Before the New Year went with friends to a restaurant for an hour. Opposite the entrance — an imitation of the village winter window. And somehow remembered childhood and fashion jewelry beneath horsemen between frames.

For these purposes, first used pine branches, cones. And yet — Christmas shiny balls. They laid on a bed of cotton wool, they sparkled and glittered in the sun lures us children fairy tales.

But then my mother began to grow especially in the summer flowers — Helichrysum, stick them in groups or singly in cotton wool between frames, decorate their icons.

The first

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Exhibition opened Salty Childhood

As the chairman of this association Andrey Makhanko once a year in Europe and the whole world held so called Blue Ribbon campaign in April that should draw public attention to the dilemma of violence against the children in their families and schools. Visitors can dress in bolshennye father robe and shirt, wander in the dungeons tremendous closet a bit to get to the edge of the table and try to hold on to your mother’s tea cup, long climb on a stool to sit on the parent chair playing grandmother spoke. But the most fascinating is which can be

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Lavon Volsky: Name Bykov for me due to childhood

Once a kid all I wanted something such foreign. As if there’s any true adventure, and we are certain they "wrong." And all the kids were skeptical attitude to our creators Russian and Belarusian. And, remember, were asked to read "third missile" Bykov. I was at home, I lazily unfolded and, in short, somewhere deep NIGHT MODE finished reading it. And after already started reading Bykov. As there was real war, not like most Russian books — for me, for a kid, anyway. Beletrystychna and very "gone." And we have too many in the class read. And read Belarusian creators

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In the Lenin-Kuznetsk (Kemerovo region). Opened a new kindergarten

The new day care center for 170 people was opened on August 20 in Leninsk-Kuznetsk, Kemerovo region. The opening of the Child Development Centre — Kindergarten number 9 "Rainbow Childhood" was yet another gift to the citizens vsekuzbasskomu main holiday — the Day of the miner, whose capital this year and won the Lenin-Kuznetsk.

Kindergarten "Rainbow Childhood" is designed for group 2 toddlers and 6 groups of pupils from 3 to 7 years. This new generation of child care that meets the highest modern standards. Here, all Resettled with taking care of the spiritual and physical development of

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Artist illustrator Vladimir Bondar

Friday’s post about one of the best professionals in their field — Vladimir Cooper

Hello! I was born and live in Kharkov. Since childhood, engaged in artistic circles and studios. When it’s time (after ninth grade) — entered the Kharkov Art College of secession painter. At that time there were various reforms, so instead of the four years I was five. Added a whole year diploma drawing pictures. After school on the results of the work without exams went to college (now the Academy of Design, art and something else). There was still at six years. And to

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Results of Childhood 2013 in an LLC Sun

Ltd. "The Sun", has been selling children’s wooden educational toys, sums up the International Children’s Specialized Exhibition "Childhood 2013", which was held from March 13 to 15 at the IEC "Crocus Expo".  Ltd. "The Sun" is the official representative of the factory Shummer Toys Co., Ltb of Hong Kong, which produces educational toys made of wood. The main advantage of factory production is complete safety for children’s health: all the products are made from environmentally friendly materials and meets all quality requirements. The range, which offers Ltd. "The Sun", includes musical instruments, frame inserts, designers, road systems and other

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In the Moscow region opened a new kindergarten Castle of Childhood

February 4 in the village farm named after Lenin Lenin district of Moscow region opened a kindergarten "Castle of childhood." Building achieved at the expense of non-state funds.

In the preschool will operate 6 groups with 120 children. For each group, organized by subject-developing environment, in accordance with federal requirements, and implemented the program, which aims to create favorable conditions for the residence of a child under school age, forming the basis of basic training of the person, all-round development of the physical and mental qualities in accordance with the age and individual characteristics

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In Novosibirsk, a kindergarten The Mansion

Kindergarten № 451 "The Mansion" was built in 1983. In April 2012 it was decided to carry out repair work in the building as part of the departmental target program "Ensuring access to early childhood services in the city of Novosibirsk." In addition to reconstruction, the building was built on the third floor, and now instead of 180 kindergarten children can take 360. For the reconstruction of the kindergarten of urban and regional budget was sent to more than 150 million rubles.

This year, in the Novosibirsk region will be introduced 8200 places in kindergartens, 3,700 of them in the

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Riddle of the little boy

In 1963, tragedy struck. Darting across the street, hit by a truck 12 year old Terence.

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Stunned by grief parents could not come to terms with his death. Doctors have declared to them that the children they will no longer be. The doctors were wrong, and three years later,

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Soldering technology (part 2) watch online

Good movie, in which finally expressed the idea that has long been bugging me: we are a youth deprived of choice, many of us did not choose — drink we either do not drink! Cultural Theory of drinking, it is nothing else like denying people with young free choice. Look at this movie and you maybe will no longer result in very strange, publicized by the media disk imaging reasons in favor of moderate alcohol consumption. Though what the doctor which utter to you that alcohol useful in small doses — a liar! Though what the editor on TV,

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