It was the high ceilings and large rooms that attracted Charlie King to a run-down property round the corner from her flat in southwest London 18 months ago. ‘My partner Andrew and I saw past the dated decor and the strange layout,’ says Charlie, ‘and immediately had ideas about how we could change things around. We wanted to be able to put our own stamp on things.’


Keen to gain an extra bedroom and a proper garden, the couple got down to planning and decided on a layout that would suit them and daughter Honor, 11. ‘We

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not all weddings are created equal

When KATE HOPEWELL-SMITH got a chance to shoot her dream wedding, all money concerns were Left at the altar

At some point during every wedding training session, I ask my delegates what kind of weddings they would like to shoot and almost without exception the same type of wedding is described: featuring a relaxed boho couple with a festival vibe and stylish, bespoke details.

And I couldn’t agree more — what’s not to love about this from a photographer’s perspective? The sad truth I have learnt is that generally the reason these weddings are so DIY and home grown is

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Combine the treadmill with a desk -etu idea at the end of the last century offered a psychology professor Seth Roberts (Seth Roberts) from the Institute of Berkeley (USA). Today, this hybrid are increasingly found in the offices of large companies and savvy entrepreneurs are already creating design models. Cardiologists confirm that such an option could indeed protect against ‘diseases chair, «such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes. It is not only important to find time for sports, but also to maintain the level of activity during the day: stand, walk, bounce — and as little as possible to

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Hell’s Angel Charlie

September 11 will start the sixth season of the biker-gangster series "sons of Anarchy". A native of Newcastle Charlie Hunnam — the main and most attractive face teleshedevra, and his beard is not running the most.

In his first Hollywood on 18-year-old heartthrob Charlie Hunnam landed in the hospital. In the second day of the Madonna she invited him to a restaurant. Rewinds 15 years forward — and find Charlie Hunnam on the set of the TV drama shamelessly men of today. Anyone who follows the activities in detail banditstvuyuschego motorcycle club «Sons of Anarchy» will not lie: Charlie

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The girl is still alive after a lightning strike in Saratov


3.08.11.Ot ball lightning strike 28-year-old Mary Mertinu saved Theotokos.

Girl-teachers from the orphanage "Hope" pierced balloon temperature of about 1750 degrees. Brunt icon — lightning turned it into dust. For a whole month Maria is in the hospital. Next to her, her husband, Sergei, also hit by lightning. Doctors from the 2nd city hospital Engels refer to these patients with caution. — It's a miracle — said nurse Love Sergeyev. — I work in a hospital for 30 years and never seen this. How can you survive it all! Mary was born in a simple shirt. Now state Mertinyh

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Time Travelers: A woman with a mobile phone during the Chaplin

November 30, 2011 16:39

Belfast filmmaker George Clarke found in an old Charlie Chaplin film a scene that shows about time travel or the fact that mobile phones have appeared much earlier than is commonly believed.

The footage of the documentary film in 1928, complementing the film Charlie Chaplin's "The Circus" visible woman with mobile phone in hand. To film shows how to dress in the fashion of the time a lady holding a device to your ear and talking animatedly about something. Additionally ladies and a passerby in the shot no one else, writes Daily

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Save Antarctica

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The crocodile lived in the garage

The case in the state of Washington — Crocodile in the garage. Meter crocodile conveniently located in the garage and was clearly not happy to see the real owner of his "new home". Death frightened woman called the Control Service of the animals, and sent her home specialist. When Mike Nicholson, officer, looked into the garage, the crocodile began to hiss and strike tail, but Mike quickly to deal with it and took the exotic visitor to the local animal shelter. "I call him Charlie — said Mike. — He is about 8 months old, still very small. Cool guy!

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Phantom of the pilot — a victim of black magic


U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Lawrence B. Carmona and still hard to believe the events that happened to him many years ago … After college, Air Force Lawrence served in the military base of Guam. There also heard a story about a ghost named Charlie screaming. Carmon did not expect that very soon he will have to personally meet with these phantom … At the end of the war were dogfights over the Pacific Ocean between the Americans and the Japanese. Especially plagued American pilots couple of Japanese fighters on the fuselages were

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After the operation, the mother had forgotten children


Tumor 34-year-old Englishwoman removed, as it turned out, along with the memory of her daughter. And amnesia is concerned only children. All the rest of her life she remembers. Keren Wallace remembers that gave birth to and raised her two daughters.

The woman was discovered by a benign tumor in the brain, and the doctors insisted on its removal. When Wallace awoke from anesthesia, it was found that, along with swelling of her brain had disappeared … memories of the children.

Keren husband found out at once, and found his home, family —

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