Vladivostok has opened a new children’s clinic

November 24, 2011

 Photo source:spetsstroy.ru

In this children‘s clinic will take kids qualified, well established here clinical diagnostic laboratory, day hospital, Department of Rehabilitation with a modern hall of physiotherapy and salt cave.

 Photo source:spetsstroy.ru

More photos … "The new children’s clinic in the" Snow honeydew "- a complex of two multi-story buildings connected by a warm passage. It is designed for 400 visits per day. Behind it will be attached to almost 30,000 children of Pervorechenskij and Soviet areas of the city ", — the report says.

 Photo source:vlc.ru

Treatment of patients will

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In Kazan, opened a children’s clinic

New children’s clinic "Azino" inaugurated today in Kazan (street Glushko, 41 a).

This facility is part of the Health Gause "Children’s Republican Clinical Hospital RT" and is one of the largest children’s clinics in Russia, an area of 794.3 square 9. meters, the price of the property — 411.9 million rubles.

On the floors of the building are equipped with holding areas and game modules have access to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Clinic is equipped with modern medical and rehabilitation equipment, fully computerized diagnostic and treatment process.

The new children‘s clinic "Azino",

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In Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region after the cap. Repair opened children’s clinic

The need to overhaul is long overdue. Building children‘s clinic was built on an artificial terrace and in the last 18 years, underwent visible deformation. As a result, major repairs started in 2011 building completely refurbished.

During the repair was performed strengthening structures of the building, replaced all communications (sewerage, water supply, ventilation, light, heat), mounted fire alarm. After much work on the landscaping around the clinic. For the convenience of visitors undeveloped area for parking.   Clinic is fully computerized. Acquired a significant number of new medical equipment, including digital x-ray machine, equipment for ultrasound

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Children’s clinic in Surgut (Photo)

Picture story Sergei Anashkevicha

Probably many of those who read the post title question arises — what is it about this clinic, I decided to make a story about it? Yes, in general, nothing. This is a common Surgut clinic. But … In Surgut a lot of children. Here is a very high birth rate. And the children are loved and appreciated. Not like in the Soviet slogans and truly loved and appreciated. And it is very clearly seen in the usual clinic — cleanliness, equipment, lack of queues, smiling staff, parents and children. And all this

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In the Gorno-Altaisk open outpatient department of the Republican Children’s Hospital

February 6, Gorno-Altaisk the grand opening of the Republican-Clinic Children’s Hospital.

Head of the Republic Alexander Berdnikov congratulated those present on this important event for the capital of the republic. He noted that over the years and the medical staff and the citizens faced difficulties because cramped building of the old city children’s clinic did not meet the requirements of comfort and convenience of doctors and visitors. Kids and their parents had to stand in long lines to get an appointment with the pediatrician. This situation is getting worse every year. "The conditions in which people have

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In Penza, after the cap. Repair opened children’s clinic

Today, after a major overhaul in Penza opened a children‘s clinic number 5 on the street. Bright, 1. Clinic serves 5,500 people on six sites. There are 11 doctors, including 4 of the pediatrician. The building built in 1978 during the operation was not repaired even once.

Now it repaired, we completely replaced the roof, windows, doors, refurbished communication features a private room for the storage of vaccines camera for storage of sterile materials. For visitors to the 1st and 2nd floor of an additional open toilets.

In the newly renovated clinic equipped with a healthy baby room, where

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In Seryshevo (Amur region). Opened a new children’s clinic

In the village of Seryshevo October 3 opened a new children’s clinic. A two-storey building with an area 1000 square feet includes the clinic for 50 visits per shift and a children‘s inpatient unit is 14 beds. There is also equipped intensive care unit. On the construction of the facility since September 2011, has spent more than 30 million rubles.

On the same day in Seryshevo advent of modern school playground, it was opened on the school number 2.

In Ivangorod (Leningrad region). Renovated opened children’s and adult clinics

For the repair and purchase of equipment for the children’s and adult outpatient departments Ivangorod was sent nearly 27 million.

According to 47News, the press service Kingiseppe municipal area, to repair children‘s clinic building was in poor condition — as a result of subsidence of the foundation cracks on the walls. After the project is approved overhaul facility in reinforced foundation walls strengthened by the use of metal belts, repaired the roof, replaced windows and doors. Currently, the building has a new fire alarm system, replaced by a system of cold and hot water, heating and sanitation.

In addition, the

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In Vyborg after the cap. Repair opened children’s clinic

August 18th Day of Vyborg and Vyborg district inaugurated the children‘s city clinic after an overhaul, which was launched in October 2011. The building, which in 1958 began operating a children‘s clinic, built in 1890 as one of the hospital buildings complex of the provincial hospital. Archival documents indicate that this is the first in 65 years overhaul.

The capacity of health centers — 450 visits per shift.

Extensive repairs made, LLC "RSU for housing" at the expense of the municipal budget, the estimated cost of the work 62, 535 million. With the renovation of the building, contractors

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In Myski (Kemerovo region). Miner’s Day, a children’s clinic

In Myski a children‘s clinic — the object of the Miner‘s Day 2012.

Polyclinic is made to the standard design for 150 visits per shift. The total building area is about 700 square meters. Resolved the issue of accessibility for people with limited mobility — provide ramps, elevators and bathroom with special handrails.

There is a great unit for physiotherapy, massage room, office and study physical therapy for inhalation. In the structure of the existing units do not have anything like that, and such services are generally not undertaken.

In the lobby, comfortable seating for waiting. A TV. Will broadcast

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