Champagne in a duet

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Recognizing the champagne for the title of royal wine, it is often, particularly in Russia, play the role of King aperitifs. But the champagne can be as much gastronomic variation as aromas and flavors can be found at its best.

At the end of the XX century on the gastronomic fate of champagne thinking leading chefs of the world, and France — Bocuse, Ducasse, Troisgros, Gagnaire et al. Tasting Champagne, conducted the great houses are getting more interesting thanks to the participation of the great chefs and their faithful companions sommelier offering to the wines of Champagne unusual

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Set of glasses for champagne

Set of glasses for champagne gifts Guide

Guide to choosing eco-gifts 2012-2013 ' 10 '  

To pour a decent drink like champagne, be sure to have at least a decent wine glasses, which is what the glasses from the set BottleHood. Except for one important advantage is that the sets are made from recycled glass, they have also a second — no legs, the one constant breaking of the glass, converting it into a glass. After securing such an original set of glasses, can only buy pop and call the company. Can be purchased at a price

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Drought in Champagne impact on production volumes eponymous drink

Drought in Champagne impact on production volumes eponymous drink Weather and Climate

How to convince the producers of champagne, the current drought has brought two news. The bad is that the sparkling form in 2012, succeeds in being much less than in the past. The good news is that what you get will be of excellent quality.

Overall, this low yield was not collected for the last 20 years. The main reason for this failure are extremely cold and rainy spring, dry summers short and frequent thunderstorms with hail and morning frosts sulivshie winemakers terrible prospect. Because of

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April Fools true stories




Several reports have appeared in the British press 1 April 2004, it could pass for jokes, if you were not truthful. Here are some stories from the list of unbelievable, but true news of the day: 1. Today, April 1, 2004, Britain's National Archives declassified plan adopted

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Unidentified marine object

January 27, 2012 14:51

Amateur team of divers Ocean Explorer found in the Baltic Sea near Sweden some strange object, according to Yahoo!. As told their manager, Peter Lindbergh (Peter Lindberg), when sonar discovered on the bottom of the sea is something mysterious diameter of 60 meters, his first reaction was to scream, "Guys! We here at the bottom of the UFO. " Next to a large object, there is another smaller but with similar form, and for the two runs a trace, as if they dragged from place to place for more than 120 m, of course, it may

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Menu banquet in honor of the inauguration costing a pretty penny

The city authorities concerned with the preparation of receiving distinguished guests from different countries in honor of the inauguration of President-elect Vladimir Putin's Russia, scheduled for May 7. Destination VIP-guests expected at Moscow Vnukovo-2 and Vnukovo-3. The upcoming banquet prepared with Russian sweep, menu made in the best traditions of national cuisine, costing a lot of money — experts estimate the cost of banquet exceeds 26 million rubles.

Here are some of the dishes festive menu as appetizers will be served vegetable pancakes with scallop sauce, porcini mushrooms, commonly white, smoked halibut with young lettuce salad original marine reptiles with

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Nikolaev has lowered the water super-yacht

On Mykolayiv shipyard "Liman" smashed a bottle of champagne on boardYachtArtpolars length of 40 m

Like her a little bit and yachts in Europe. It was built a few years. It is a unique yacht building for the current Four-ship with powerful engines.

Yacht captain Alexei Guscin her during the ceremony of launching said he was proud Ukrainian shipbuilders: it is not a shame to drop anchor in any port in the world. In addition, on Artpolars can easily go to the "Around the World": the amount of bunker fuel allows it.

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Abrau Durso enters the international market

Russian champagne house "Abrau-Durso" is beginning to export their wines to Europe, will become the first country — Great Britain.

May 17-19, held in London's famous London International Wine Fair (LIWF) — this is the biggest annual event in the world of wine, which has been held for more than 30 years. The exhibition held professional competitions and IWSC International Wine Challenge 2011. Their main task is to promote the quality and perfection of the world's best wines. Evaluation is carried out by a team in a blind tasting in each country Bidder, selected wines, which can

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