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Character (Vladimir Panteleevich Dubchenko)

The inventor Vladimir Panteleevich Dubchenko lives in Liepaja. It works recently Head of Liepaja production base «Okeanrybflot.» Not once wrote about him the Latvian newspapers from all over the country come to him the letter. Especially many of them were on the day of its fiftieth anniversary.

The spacious office traces of the recent anniversary. On the wall is a poster with poems and Neptune, on the table a copper medal with nadraennoy number 50 — specially cast fitters base, here the status of the rules of wearing a simple-hearted joke about the need to periodically «washed» …

Dubchenko has

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Travel to the old car

Script writer — director Emil Braginsky — Pyotr Fomenko operator — Simakov Vsevolod artist — IRINA Schroeter composer — Sergey Nikitin verses sound engineer Dmitry Sukharev — Marco Bronstein

Roles performed:

Zoya Pavlovna — Lyudmila Maksakova

Herman S. — ANDREW Boltnev «

Natalia S. — Tatyana Nikitina

Lomov — Sergey Nikitin

Dasha — LENA Karadzhovo club director — Lyudmila Arinin

Lily — LARISSA Udovichenko

Mikhalev — LEO Perfil’ev

«Mosfilm», 1985

Color. 9 parts, in 2355 m. R /

Number 1100386

22.1 8.2

Race cars, buses strive door slam in the face, but no matter what, we must always have

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The drama inside the newsroom season 2 is as good as the day’s headlines


Marcia Gay Harden plays litigator Rebecca Halliday after actress Rosemarie DeWitt left due to schedule conflicts. It’s up to her cutthroat lawyer-ness to defend Atlantic Cable News in a wrongful termination suit that threatens the network.


As Lonnie, Will’s bodyguard, the lovable muscle man was sunshine amid the oft-heavy news drama.

The no-nonsense beefcake is back to prevent Will from self- destruction.


The nine-episode season takes place over a five-day period leading up

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Hemingway House.

Jude Law, someone is looking for. «Paolina ??? Paolina ?? !!! Paolini !!!! «His plaintive cries grow into a furious roar, when the actor is trying to drown in buckets lashing rain. Lowe yelled so loudly that his bizarre cries echoed from the nearby forests and valleys. We are on the set, which was once the estate of the designer Laura Ashley in the vicinity of Saint-Tropez, the French paradise for millionaires. It is a glamorous resort, but Lowe did not glamorous. He did not look like a hero-lover, whom we used to see in movies.

In 2005, Richard

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An updated layout, furniture-style cabinetry and thoughtful details transform a Fayetteville kitchen into a charming family gathering spot

Kitchen designer Andi Stephens and— the homeowner worked together to update the room with an open floor plan and personal touches that deem the space not only elegant, but also kid-friendly. The adjacent breakfast nook is great for working on school assignments, and the lowered countertop space (facing page), is short enough for little ones to reach.

By incorporating elements of furniture in the styling of the room, Stephens created a cozy, yet engaging space with cherry wood built-ins and cabinetry and

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A quick word with Christopher Mintz-Plasse!

Kick-Ass 2’s bad guy on geese, cussing and weeing!

Hi Chris! Your Kick-Ass 2 character wears a stupendous bondage costume. Did you get a kick out of wearing it?

Yeah, well… everyone else got a kick out of watching me, ha-ha! It looks hilarious, twisted and dark but it was a pain in the ass to wear. Literally.

UFC star Chuck Liddell makes a cameo training your character The Motherf**ker. Did you pick up any moves?

He tried, but like my character, I’m terrible at sports. UFC is a little too much for me — it freaks me out seeing

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«So, I’m an actress»

The series «Mad Men,» made the whole world to sigh for the days when the whiskey flowed a river in all offices, even the smokers smoked on board the aircraft, and the girls wore dresses beating in the eyes of flowers. And at the same time he made the stars before obscure Dzhenyueri Jones, Christina Hendricks, Elisabeth Moss and Jessica Pare. Their heroine for six consecutive seasons proves that behind every successful man is a clever woman.

Sex Bomb «Mad Men,» the redhead Miss extract Christina Hendricks, in real life, a natural blonde, preferring provocative dresses jeans and shirts,

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Ul.Arlov: My heroes worked on me — as a person and as a writer

Heroes in the midst of the book "Names of Liberty" a huge number of people whose fates are linked with the Vitebsk region. It is internationally recognized painter Drozdovich Isaac, founder of the Belarusian theater Ignat Buynitsky, eminent writers Vasil Bykov and Vladimir Korotkevich also contemporaries writer Vladimir Orlov and his readers — Anatoly Konopelko poet, painter Leonid Borozna, a member of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Vladimir Pleschenko. According to the views of the Chairman of the Vitebsk Regional Council TBM Navumchyk Joseph, these people, who have already passed away, certainly deserves to be the heroes of the book.

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Outside of homosexuality. Politics Pride.

Country: United States Director: Bob Christie Written by: Bob Christie, Aerlyn Weissman Produced by Morris Shapdelen, Charlie David, Christine Parker Genre: Documentary. Time: 87 min. Year: 2012

The story of what is happening in different parts of the world with the rights of homosexuals and the base of them — the right to freedom of assembly.

The film tells the story of a gay parade — peaceful human rights marches. In some countries such as the United States and Israel, they go on for many years and have acquired the character of long carnival. In the other group of

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Kargopolsky character

"I learned what Kargopolsky character. A teacher at the school, the village librarian, a tractor and a cobbler — the profession of my friends, Kargopolov. Now when I say that the Russian province of sawn and died — I do not enter into useless controversy, and smile, because I know that this is not the case.

 My friends raise children, keep the garden, and the beast, go to Sunday services. They are young, full of energy. They will not leave from their native land. And not because they have nowhere to go, but because they love

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