Charles Dadan — known American beekeeper, a French national — who was born in 1817 in the village of Champagne (France). His father was a doctor. When the boy grew older, his sculpted to his grandfather as in his native village of Charles had no school.

Charles since childhood interest in agriculture, especially n bees. He first met them when he was 10 years old. On this day he was presented with a swarm in a straw hive. Soon he built a bee hive from the boards. Ho. Unfortunately, this first attempt ended in failure: the bee family was killed

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Henry VII the warlord

In pursuing dreams of victory in France, Henry threw England into decades of war and the chaos of a Europe in conflict

Henry VIII was born dreaming of war. When he took the throne in April 1509, with his bride Catherine of Aragon at his side, Henry knew exactly what kind of king he wanted to be. His would be a glorious reign that would restore England to the magnificence it deserved. His father, Henry VII, had become unpopular by levying punishing taxes to restore the country’s finances, but the new king had no intention of focusing on matters as

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Country escape.

Charles Spada has filled his rural Normandy bolt-hole with his favourite collections, from gilt frames and faience porcelain to leather-bound tomes.

France — and all things French — has always had a strong hold on Boston-based interior designer Charles Spada. He studied fashion design in Paris in his early twenties and eventually bought a small apartment in the city where he’d stay on his regular antique buying trips over the years. So when, 18 years ago, he decided it was time to have some peace and quiet in his life, France seemed like a natural choice. «I wanted a calm,

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A Good Flight

Sharing a Stearman with a Tuskegee Airman

MY SON AND I are on static display with our Boeing PT-17 at the Salute to Veterans celebration at Columbia, Missouri, which has taken place over Memorial Day weekend for the past 23 years. Saturday and Sunday begin with the opening ceremonies that include our national anthem, the Canadian national anthem, and the reading of the names of the 225 fallen heroes of Boone County, Missouri, followed immediately by taps. The playing of glorious bagpipes leads the procession of honored guests, Tuskegee Airmen, and WASP, who are cheered with enthusiasm by the families,

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10 Murderous Kings

A blood-curdling countdown of history’s deadliest monarch’s

In .this day and age it’s quite difficult to imagine the sheer power that kings and queens once wielded over their subjects. In many ways these monarch’s were more similar to modern dictators than the regents that we know today. Murder was often a means to a political end, while crimes of passion would rarely be met with any immediate consequences.

Although the kings had ultimate power, it was a power they were forced to fight for — often using fear, war and murder, among other methods, to stay at the top. The

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Prague will host an exhibition devoted to the Belarusian elections last year

Atmosphere of last year’s presidential campaign and the mass protests adherents changes will give the exhibition pictures journalists of the weekly "Nasha Niva"Julia and Andrew Darashkevich Liankevich also Czech photographer Jakub Dospivy — an employee of the Czech News Agency (CTK). Each photograph in the exhibition will be accompanied by personal notes one participant protests October Square — Belarusian journalist and Dar» Kastsenki, creator posted on the Web "March diaries." The exhibition was organized in Prague Karalinume students Charles Institute with the assistance of the Rector Vaclav Gumpla Institute and former President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel."We wish again

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Historical Ivan the Terrible — a victim of its own rukopozhatnoy intellectuals and kindness

Reflecting on the overwhelmingly dominant criticism against the Russian history — the criticism, often acquiring a truly extremist — it is necessary to understand its most profound basis.

Let me speak about this to the figure of Ivan the Terrible. Vast majority of historians and, further, publicists, writers, etc., see it as a deliberately "unprecedented" and, in fact, even just a pathological tyrant, despot, the executioner.

It would be absurd to deny that Ivan IV was despotic and cruel ruler, a modern historian RG Skrynnikov, who has spent decades studying his era, proves that the reign of Ivan IV

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Charles Jamieson: the man who stopped time


Charles Jamieson: the man who stopped time

18.12.03, the


This event took place over half a century ago, but the media it became known recently …

11 February 1945 in 2 hours and 20 minutes the night nurse on duty Military Hospital Boston ran into the lobby, and a door opened, he heard a piercing howl rushed "ambulance". A minute later the orderlies wheeled into the lobby

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Charles James Hall. Contact with aliens

Charles James Hall In an interview, he claims that while serving in the military base Nellis, he came into contact with the alien race …

He was at the Nellis Air Force Base in Indian Springs artillery unit outside of Las Vegas, and then served in Vietnam. After the service, Charles married and received a master's degree in nuclear physics at the State University of San Diego.

Nellis Air Force Base and the associated "restricted area" covers more than 5,000 square kilometers in south-central Nevada desert. Nellis huge

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New Ice Age: Origins

Comrade said yesterday kulebakin, that signs of a new ice age increase, here I give a generalization to other sources.Three Independent American researcher Sun, came to the same conclusions — the same as those that have been previously made by our scientists in Russia's Pulkovo Observatory:

— solar activity falls — the current solar cycle, which began in December 2009, will be weak — Next followed, starting in 2018-2020, may become so weak that it will begin the Little Ice Age    

These three studies were announced this week at a press conference on the annual

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