countering threats and challenges in today's geopolitical criteria, which specifies the methods and forms an adequate response to the application of different capabilities, and the way they interact.

Strategy natsbezopastnosti reaches subsequent objectives:— UK security — protection of the civilian population, its way of life, infrastructure, the economy and areas of potential risk to a particular action;— creating the criterion for stability in the external world by means of reducing these risks that may affect the government or its

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On Sergeevskaya site in Primorye conducted live firing of artillery units

In Primorye Sergeevskaya range artillery units Field Army infantry brigades of the Eastern Military Area (BBO) to begin the task ends with pitch camp fees. Field yields began on February 27 and will end on April 6 summarizing and conducting classes on ostentatious defeat moving targets with new precision-guided munitions, reported press service of the Eastern Military Area.

In the process of gathering military camp made many kilometers of marches by the combined method, combat coordination issues worked out calculations and batteries. Gunners fire-arms brigades solve puzzles with battle firing line and half-blank range, indirect fire with the use of

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