Three Ring Circus

Paul Reed Smith announces the launch of his brand new retro-style midrange solidbody ‘Stevensville 2’ series at Summer NAMM.

Those who have always hankered after one of Paul Reed Smith’s beautiful creations but couldn’t quite find the funds will be keen to try out the new S2 series models which recently debuted at Summer NAMM. This line up of US-made guitars has already been road-tested by a diverse range of punk and rock artists from Southern blues/rock man JJ Grey through to indie darlings Surfer Blood, and they seem to have gone down rather well.

We’re big fans of the

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NEW sweet cherry varieties SOUTH WOODLANDS FOR UKRAINE

EP Kravchenko

The head of the Kiev yusu Endowment Variety testing portion of fruit crops

To make decision XXI Congress of the CPSU to increase production of fruits and berries are not less than 2 times, and grapes are not less than 4 times much has been done. The supply of industrial centers of Ukraine fruits and berries significantly improved mainly due to products coming from nearby farms gardening. However, the needs of the population in cherries, especially in the northern half of the Ukrainian SSR, is not yet fully satisfied.

Cherry comes in here most of the industrial

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Mechanized harvesting

ASSEMBLY stone fruit crops with special vibration machine is becoming more widespread in the USSR and in the countries with the most advanced gardening.

In the USSR such machines last three years removed sinks in farms of the Moldavian SSR and Ukraine, as described in detail in the magazine «Gardening» № 8, 1963.

The same machine in the years 1961-1963 was used in the harvesting of cherries in the orchards of the Moldavian Research Institute of Horticulture, Viticulture and Winemaking, collective farm named after K. Marx Orhei production management (Moldavia) and the Research Institute of Horticulture behalf I. Michurina

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When people talk about kokkomikoze, it usually meant danger, yet little-known growers of the USSR, the disease of ordinary cherry. But this illness are subject to other types of cherries — magalebskaya, Pennsylvania and Japanese, as well as plum, plum, apricot.

This disease was first discovered in the cherry orchards of Sweden in 1884. Kokkomikoz now spread to the United States and Western European countries with a relatively humid climate. In the Soviet Union in recent years has developed kokkomikoz cherries in Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Kaliningrad region. The disease was obnaruzhena- in 1962 in the Moscow region.


Biological control for the broken flower buds have CHERRY

AI CHELYADINOVA, KI Nikitsky, L. Limonov

It is known that fruit-bearing garden care must begin in the early spring. However, not all. They know that the creation of good conditions for the growth of fruit trees not only improves crop fruit this year, but mainly determines the harvest of next year.

Bookmark flower buds at the cherry, as other fruit trees of temperate climate, takes place in the year preceding flowering, t. E. In the current year there is a bookmark them for harvest next year. Flower buds are formed in her annual shoots in the axils of the

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Dmitry Vishnev presented in Brno excerpts from a new novel about Berlin and Minsk

Cherry: "Remembering the most positive. Very appreciative audience. Noteworthy that all broadcast on the web online, it also can be later downloaded from the website of the festival. Beautiful city of Brno. I’ve been writing essays, wrote two poems. This festival — an actual event not only for Brno, and the event in general for literature. "Sous: "What question are you most impressed?"Cherry: "It was very many questions. I was amazed in a good, that there there are people who advocate the Moravian culture. They asked me how I feel about the Moravian language. I said that I was one

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Cockroaches Dmitry Vishneva

Exhibitions here are consistent with the content, because the main characters are colorful works — animals, insects, parasite. By the way, Dmitry Vishnev very seriously» sur engaged in research specifically cockroaches. In Last year he published a catalog of calendar "Cockroach — best friend of man." Now accomplished presentation of the catalog-calendar for 2008 "Roaches give each plate of love." Cockroaches — the main characters virtually allx exhibited works. Art critic Dmitry Shuneyko said:Shuneyko: "Here the bacteria harmless. Even bureaucrats are greyish, beautiful, inflated. There are quite poetic bacteria — Swedish or show some love their culinary appetites … Overall

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Dmitry Vishnev presents in Minsk Zoo

Exhibition Gallery "Underground", which is located in the capital Independence Avenue, has the title "Zoo" and exposure to "good ideas", Mogilev called "Passage to the cages." The creator explains that the names correspond to the content, because the main characters of his colorful works — it’s all sorts of animals and insects.Cherry: "For many years I was researching different animals, insects and parasites."The result of this research work was the catalog calendar 2006 under the playful slogan "Cockroach — best friend of man." Calendar takes very popular among fans of modern art, because Dmitry Vishnev continued this project and issued

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In Minsk discussed new literary process

What’s going on in modern Belarusian literature, which names and projects deserve special attention and which quickly reminds "naked rulers"? Works worth the reader to discover new horizons and creator — a new way? And in general, not a myth modern Belarusian literature?Now the German Information Center in Minsk works literary cafe. Literature lovers come here — to invite a lot more people, representatives of both unions writers — unfortunately, not all come from the official union no one came.Ask the curator Ira Herasymovych — That they wish to assure this project?Gerasimov"Project — a platform in order to present the

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In the House of Writers Maria Martysevich Dmitry Vishnev Anna Kislitsyna

LITPRATSESDMITRY cherry "publishing" Goliath "ABOVE FOR POLITICAL GAMES"April 29 in Minsk bolshennom Hall writers took a broad presentation of the new non-state publishing house "Goliaths". Its creators — two young poets, several former members of the informal literary groups and Misha Bashura Dmitry cherries. With one of them, who became director of a new publishing house, our correspondent met a Valentine Aksak.Valentine Aksak: "Presentation" Goliath "astounded everyone and everyone, because let’s just talk about the surprise. Personalities begin with. First 1990s you were in the literary and artistic movement" Boom-Bam-Lit ", were later employee Writers’ House, then — non-state employee

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