WARNING: channel!

The book of American spirituality Shepard Goodwin "Journey to your soul. Channeling Michael and Doctrine "states:" Channeling — a way of communication with any kind of consciousness, which is not in human form. Such a mind can be given the opportunity to express themselves through a man — a channeler, or channel. "

We live in a multi-dimensional universe and the physical plane — this is only the first of many planes of existence. They are not separated from us by a remote partition: channeled we can establish conscious contact with other plans and creatures that live in other

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Kryon of 21. 12. 12. Channeling from 1. 12. 12

What to do December 21, 2012Hello, dear angels, native our souls, our family.

This brings me to a point beyond which you will find something unusual and unexpectedly beautiful new. This last winter on Earth, now everything will be different. Each one of you more than once thought about what will happen on December 21. Are the all the frightening prophecy of what to expect and how to act. Native, first of all I want to tell you that this is a time of great celebration, is the completion of a huge cycle, where we danced a thousand million

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