Red Chateau

For the last ten years. Red Chateau has been constant¬ly. confidently striving to remain Oklahoma City’s finest home décor and furniture store. Much has changed in the world of interior fashion over that decade, and owner Rose Clark has guided Red Chateau through changing with it; remaining true to loyal customers while making transitions along with progressing tastes. The bold reds and gold’s and ample ornamentations of more traditional Country French and European styles have changed for the clean lines, neutral palettes and pops of color with fewer, larger decorative pieces that characterize today’s look — with the ability to

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Preface to the revised edition

It was with some trepidation that I accepted the task of revising Ernest Joyce’s work, for in the eyes of so many it had become the woodworker’s bible, helping countless people in their search for woodworking knowledge and their own personal search for excellence. This reluctance to tamper with the bible, which was strong, and shared by many other people, was tempered by the knowledge that much had changed in the world of craft furniture since 1970 when this work was first published— changes that Ernest Joyce himself would well have approved. Writing as he did in the late sixties,

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Your choice: more readable medium materials

First-line conference with Alexander Milinkevich 2nd "European march" will be held from Academy to Bangalore Square Third "While on the street did not come out 200 thousand people — nothing has changed " Fourth leaves workers will be shorter 5th S.Skrebets "Zubkov arrive to click on Lukashenko" Editor’s choice of public this week Sergey SemenovNobel Laureate in Chemistry Gerhard Ertl was the Teuton Criminal case Dmitry Dashkevich was brought to the prosecutor A. Milinkevich at the online conference: "I will not leave politics because gave his word to fight to victory" "While on the street did not come out 200

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Products rose by almost 2 times

At the end of last year, under the best Christmas, pensioner Galina Shakal was refused on the plan to get rich on trade. A couple of years she shared with her son holding a tent on the central square Ivenets. Traded fruits and vegetables, which were obtained on the wholesale market in Zhdanovichy.But during 2007, Ms. Shakal continued to trade.Under the best Christmas of 2007 pensioner reiterates that throws trade.Reporter: "Are you currently trading?"Shakal: "No. It’s a cold, I’m sitting at home. Just before the new year, and later will be locked."Reporter: "Remember, the first in 2007, you were that

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What will change after Putin’s visit to Belarus?

Mrs."Well, he’s said that there is some billion dollars will be invested. Maybe nuclear power plant to be built in our country. But I do not know. It seems to me that it may be a political step. Fact as he then was, never felt any respect for us, it is no love I did not feel. "Guy"You know, I have not heard anything about this trip, I know nothing and can not say anything."Woman"I think that our alliance will strengthen the case will be stronger, that everything will be fine."Mrs."Difficult question you ask. Naturally, we all have hopes for

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Permians Podkosov SUCCESS understudy

[Img =] The situation was "Amkar" curious tradition that if the youth of the wins in the main the next day will surely have problems. This custom has been operating for almost flawlessly sixth season — as much as Permian appear in the Premier League. The teams have changed the players, coaches and objectives, and usually worked at an alarming rate. And when on Friday renewed amkarovskaya junior easily dealt with peers from the shores of the Don, it was feared: whether wards Dimitar Dimitrov in his debut match for the Bulgarians to please the fans a victory? And,

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Start of production of hand-held devices for applying tape to the pipe insulation

«WORKER ® -1020»  

-Fundamentally changed the geometric form of the apparatus frame and a profile frame manufacturing. -The frame and all the mechanisms of the device are galvanized and coated with a special paint. -Increased the number of pressure rollers and their size.  -Fundamentally changed the location of installation sites reels. —Changed distance relative to the installation of the pipe spools. -Fundamentally changed the mechanism of adjusting the tension of the film. -Danae design of the device, the installation of two reels was first developed for pipe diameter 1020mm. Conclusions: As a result of the modification has

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Reconstruction of Kiev waterfront

After the reconstruction of Kiev embankment is changed — changed the broken asphalt tile, from the road embankment is now separate beds. Through the pedestrian area bicyclists ride. At night, bright lights illuminate the promenade. 








On the Dnieper embankment there were two sculptures dedicated to the Baptism of Rus.

In the arches on the retaining wall of the waterfront set figure of John the Baptist and St. Vladimir.

sculpture of St. John the

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At the airport in Stavropol, the first stage of modernization

The first stage of the modernization of the international airport Stavropol.

This was solemnly announced yesterday the Minister of Transport Insurance Alexander Pavlov and CEO Nicholas Apalkov airport. As promised earlier, the aviation hub of the regional center changed significantly during the summer months.

Thus, a more modern facade of the terminal building was, changed interior fittings, which allowed not only to create a comfortable environment at the airport, but also rely on a speedy increase in passenger traffic. Airport also purchased new equipment and with the assistance of the administration of Stavropol prospered the surrounding area, including ample

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In the Western Dvina Tver region after reconstruction opened a kindergarten for 80 seats

In the city of the Western Dvina Tver region was opened after reconstruction kindergarten number 1. The work is continued for over a year — during which time a wooden building of the 1950s had a major overhaul of construction, built on an additional group of 15 children and a landscaped area of the kindergarten.

Now the nursery is ready to accept 80 students — for them, they have bought new furniture and toys. Bedroom was decorated in pastel tones, games insulate addition — installed underfloor heating. After repairs in the building there was a central

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