Varicella (chickenpox)

Chickenpox (Chicken pox) — vysokozaraznoe acute infectious disease, proceeding with a characteristic rash bubble. More common in children attending day care or school — places with large crowds.

The disease is caused by a herpes virus. Chickenpox — a highly contagious disease. Virus transmitted from an infected person to a healthy airborne by (at conversation, stay in one small room). Infection can also occur from a patient with herpes zoster (caused by the same kind of herpes virus).

A patient with chickenpox is contagious two days before the rash, and remains infectious for the first 5-7 days after

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Chickenpox: How to move more easily?

After a brief cold events — cough, runny nose, raising the temperature, redness, throat and eyes — on the body of the child appeared fine pink rash. Most moms would guess that the child infected with a common viral infection — varicella, commonly chickenpox. It causes virus Varicella-Zoster from the family of herpes viruses.

The rash of chickenpox is a small (2-4 mm in diameter) red and pink nodules with jagged edges that appear on the face and body, at least — on the limbs. After a few hours on the nodules formed by small blisters filled with clear

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Kharkiv covered chickenpox


24.07.11.V 13 groups 13 kindergartens Dzerzhinsky and Ordzhonikidze district of Kharkiv quarantined due to illness of children with chickenpox. This was reported by the chief medical officer of Kharkov Irina Zubkov.

As the press service of the Kharkiv city council, she said, from January to June 2011 the first among viral diseases is chickenpox (that 47.1% of all infectious diseases in Kharkov excluding influenza and ARI). Number of cases of chickenpox in Kharkov, compared to the same period in 2010, increased by 68.3%, the LIGABusinessInform.

Zubkov said that in several kindergartens Dzerzhinsky and Ordzhonikidze district virus lives for five

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Shingles lichen (Herpes zoster) — a viral infection that causes pain and skin rash. Occurs more frequently in autumn and winter, especially in the elderly.

The disease is caused by the same herpes virus (herpes zoster), which is the causative agent of varicella (chickenpox). After chickenpox passes virus does not disappear from the body, and the "dormant" cells in the nervous system. As long as the body is healthy, virus does not manifest itself, but sometimes many years later, he re-enters the bloodstream, causing the symptoms of shingles.

The causes of "awakening" of the virus:

Administration of drugs

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In Temirtau recorded epidemic of chickenpox

In Temirtau Karaganda region epidemic of chickenpox.

New cases of children with chickenpox doctors fix each day. On the agency reported Head surveillance management GSEN on Temirtau Gulsim Balapanova.

"In January 2011, we recorded a total of 114 cases of chickenpox, but this year there are more than 300. Ill mostly children from 2 to 7 years, most of whom attend kindergarten, "- said G.Balapanova.

"Chickenpox has a frequency of the disease, which is repeated every 1-2 years. That is, if this year we have growth, then the next we wait to reduce morbidity, "- she said.


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