Summer — a paradise for music fan, but at the brightest IMPRESSIONS should go to Europe.

In Russia in the summer — the off-season, pause. However, in recent years it insistently violates the festival Valery Gergiev, and now the festival Mikhail Pletnev. But Europe’s classical music festivals are held in every more or less self-respecting city. They vary in size and characteristics. In Lucerne — Luxury parade symphony orchestras and chamber music. In Aix-en-Provence — the largest opera festival. One of the best opera houses — the Bavarian State Opera — gives its own festival in Munich. Named Richard


Lukashenko asks the House of Representatives to work faster

At the moment, some bills are in House of Representatives by a couple of years. For example, work on the latest edition of the Press Law Chamber started back prior convocation 5 years ago. This bill is not a day or agenda this session.Least 10 minutes in handy now deputies to accept the first reading additions and configuration in plain clothes and Procedure.• Chamber will manage the new old speaker, 2.10.2007 • "Do Popova beautiful hardware training — he perfectly understands its place", 2.10.2007 •

Chamber will manage the new old speaker

Place the speaker became vacant after, in September Vladimir Kanaplyou filed his resignation from office. He referred to the bad state of health. Now deputies received text of his statement.And the hemp on the session did not come. And did not expect it because, as told Radio Liberty one of the deputies, hemp and wrote the second statement — that will not be able to participate in this meeting.For the resignation of the Speaker of Deputies voted 88 against — 19.Bar Council unanimously invited to choose a new chairman Vadim Popov. Arguments in its favor are: the new parliamentary elections

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V.Konopleva may vary Popov?

By him, the House has passed a meeting of senior (not by age, but by the time the work) deputies. They hoped that, that took place Speaker Vadim Popov, head of the House preparatory cklikannya. "Aksakal" proceed from the fact that today’s deputies left to work for one year. And because it makes no sense to choose kutsee time manage a person who has no experience in this post. Together with the fact interlocutor journalist mentioned that the current legislation does not prohibit even which of the deputies during the election of the Speaker and advance his candidacy. In a

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Express MD2 tested

This is the second small satellite communications. The first was launched February 11, 2009.

The spacecraft "Express-MD2" created by Khrunichev Khrunichev has successfully passed acoustic testing at the Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute named after Professor NE Zhukovsky (TsAGI, Zhukovsky).

In the reverberation chamber RK-1500 spacecraft tested the effect of high-frequency pressure fluctuations that occur during startup, transonic flight at maximum speed pressure.

Upon completion of acoustic testing, "Express-MD2" was delivered to the factory for testing in early April for electromagnetic compatibility in an anechoic chamber.

Satellite "Express-MD2" is created in the framework of the

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Center. Khrunichev is new medical equipment

Structural unit of the FSUE "MV Khrunichev Khrunichev "-The factory of medical equipment and consumer goods (Moscow) is a new piece of equipment at the International Exhibition "Healthcare -2012."

Along with the proven models of medical oxygen pressure chambers (BLKS-303MK, BLKS-307 "Khrunichev" active pressure chamber flare-BAG) on the stand MV Khrunichev Khrunichev are new developments. This — Oxygen pressure chamber for babies BLKS-160 ventilator (mechanical ventilation), designed and manufactured at the MT and consumer goods for use in the treatment of the oxygen pressure chambers.

Hyperbaric chambers BLKS-160 is planned to equip perinatal centers to provide

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Yu.Belenky: the need to legitimize the Chamber

CCP BPF boycotting the election in House of Representatives."People who are from time to time refer to themselves as members of the opposition, will help implement the plan. They alternately work on all businesses, says mode. They will nominate their own candidates and to encourage people to come to so called Elections "- criticizes the emperor Belenky participants campaign. "Lukashenko, speaking with a message, said: we need to legalize House of Representatives, Means there is quite a strong need to give the status of legitimacy to this authority. This can testify, that prepares a maybe a referendum on unification with

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Narodnaya Volya submitted to the tribunal by the Security Service

Autumn Koktysh applied to the established procedure for accreditation at the House of Representatives. It should be noted that Koktysh was accredited in Parliament a couple of years. Without clarification on the circumstances This time Marina accreditation denied. Then editors sent an appeal to the Speaker of the House of Representatives Vadim Popov. Wording did not answer Parliament Speaker Vadim Popov, and Chairman of the Human Rights, public relations and media Yuri Kulakovskii. He verbally explained that Marina Koktysh denied access to Government House. Editorial and Koktysh filed another complaint, and they again said the emperor Kulakovskii, however, already in

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Will the brand new House of Representatives differ from the past?

Yesterday started the House of Representatives 4th convocation. What are the characteristics of the new deputies? Expect any independent steps of these deputies? How can we evaluate new control the House of Representatives?Participants: Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation Vladimir Nistuk and editor of the online newspaper "Solidarity" Alexander Starikevich.

What features of the latest House of Representatives?

Valery KarbalevichValery Karbalevich"After the election, the enthusiasm for the brand new composition of the House of Representatives somehow immediately subsided. Yet the highest legislative body formally and presentable government began its work. What are the characteristics of the

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The House of Representatives will not change the electoral law

"More than a month, we sent back the clock to the Chairman House of Representatives Vadim Popov our proposals for changes in the Electoral Code. And finally came the reply, signed by Deputy Chairman Commission for municipal construction, local government regulations and Ivan Semenenya. The essence of the answer — the Chamber will not do it, "- said the politician.Funny day earlier Belarusian Central Election Commission also practically refused opposition politicians in their proposals to change the practice of implementing electoral legislation."These responses to the or other degree — a litmus test. In both cases, we got the same answer,

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