Fledgling Kestrels

The next instalment of Jonathan Lewis’ Tree’s Company wildlife diary sees a pair of kestrels making an appearance, and also reviews a vital nature photographer’s tool

As summer continues, I’ve been watching a pair of kestrels raising a family within a cavity of the oak tree. If disturbed too early there would be a chance of them deserting the nest, so I held off photographing them until the young had left the cavity and made their first move towards adulthood. I was lucky enough to document these first days of their new found freedom, a fantastic reward for my patience.

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Chivenor Changes

Mike Pooler looks at the major changes recently introduced in the RAF’s fast jet training syllabus, and how they effect RAF Chivenor in particular.

THESE FIRST FEW years of the decade are seeing some major changes at one of the RAF’s most popular stations. Situated on the banks of the Taw/Torridge estuary in North Devon, near to the town of Barnstaple, Chivenor has been in the business of training pilots for the ‘fast jet’ squadrons since 1951 when 229 Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) was established there. In those days, the emphasis was on the fighter pilot side of training using

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Pupils of the fifth element

Sociologists believe that the number of gifted children has increased

 Photo source:ng.ru

In the Public Chamber held a plenary zasedenie, which discussed the "social portrait of the Russian youth." And where were read reports containing data of large-scale studies of schoolchildren. The purpose of research, commissioned by the House — to draw attention to the problem of education and the formation of moral values in the modern school. The main conclusion of scientists — the children have changed. In fact, all have long said that the children were different. But no one could answer more fully the question:

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In the new configuration No spelling whether the principle

"I met with the law on a brand new spelling and should be noted: As expected, there are a lot of contradictions, a lot of turmoil, a lot of inaccuracies., And in general it is defined, in contrast to previous configurations in 1933 and 1957, bespryntsypnastsyu.In 1933 the goal was yavna russifyi Belarusian spelling. In 1957-59’s goal was completely different — return Belarusian spelling some characteristics actually Belarusian. This time Khrushchev benefits, there is also the tendency, of course, on byelorussization letters. She was not so deep as Russification in 1933, but still a lot of positive solutions it contains.

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Climatic disasters are changing the world

April 15, 2013. In the last decade, natural anomalies, climate change and the dramatic fluctuations in temperature are constant companions of life. Despite the middle of April, in the European part of Russia kept frozen, unprecedented flooding swept large areas of our country. Natural disasters cause significant damage to the population and the state, adversely affect the development of the economy, forcing significantly adjust development plans.

The growth of natural climatic disasters — this is not a random phenomenon. It is estimated that at the present time is the next change of the global historical metric cycle, so humanity is

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Can animals predict natural disasters?

Can animals predict natural disasters? It is interesting

What you appear association, when you hear the phrase "animal instinct"? Some special sensory perception? Premonition? Or a sixth sense? It is indisputable that the animal is feeling the need to survive in the wild. But the question is how this feeling can come to the rescue in a disaster? Researchers studying animal behavior, trying to draw a parallel between anxiety animals and natural disasters.

For animals living in the wild, life is like survival. This explains the keen sense of smell and hearing. Animals are able to respond to the vibrations

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Dangerous climate change in the Arctic

Dangerous climate change in the Arctic Weather and Climate

The present level of global warming exceeds the natural adaptation of ecosystems, including the Arctic. This jeopardizes the safety, health and development of populations of Eskimos, concentrated in the Arctic.

All research efforts aimed at finding indicators that can warn of adverse changes to mitigate the causes and their cause, and to resume the process of adaptation and restoration of damaged ecosystems and populations. In the Arctic, the researchers say, implementation of preventive measures to protect the environment deserve attention at the same level as the problem of melting glaciers.


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Worms can help people settle Mars

Worms can help people settle Mars Facts

Using special sensors remote control a team of scientists led by Nathaniel Szewczyk from the University of Nottingham carefully studied millimeter round worm Caenorhabditis elegans for 3 months. Being on the space shuttle "Discovery" in microgravity, worms reproduce 12 generations in the same way as they do on Earth. Significant was the observation of preserving the integrity of the musculoskeletal system during flight.

These worms were selected for the experiment because of the identity of the gene functions with the man: similar effects of mutational changes, metabolic and muscular changes during space flight.

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Scientist: After two years, the climate in the northern hemisphere will be colder

June 30, 2013. In 2015, the climate in the northern hemisphere will gradually change towards cooling. These conclusions were reached by a specialist Japanese National Agency for Marine Research Mototaka Nakamura, results of which are published today, local media reported.

In the course of studying Japanese scientist analyzed the changes in water temperature at the surface of the Greenland Sea from 1957 to the present and compared this information with the global climate change over the same period.

"Fluctuations in temperature Grenladskogo sea are a good indicator of changes that occur in areas of warm and cold currents of the

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Canada will face serious environmental changes

Canada will face serious environmental changes Facts

According to research by NASA in 2100 in the Canadian prairies and northern areas of projected large-scale environmental changes, which will be the main cause of global warming.

A significant number of flora and fauna of the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba to migrate to the north. Around the world due to the increasing effects of global warming, some environmental areas, such as deserts and tundra, also change the geographical coordinates. The greatest impact will in Western Canada. In Figure 1, highlighted in red zone, which completely changed the landscape. This applies

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