New playground opened in Yakutsk, Vologda and other cities

In the industrial district of Yakutsk, a new children's playground. This is, without exaggeration, a landmark event for the children living on the street Chelyuskina, was due to the support of the People's Deputy of the State Assembly (Il Tumen), the Deputy Director General — Chief Engineer of OAO AK "Yakutsk" Sergei Gavrilov, who provided sponsorship to install it.

A new playground opened in Vologda through Vologda City Duma deputy. In May of Alexey Konovalov approached by residents of a house in the district. They said that their yard is located near the administrative building, so parking

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New cars have large families Lipetsk region

As parents received awards and Gazelle "Lada-Kalina" Regional Award today presented 25 families with many children the Lipetsk region. The ceremony was held in the great hall of the regional administration. The festival was dedicated to the International Day for the family. Presenting the best large families regional awards, according to the head of the region Oleg Korolev — the greatest political, social, spiritual and moral thing, asserting the sanctity of the family, treating it as the main institution of society.

Among the prize winners — the family of gacilities in Hlevensky Gali district, bringing up eight

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The new buses have 30 schools of the Orenburg region

Nov. 10 ceremony was held school bus area.


30 schools Adamovsky, Ai, Dombarovsky, Kvarkensky, Pershamaiski and ten districts of the Orenburg region have new comfortable buses to transport children within a set of measures to modernize the general education at the expense of the federal budget.


The acquisition of a comfortable, specially adapted buses to transport children would address the transportation of their children to support the school, and give them the opportunity to participate in various contests, competitions, visit exhibitions, museums, concerts.

Buses will operate between municipalities, they are

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News of Juvenile Justice, or Sixteen reasons why you may take children

Article 1. Cockroach, or about whom he wrote Korney?

Bring me, animals, your detushek: Today I will eat them for dinner …

Chukovski. "Cockroach"

Rereading daughter again tale Chukovskogo "Cockroach", I suddenly wondered why this little insect keeps at bay the huge tigers, lions, buffalo? It's very simple: the fear of losing their children paralyzed, depriving the ability to adequately think, makes you do all sorts of stupid things. Chukovskij, unwittingly, described our possible future — juvenile justice system. Although officially in our country it is not already entered, her long cockroach antennae already feel for possible victims. [Cut]


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5 unusual Christmas traditions

Christmas celebration in one country is not without traditions. Often these traditions alike. But there are unique and striking. For example:

1. In Venezuela, for nine days before Christmas, people go to morning mass. This tradition would seem quite normal, unless you consider how the residents of Caracas get the service that day — they roll through the busy city to Mass on roller skates! First residents awake fireworks, then they wear their roller skates and in a hurry to join the path at a morning service. The streets in this day usually overlap, so that people could freely

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Siberian doctors saved the boy with a rare hereditary disease

Sasha came from Chulyma. It looks — well-fed baby village. And do not think that is sick. Sasha Protchenko, a patient at Children's Hospital emergency room number 3: "Gums, teeth hurt themselves falling out, or I'll snatch them."

Health problems Sasha started 2 years ago. Could not chew, spoke with difficulty. This disease is called cherubism. From the word "cherub" — an angel. Because of the angelic expression. However, the disease is far from angelic and is extremely rare. Affects bone tumor. So much so that in place of hard tissues are formed holes and

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Novosibirsk school number 67 has twice after reconstruction

Second September in the new classes after an extensive renovation, the school's students come to number 67 in the Leninsky district. Building area could increase by almost two times. Now, children can participate in sports in the spacious gym, dine in the large dining room, and the lessons of Labour will be held in the culinary and carpentry workshops. For the young meteorological forecasters open platform, and for novice artists — the assembly hall with dressing room.

This is one of the most complex objects, which they had to work, tell the builders. The building built in

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Novomoskovskaya Children’s Railway opened a new season

May 1, Novomoskovsk, Tula Region opened the next season of the Children's Railway. For the Children's Railway Loc anniversary this year — future railroad forge is 60.

Novomoskovskaya Children's Railway is listed among the 25 children railways operating in Russia. On his birthday she meets in a renovated form completed its full reconstruction, which has made it one of the most modern children's railways. 

The new building of the puppet theater opened in Kazan

Construction of the new theater building "Ekiyat" began in October 2008. The cost of the building amounted to 1.3 billion rubles was allocated from the budget of Tatarstan.

The building is reminiscent of a fairytale castle, there are two halls — for 258 and 100 people — children's cafe, play area. First get their own site Russian and Tatar theater troupe "Ekiyat." In addition to the theater in the building will house a children's center "Ekiyat." This will move a small academy of arts and Kazan Art School.

At the Great Hall of the puppet theater, the first performance

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A new experience of children’s clothing

In Russia and many manufacturers of good quality children's clothing, but the manufacturer of Kaliningrad — the Baltic clothing company pleases a very different quality. In the picture and pictures can not see it, but if you pick up the sliders, vests, jackets, suede products, the feeling just indescribable. Here feelings and thoughts as they say on the opposite side of barikad. We've learned that all the quality, it's because of the border, and all the cheaper and easier, it's ours. Not at all. In Kaliningrad, on the border of European quality and Russian desire for practicality made children's

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