In Bobruisk city cemetery desecrated

How to set the police, the suspects damaged several 10-s monuments and bent iron crosses. The motives of such actions on the part Young people remain unknown.As said "Freedom" public activist Ales Chyhir, Minsk cemetery — the greatest in Bobruisk. Nobody guards. Desecrate the cemetery is not the first time."Usually local authority does not move in such cases. In most cases, restoration of damaged monuments involved relatives of the victims. Questions about the reimbursement is not rising, because no one else to claim, "- said Alexander Chigir.

Instead of working with people — work among themselves

Tsigankov: "In a democratic coalition co-chairs will be 5 — so decided to delegates of regional conferences of the United Democratic Forces of Belarus. They voted for the formation of the Political Council, on the basis of the quota principle for political actors. The only area where regional conference has not collected a quorum — Mogilev.

Ales Chyhir: "Now we need to talk to people and not among themselves."

Ales Chyhir from Bobruisk — just one of those who opposed the regional congresses. What Ales You explain to your position? " CHigir: "Now we need to talk to people

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In Bobruisk again judged former teacher A.Chigirya

Ales Chyhir arrested the other day visit to Bobruisk Alexander Lukashenko, which opened on May 31 in the town of the Ice Palace.May 30 administrative case against Ales Chyhir sent for further investigation, and the most he was released from custody in the courtroom. Policemen detained policy and had to act as witnesses, the tribunal did not appear. Before the trial of Ales Chyhir twelve o’clock kept in solitary confinement.The politician was detained late in the evening on May 29, when he and his family vorachivalsya from relatives back home by taxi. After, as a taxi driver to calculate and

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Ales Chyhir Billy masterfully. Stretched neck. Did swallow

Natalia Cherepuha judged policy on September 1 2006, when he chained himself to the fence in front of the symbol in Bobruisk town protest own dismissal from school.Correspondent of the "Liberty" was able to communicate by phone with Ales Chyhir. He was detained and now NIGHT MODE blame small hooliganism and disobedience to police.Ales Chyhir claims that he was beaten by police plot:"I have a sore arm, forearm, leg. Thrashed masterful. Stretched neck. I did a" swallow. "They look at the hair. I lay on the floor. Put on my feet. This violence ruled Major Toustsik and helped him foreman

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Jubiljar CHigir Misha: Of course, life is managed

Misha CHigir born May 24, 1948 in the village of Brotherly Kopyl district farming family. In life Misha Chyhir had everything: rapid career growth and a conclusion.In 25 years he has headed the district office of the State Bank of dumplings. Worked in the Central Committee of the PBC, but realized that the party work — it’s not his job. Returned to the banking sector.Misha Chyhir three times invited to a very prestigious Faculty Metropolitan monetary institute. In Moscow gave the apartment, but chose CHigir Minsk, unwilling to leave Belarus, could not throw parents.First 1990 ruled "Belagroprombank" then one of

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Tried in Mogilev disabled

Vladimir AntennalHe is accused of holding an unauthorized picket near the building of the Mogilev city executive committee. Vladimir Antennal picketed the executive committee of the second of September. He succeeds in making it back in the queue for public housing, as the price to compensate him vouchers for spa healing.Tribunal over invalid start in fourteen hours.Now Bobruisk Tribunal will make out a case against a civilian public activist Ales Chyhir. It filed the suit occupant Bobruisk cabbie Sergei Kasilovicha, through which the tribunal is trying to recover from activist non-pecuniary damage.In This year, July 28, Bobruisk tribunal has

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Misha CHigir shares experience

The event was held within the framework of the training program to youth role in what perceived Pavel Kozlovsky, Yaroslav Romanchuk, Yuri Khaschevatsky, other famous people. On This time participants of the meeting also discussed the steps the end of March in Minsk. Misha CHigir largely works and lives outside Belarus. This he explained to own small role in the socio-political life of the country. On meeting with the youth, he said:

"It’s people close to me. I am considered a member of the party to the present time. A in-2, it is young people. They want to know how

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Or will reach oil from Venezuela to Belarus?

The last chapter Belarusian government Misha CHigir notes:"Buy or extract oil — it is not a difficult problem. Completely different — take her to Belarus. In time we are faced with this problem the example of Iranian oil. Then (this was in 1995), Iran has offered to buy us a significant enough amount of dark gold at relatively low prices. But when we calculate the price of its transportation in Belarus, the had abandon the project. The reason — such oil becomes very expensive. "

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One day political prisoner Misha Chyhir

Black clothes, in which Misha CHigir served eight months in detention in a remand prison, hitherto kept by him. Wife of former political prisoner Julia Chigir:"Although they say that you can not do so because it is not a sign of a perfectly decent. Spouse and I have a habit of one appeared — we Volodarka go around on all sides. I do not go down this street, as she told me about a lot, even more than Chigir recalls. Four years and a month there walked almost every day, banging metal door.This time was allotted to us as a

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