Four types of perception of chaos

Four types of perception of chaos Facts

It's about how people interpret the unfavorable situation in the world, and the corresponding behavior of thinking. The general attitude, and unfortunately, the most common way of thinking expressed complacency and indifference to the circumstances that threaten us. People almost refuse to believe that the situation in the society on the brink of despair. But there are many ways to open your eyes, especially through appropriate education and science. The behavior of the "ostrich in the sand" itself explains. People like to think that the problem does not exist, or forget about it,

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Chaos in UK airspace due to haze

Chaos in UK airspace due to haze Weather and Climate

Dozens of flights from landing and taking off from a number of UK airports have been canceled because of a sudden deterioration in the weather conditions, especially due to cold weather and thick fog. Bans on aircraft continued operating for the day.

London Heathrow Airport is not able to send their planes on schedule in a number of European cities, such as Warsaw, Nice, Stockholm, Aberdeen and several German towns. With stable and dense fog airport management decided not to risk and dramatically reduced the number of vessels

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We all have the chance to experience a quantum leap in 2013


In November, Boris Astafev held in Yekaterinburg, a seminar under the laws of the universe. We met with him and he talked about the times in which we live and how we live such a difficult period of transition.

— Boris, everyone is talking about the coming time pass away in the new era. How and when will it happen?

— We are on the eve of a quantum leap. Soon humanity will enter a new stage of development and will be living in a qualitatively different habitat. This transition will

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Weather chaos in the U.S.

Weather chaos in the United States Weather and Climate

Arkansas, Illinois, Tennessee, Louisiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, Alabama, Mississippi, Indiana, Louisiana and Michigan suffered from a sudden gust tornado. Prediction Center report on the further development and growth of the elements of the wind over some parts of the Mississippi Valley and the lower reaches of the river. Ohio. The most vulnerable to the twistor north Mississippi, west Tennessee and eastern Arkansas, where most tornadoes happen at night, damaging power lines.

In Alabama dominates a strong cold front from the west, met with the warm moist air from the Gulf of

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Moscow: Alabyano-Baltic tunnel (photos)

Author of the report — Andrey Egorov

— What distinguishes man from beast? — Asks Sergey Chebotarev, chief project engineer of the North-West of the chord, associate professor MADI, and he himself answers it. — Aesthetic sense. Man is able to feel the harmony. And to create harmony. Out of the chaos. What we are doing — in fact the struggle against chaos.

The struggle with the chaos unfolded on the site Halabyan-Baltic tunnel being built for years. The tunnel is part of the North-West of the chord — the first of the highways that erupted capital,

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America without makeup. Video


In the film, America without makeup Belarusian TV channels unmask and reveal the true nature of U.S. owners and their plans to enslave the world under the guise of the United States. Owners of U.S. global government declared itself a bulwark of democracy in the world and under this cover are to sow chaos and war, except in countries golden billion — the so-called theory of controlled chaos. See the truth about America. The film is not only for the true anti-globalization and antiamerikanizatsii. Expanding horizons useful for all. The film features the "winged" statement of George W.

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Reining in The Matrix

About the development of human civilization stands a few noticeable theories, some contradictory qualities of each other. One of these theories is the civilization of deterministic chaos theory, when the first place there is the notion of complete cause-and-effect relationship, not only in the world of real objects, and in the construction of social interactions. With all this each historic step is a derivative component of the global chaos which Chaos looks only for the person, and in fact is a complex multi-faceted design patterns.

In the 20th century this theory received a severe development, they have tried to

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On further triumph of democracy in Damascus

June 5, Syrian television said that Syria sends out of the country after the U.S., Britain, France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, and charges d'affaires of Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, in late May, a number of member states of the so-referred to as the "Group of Friends Syria, "Announced the decision to expel Syrian ambassadors, and in some cases, and all sorts of other Syrian diplomats in the reported involvement Tipo Damascus to the disaster in the village of Hula, killing more than 100 peaceful inhabitants. As we see, noose on the neck of Bashar Assad shrinks, it actually can not breathe.


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Snowfalls in the U.S. have caused chaos on the roads. Video


11.01.11.Snegopady and freezing rain caused the closure of airports, not only in Europe. In the U.S., due to snowfall was abolished in 1400 aviareysov.Na East U.S. suspended the movement of rail and road transport. In New Jersey, Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia declared a state of emergency.

Snowstorms have caused traffic chaos on the roads on the east coast of the United States.

Closed airports in the New York area, where the thickness of the snow cover reaches 31 centimeters.

Of snow was not just air travel. Railway companies also announced the cancellation of trains between Boston and

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New Zealand: floods, landslides, chaos on roads

New Zealand: floods, landslides, chaos on roads

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