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An extra battery for your iPhone that doesn’t suck

Getting your iPhone’s battery to last all day can be a challenge. We’ve all got chargers stashed around work, home, and our vehicles, but, obviously, none of those are very helpful when you’re nowhere near a power connector. By tossing the Powerskin PoP’n in your bag, you can effectively double your iPhone 5 battery life. Since it’s not a form-fitting case, the PoP’n will also charge other lightning-port-equipped devices.

The Pop’n case attaches to the back of your iPhone via suction cups. While we’re not overly thrilled with the connection —


Battery Charger with Overcharge and Deep-discharge Protection

Lead-acid storage cells are often used us stand-by source of electrical energy during the periods of supply line failure. The electrical energy stored in the cell is extracted during mains failure; when the mains supply sets on, the energy can be replenished from the mains source through a device known as charger. Both the discharging and charging of the cell arc chemical processes, one in the forward direction and the other in the reverse direction. But what may happen when the charger remains ‘on’ even after the electrical energy of the cell has been fully recovered?

Another important question to

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Salt water or economical charger for mobile devices?

Salt water or economical charger for mobile devices? It is interesting

The issue with the search for alternative sources of energy particularly acute in developing countries, because they are low on material resources and do not have a particularly well-developed infrastructure of electricity, especially clean. When installing cutting-edge solar panels and wind turbines there is another problem — the lack of skilled labor.

But as it turned out, in the case of such countries do not have to turn inside out, and only worth remembering the simple things. For example, the solar lamps operating on salt water, that

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