In Mariupol autumn came suddenly. Photo


On the Promenade yellowing chestnuts

8.08.11.V early August in Mariupol started this fall. Many streets of the city, including the Promenade, yellowing chestnuts.

As explained by the 0629 Senior Engineer Production Division KP "Zelenstroy" Love Triskiba, although this time of year is not typical behavior of trees, autumn of summer is often in Mariupol.

"Because of the steady heat that prevailed in Mariupol in late July, the trees no longer enough moisture, — she said. — How people during hot weather take off their clothes and chestnuts began dropping leaves. They need to survive. "

It should

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Voracious moth destroys chestnuts


21.07.11.Edinstvennoe tree in Kramatorsk, yellowing and falling in the middle of the summer — the horse chestnut. Kramatorchan many this has not just surprised and shocked.

This phenomenon is repeated for the third year in a row. Some kramatorchane believe that the reason is the heat, while others believe that the blame for radiation, it is the consequences of Chernobyl.

However, according to experts, the main reason for drying chestnuts — the activity of chestnut leaf-mining moth.

With a significant defeat leaves mine eaten at the Chestnut Tree begins summer leaf fall. Trees with damaged leaves and, especially,

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Lviv chestnuts bloom


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30.08.11.V center of Lviv, this year for the second time in bloom chestnuts. The trees near the Lviv City Council on Market Square appeared color.

Note that some of the chestnuts in a city with green leaves and a part — destroyed by pests, of which more than a year suffer chestnuts. Chestnut mole — a dangerous pest in the city, she lives in the bark and leaves of the tree, and the larva overwinters in the soil. Deal with it, you can use spray or vaccination carried out every three years.

According to experts,

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In Grodno chestnuts bloomed again. Photo


30.08.12.V Grodno again blossomed chestnuts, maples and young leaves are produced, wrote to the editor TUT.BY reader Timur Kuts.

This phenomenon does not happen too often as it may seem. But usually trees "go-around" is closer to the winter, and now the end of August, said an eyewitness.

In the photo: maple and chestnut near house number 13 on the street Sverdlov in Grodno.

Source: TUT.BY

In the photoMaple and chestnut near house number 13 on the street Sverdlov in Grodno.

In Kiev chestnuts bloom again


Photo: Alexander BOCHKAREV

13.09.11.Svechi "lit up" on several young trees in the street near the metro Mazepa "Arsenal".

Botanists say that bloom in autumn comes from the temperature difference — chestnut it reacts and throws flowers.

But it is bad for the tree, as the cold weather before it becomes weak and, at best, in the next year simply will not bloom, and at worst — will die.


Source: KP.UA

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17.08.11. In Kiev chestnuts bloomed. Video

In Minsk blooming chestnuts. Video


20.09.11.Nesmotrya in mid-September, the streets bloom chestnuts. Scientists explain it simply: the trees were wrong season. Such surprises can be seen not more than once every ten years. No harm plants bloom again does not work.

Comfortable time, steady now in Belarus, will continue for another couple of weeks. "Indian Summer" in Belarus is expected in late September — early October. And then, alas, to replace the "velvet season" come chill and rain.

Source: National TV Belarus

In Kiev chestnuts bloomed. Video


17.08.11.V Kiev chestnuts bloomed again. Young leaves and candles are seen on trees, which after the invasion of aphids almost no vegetation. This is quite unusual to see the same tree and prickly young apples and flowering. Especially in the middle of August …

Videos uploaded by user FelixISDE, date: 17.08.2011

In bloom again Kramatorsk chestnuts. Photo


19.09.11.Neobychnoe spectacle can be seen today in the area of urban leisure center "Builder."

On chestnuts, which has already lost their leaves, next to the already matured fruits, delicate flowers bloom. Chestnuts bloom again! It is known that the exact same pattern can be observed today in Kiev and Vinnitsa. Specialists in botany say chestnuts bloom due to the abnormally warm weather.

However, the beauty, the beauty, and the bloom is seriously threatened by the trees. Ahead — the cold autumn and winter, chestnuts weakened, and new fruit ovary requires consumption of essential nutrients that are needed by the

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In Minsk again blossomed chestnuts


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14.10.11.Nesmotrya on cold October weather in Minsk on Dzerzhinsky Ave Zhukov and others on the street. DOLGOBRODSKAYA chestnuts bloomed again.

"The trees bloom again in uncharacteristic flowering period, most often it is along the roads and highways. This is due to the impact that they have a car exhaust, lamp night light, hot asphalt or soil due to closely spaced communications, salt sprinkled on a winter road. Because of all these factors, they are under constant stress, "confuse" the time of year again and blossom. Regarding the chestnuts can say that this is the year

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In Ternopil blossomed chestnuts. Photo


PHOTO: Andrew Azarov

1.10.11.Na main street Ternopil blossomed chestnuts. Several trees were covered with abundant flowers and small young green leaves. Local residents say that before such notice.

"I live here 50 years, and yet this did not see chestnuts bloom in October. In nature, things turned around in the country in general, all turned over. It's something wrong, "- said a resident of Ternopol Maria Shavarina, in which color appears right outside the window.

Scientists point out that the phenomenon of re-flowering trees became popular in Ukraine a few years ago.

This anomaly is not fully

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