Curfew for minors legalized in Belarus

Council of the Republic approved the amendments to some laws on the prevention of child neglect and juvenile delinquency.

Approved the bill establishes the duty of parents (or guardians) to accompany children under 16 years of age, from 23.00 to 6.00 am outside the home, or provide them with support by the citizens, "Interfax".

The document states that "minors under the age of 16 years who are in the period from 23.00 to 6.00 without parents or guardians, or unaccompanied on behalf of other adult citizens are to be transferred to parents, guardians or trustees, or on their behalf ,

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In Russia will introduce a school uniform

As we approach the first of September, once parents have weight worries, because every child should be collected in school. However, but in our country wearing a school uniform is still not mandatory in most schools.

If the majority of EU countries are dressed about the same and only a few can feel wronged, we have in this respect the situation is no better. Some of the children are dressed in expensive boutiques, while others are forced to buy only the cheapest clothes.

Today, the 18th October 2012, Vladimir Putin expressed his opinion on the introduction of school uniforms. Buy

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Australian flu captures Ukraine

Ukraine affects influenza virus from Australia. Doctors in a panic, because it will have to rush to the most dangerous period — mid-winter, when a person is weakened immunity.

As the channel 24 news with reference to doctors, a new flu virus is particularly dangerous for children.

"We expect the new virus that originated in Australia. Just in Ukraine it is their epidemic potential is not realized. I think it may already be in mid-January to begin the process," — says MD Alla Mironenko.

Doctors warn that a meeting with the Australian influenza pneumonia may result.

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1,300 children were killed by assassins in Russia for 9 months

Investigative Committee for the 9 months of 2012 filed about 11 thousand criminal cases involving offenses against minors, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting on measures to strengthen the rights of child victims goszaschity.


"Obviously, the particular vulnerability of exposed children from disadvantaged families, orphans and children left without parental care," — said the head of the government.

According to him, only in the State Duma, now before the 11 laws to protect the rights of children. "Four of the project is dedicated to protecting the rights of children," — he explained.

According to the Investigation

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U.S. says talks with Russia

Gosdepartament U.S. will not be raskryvat zhurnalistam soderzhanie svoih peregovorov with RF o vossoedinenii rossiyskih sirot, nahodivshihsya in protsesse usynovleniya amerikantsami nA Moment of decision "zakona Dima Yakovleva," CO svoimi adoptive families.

"We are in intensive peregovory vlastyami with finishing of the complex RF naschet nachatyh protsessov usynovleniya. Dumayu not, chto peregovoram poydet nA polzu if I unto you rasskazyvat their ob detalyah. Dayte nam prorabotat voprosy these, and if so rezultaty we unto you o them rasskazhem" — skazala nA briefing FO vtornik ofitsialny predstavitel gosdepartamenta U.S. Viktoriya Nuland.

Ona rasskazala, chto sotrudniki gosdepartamenta proveli Specials briefing for families

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OJSC KRC said professional holiday Day of the Builder

This year, thanks to OJSC "KRC" feast came to the city streets and marked Shadrinska interesting event, which was attended not only factory workers but all comers.


It all started with a children's festival, which gathered at the site before the UIA "Palace of Culture" kids and parents from all over the city. In the bright kaleidoscope on the platform at the UIA "Palace of Culture" mixed suits artists, elegant dresses malyshni, round sound of laughter. Children who have children, boys and girls occupied with self-forgetfulness swings, trampolines, took part in the contests

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Information war against Russia

The war is

War is coming. Take a look, and look around. Is that the blind will see, but he will feel the stench stench. Man unleashed against the real, cruel and bezkompromisnaya war. War Information, seemingly invisible, visible war — physical.

Thousands of people are dying in the first place, as a dying man and then destroying the body and vymiraya physically! Fall into this war, worse than on the field of battle, throwing a grenade under the tank. For dying for their country, you elevate the soul and you will

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About USA. values, orders, rules ….

Described below category — it is a typical product of the American education system. This is, to put a term psychologists, self-created and samovospitannye (behind a computer screen, ignored by parents, deprived once communication with the public, which grew by one-way communication with the television show) specimens of the human race. They grew up without a traditional upbringing, because the law allows them to ignore their teachers and caregivers. They were brought up from childhood by gravity. This new generation of avant-garde, to break the old concept of human relations.

According to official statistics,

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About modern Swedish family

It is seen in the textbook authors Swedish language courses …

From the Editor. This story is sent to the editor RNL our constant author Irina Y. Medvedev with the following preamble: "This letter I received from a friend of mine — Russian woman living in Sweden. I quote it in full. People are helpful to know, "texture", it assures the best arguments on both East and West. I.Ya.Medvedeva ".

Irina Y., hello!

How are you? I miss you!

It is a pity that this time could not come to

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Does Russia need the juvenile justice system?

For some time now has been considerable debate about the introduction in Russia of the juvenile justice system. What lies behind this term and why it is such a flurry of emotions? What rights do parents and children? Which of them is in need of protection?

1. Juvenile justice — what is it? Translated from Latin, the term means something like "justice for the young." Juvenile Justice (Yuyu) deals with legal issues relating to children and adolescents. Put simply, that its objectives, on the one hand, is "justice for juvenile offenders or victims, control over their rehabilitation and prevention

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