M/S mastering with Multipressor

Combining the Multipressor with M/S processing can add big benefits to the mastering process in Logic.

Like all multiband compressors, the Multipressor is a powerful and surgically precise tool that’s an asset to any mastering activity. By slicing the frequency spectrum into a series of manageable frequency bands, it enables you to apply compression in a more controlled and instrument-specific way, whether you’re tightening a bass line, for example, or fine-tuning the compression across the overheads to make it a little less pumpy. However, by bringing in the dimension of mid/side processing, we can make the Multipressor an even more

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£1300 ★★★★★

In many ways, the Heed Obelisk Si is the odd one out here. It’s the only one with a half-width shell. It’s the least powerful, armed with a relative tiny 35W per channel. It’s also the most affordable.

It almost seems strange to put it in this test, but we love this amp. It’s our favourite £1000-£1500 stereo amp of 2012, and we think it’s got what it takes to take on the hulks in this group.

We had our reservations when we first received the Obelisk. It’s hardly striking, is it? For the price, we’d expect a

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Condor seek new build help

Condor Ferries has approached the governments of Jersey and Guernsey for financial help towards the introduction of new tonnage by the end of the decade, or earlier.

Chief executive James Fulford says that in the present financial climate Condor could not afford to replace its trio of 86m catamarans, all dating from the mid-1990s. Estimating that a multi-purpose vessel for the Channel Islands link would cost £70 million, Mr Fulford said it was time to look at how islanders’ needs could be met at the same time as getting backing for investment in new tonnage.

Condor spent £10 million to

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Changing seasons

Without wanting to wish away the summer, follow this simple guide to give your images amber autumnal tones ahead of their time…

JORDAN BUTTERS: The grass is always greener on the other side, right? As photographers we often find ourselves looking forward to the change of seasons purely because they offer an exciting change in the mood and tones of familiar landscapes.

Winter offers the opportunity for crisp, frosty scenic sand chilly mist-blanketed vistas, spring brings forth new life, growth and vivid colours as flowers start to bloom and summer offers blue skies (when we get them!), green foliage and

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VV Shmytinsky Art. Researcher LIIZhT

As stated earlier, the main difficulty of using PCM systems on the network of departmental communication is the organization of the group of channels. This is due to the fact that the industry does not produce digital data transmission system, allowing to organize such channels. Despite the fact that currently is developing the necessary equipment, the first phase of the implementation of PCM systems appropriate to provide for the maximum use of existing instruments, subject to a minimum the introduction of additional equipment.

Consider the simplest design options group channels using PCM-30 apparatus. In

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Advanced mid-side techniques in Pro Tools

Having explored the intricacies of M/S bussing, it’s ti me to take things to the next level.

Mike Hillier is your guide.

Last month’s tutorial looked at how to build your own mid-side matrices in Pro Tools using bussing. With this technique we can create a standard L/R stereo mix from a mid-side recording or take an L/R stereo mix and create an M/S version for processing the mid and side separately, which can then be reprocessed back to an L/R stereo mix. In this instalment we’re going to explore some of the processing techniques we use alongside M/S processing.

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Belsat.by domain is not for sale!

"Belsat" appealed to us home.pl asking whether you can purchase belsat.by the address for the website link. Company checked — this domain is free, and assured the channel that it would be purchased for "Belsat". But through several days home.pl company said channel that the Belarusian party refused to implement domain belsat.by, not explaining his decision. According to the company with This is the situation home.pl meets for the first time.Oh, so the director commented on the situation channel "Belsat" Agnieszka Romaszewska:"I do not understand this step. I think, What if we refuse to purchase the domain, make such a

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Lithuania prepares for Belarus TV

As the edition Valtictimes, future transfer from Vilnius — a joint effort by the Lithuanian television and radio (LRT), the Polish public television (TVR) and the team of Belarusian journalists new channel Belsat TV. This was approved as the structure of the Polish TV satellite channel Belarus will take effect in November.New applets from Vilnius will be a one-hour talk show dedicated to the most diverse nuances of life in Belarus and adjacent states with her.As stated in connection with the start of the project CEO LRT Kestutsis Pyatravskis, "Lithuanians are willing to build a good neighbor Belarus and want

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Now — a day of radio, television and communication

Nina Chaika: "From what I hear on the radio, I was throwing the creeps"Ivan Kobzik first 1990 hit on the radio while unpopular "Belarusian youth" 19-year-old student. Ivan says that soon changed the creative impulse disappointment."There was independence, was a democratic system. And the radio was" Belarusian youth ", at that time, apparently, the most advanced on the Belarusian Radio. Because, of course, this great experience and a great inspiration, a memory. In 1994" Belarusian youth "closed, its fragments appeared" Radio 2 ". In a sense — another channel because of officialdom, which came on the first program there, on

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Channel TV Belarus approved

Approved the establishment of a satellite channel Belarus late Friday evening in Warsaw, the Supervisory Board of the Polish public television, on the basis of which will create a new channel."This means, that we really exist as "TV Belarus" — said our radio Ms. Beata Paklepa, one of the managers of the new channel.Start of broadcasting, and it will be 15 hours a day, scheduled for mid-October. Language channel — Belarusian. In the program there — information, music, culture, history.To finance television already spent about 4 million euros from a special fund the Polish Foreign Ministry.

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