Through the Lens of A Wild Child

What got you interested in photography initially, and how did you decide to make it your career?

I am basically a software engineer-turned-entrepreneur now looking after my family business of Shipping & Logistics. But for me, wildlife photography, and capturing God’s beautiful creations through my camera, is a serious Passion that keeps me alive in the true sense of the word. Since my childhood, I had always been interested in pets/animals, and about a decade ago, I started rescuing snakes in my locality. I eventually started photographing them, and slowly the inclination to capture images spread to all other flora

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Surprised by Joy

By THE EvE of our fourth wedding anniversary, we had wanted to have a baby, but without success. My husband asked me what I would like for our anniversary, and I sheepishly answered, “a baby.” He gently told me he couldn’t promise me that, but that we’d have a nice celebration of four happy years.

But an anniversary wish impossible for my husband to promise was not impossible for God! The next day, we heard that after waiting four months with an adoption agency, we had been chosen to parent a baby due to be born in two weeks! Miraculously,

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Scorpion Child

Группа с тэгом «хэви-психоделия» — это не только симпатичные сравнения с Soundgarden

Город Остин, штат Техас — место для крупнейшей в мире встречи подающих надежды групп. Нет, мы не говорим о фестивале South By Southwest. Стоит провести немного времени с Эйрином Блэком, вокалистом Scorpion Child, и вы узнаете об этом окутанном дымом андеграунде, который совершенно не заметен на экранах радаров.

«South By? Да, они немного выросли из штанов, — говорит он с обреченной задумчивостью. — 50 или 100 тысяч человек приезжают сюда на несколько дней, а это тяжело для нашего маленького городка. Хотя там много талантов».

Таланты, о которых он

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I’m not afraid of the cold!

Do you want the child to have survived the winter without colds? Start early to prepare him for this difficult period for the immune system!

According to statistics, every 6th child in Ukraine is classified FIC — sickly children who often get cold 4-5 times a year. And in the cities of sick kids more, because fresh air is not breathing and did not hardened to the extent that it makes kids growing up in the countryside.

Come out for a walk. Stay outdoors enhances a child’s body, increases its resistance to respiratory infections. The «room» of children higher risk

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I want to wake up one day and not in a hurry

He lit a cigarette in 11 years, 12 have tried drugs, and 15 had already been expelled from school. Not a bad start for a grand career, right? Johnny was always a rebel at heart, and so successful. But a rebel in the past, today we face a completely different person: a calm, confident, ready to talk on any subject, and it is very shy. Yes, that’s shy! The actor does not like to talk to him, like a celebrity, preferring to appeal to «you.» He only regrets that in English there is no difference in pronunciation between «you» and

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Teach me LIFE

A friend of my mother — Alla — many years ago adopted a girl Lily. Up to two years of h yl I lived with an older sister Masha and alcoholic parents. Then Dad killed Mom and went to prison. Lily went to the house of the baby. When she was five years old, Allah took her to Paris, in a large bright apartment in the 16th district, learned to speak French every year used to take a rest on the Cote d’Azur, where she has her own villa. The first shock Alla felt when Lil’ka pointed to the iron

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kiss, psycho circus: the nightmare child

Да, Shogo мертв. Да, продолже­ния отменены. Но ведь это не повод огорчаться. Уже на подхо­де LithTech2, да и LithTech лицен­зируется, как горячие пирожки. В частности, молодая фирма Third Law Interactive, созданная сбежавшими из ION Storm рабо­тягами, в качестве дебютного проекта взялась делать для Gathering of Developers (кстати, оказавшись первой фирмой «снаружи», работающей на G.O.D.) игру о рок-группе KISS (не путать с программистским принципом из заголовка).

Впрочем, не вполне о KISS. Если быть совсем точными, то основой для сюжета экшен-игры KISS, Psycho Circus: The

Nightmare Child послужил попу­лярный комикс мистера Мак-Фарлейна, каковой, в свою оче­редь, действительно был каким-то боком привязан к

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Favourite colours and styles change often as our kids grow from toddlers to teens. Children want to infuse their own personalities into their bedrooms. And they should; after all, it is their space. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this harmoniously with the rest of a home without succumbing to Elmo overload.

Giving kids room to grow in their bedrooms begins with choosing the right furniture when they are newborns. Jordana Jacobson, Owner of Cravings Maternity & Baby Boutique and Cravings KIDS Lifestyle Boutique, recommends choosing convertible furniture that can be adaptable as

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Scenarios on the Day March 8

Visiting Spring Red

Festival for children of preschool age

The music in the room includes children and freely positioned to face the audience.

Moderator: Hello, children! Hello, dear guests! Congratulations on the spring holiday is remarkable for 8 March.

Dear mothers and grandmothers, be healthy, happy and loved! Today is a holiday not only mothers and grandmothers, but also girls. The girls wore beautiful dresses on their heads beautiful bows; Eyes shining, smiles on their faces. Let’s congratulate our dear women poetry.

Children read poems. Then the marks «a song for my mother» at the option of the teacher, for

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Comparative «sadovedenie»


— Do you think of the program, which operate kindergartens in Poland and Russia look like?

— Yes, they are similar to their approach to work with young children and philosophical justification of this approach.

— Does the Polish general government program, which should work for kindergarten? Or each kindergarten working on its program?

— No single government program for all kindergarten we have. Programs lot. Each kindergarten can choose the one he likes. It is possible to modify the selected program. You can even write your own. But there are certain requirements of the Ministry of Education, which

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