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Sochi at the resort Rose Farm marked the World Day of snow

Celebration, organized by the International Ski Federation (FIS), brought together residents and resort guests from different cities of the country. The main objective — promotion of winter sports.

In the ski center "Rose Farm" for children, a series of master classes. Throughout the day, experienced instructors will demonstrate the basics of snowboarding and skiing. In addition, the students made a trip on a snow castle, making a snowman, painted snow sculptures. Adults holiday guests attended the family relay races — they competed in speed and skill on the slopes skiing, designed according to the requirements of FIS.

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Sochi: Big Ice Palace opened for children

Young figure skaters and hockey players train at the site of Sochi, where the 2014 will compete for Olympic medals. This opportunity provided to them "Olympstroy" and the team responsible for the operation of the palace.

For the sake of future champions in the palace every day if you are ready to cook ice, adjust the sound and light, start up the complex system of ventilation and air-conditioning. While the "big" works for children 3 times a week.

Pavel Smirnov, a teacher-trainer Youth in winter sports Sochi: "We have here the second week of skating.

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Their customs-21. (June 30 — July 7)

July 1. In a nightclub French man opened fire with a machine gun by visitors for being an hour earlier institution guards threw him into the street. Two were killed and five wounded.

July 2. British county of Bedfordshire, the plane crashed at an air show. The pilot was killed.

July 2. During exercises in the Mediterranean Sea, in the course of simulating combat fighter crashed Rafle — the pride of the French defense industry. This is not the first crash of a fighter. So in 2010 in Afghanistan Rafle crashed during a combat mission in 2009 broke two

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FSB officers in Ekaterinburg and exempts Aldana received new apartments

More than four hundred families in Yekaterinburg on the eve received housing. Keys from new apartments was presented with FSB. "First of all received shelter those who have passed a certain length of service. Secondly, young families — warrant officers, who arrived for the further performance of duty, "- said the border of the FSB Russia's Chelyabinsk region Radik Sagitov.

Two houses built under the federal program to provide housing for military personnel, namely the FSB of Russia, who are serving in Yekaterinburg or come here from other cities. This is the first such project in the Sverdlovsk

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In the east of India lightning killed 32 people, including the victims have children

October 7, 2013. The powerful storm hit the Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand. Lightning killed 32 people, including nine children. The last time such a storm passed to the east of India last summer, killing 27 people.

In the state of Bihar from lightning strikes killed 24 people, including seven children. Told this to the Minister for Emergency Situations of the State of Renu Kumari Kushvaha.

In the neighboring state of Jharkhand lightning killed eight people, including two children, writes The Daily Mail.

"Lightning strike into people is not uncommon in the monsoon season, but so many people die

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Employees of the Institute Chair for Linux transferred for kids

Employees of the Institute of Applied Computer Science, Tomsk State Pedagogical University (Tomsk State Pedagogical University) was transferred to the Russian language developed in France operating system «DoudouLinux» («DoudouLinux"), designed for children from two years of age.

"Working with the" DoudouLinux "does not need to know the words and letters — a system of almost all in pictures. It has an intuitive interface and no traditional menu, taskbar, text messaging, operations with files and folders "- said the head of the project on the Russification, deputy director of the Institute Sergey lumps.

According to him, the

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The opening of kindergartens in the mountainous area of Chechnya

The ceremony was attended not only by parents, children and teachers, but the staff of the Committee of the Government of the Czech Republic in preschool obrazovaniyu.Etot first kindergarten in the village, and it will take 80 kids. For them, all the conditions: comfortable playing and sleeping.

The youngest and talented of those present welcomed guests quatrains.Also Nozhaj-Yurt district okryli its doors for the kids a few pre-schools in the villages and Gendergen Engenoy.According to the parents, there is still a garden in the village was in a rented room.— Now there appeared a typical garden, this will

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In the U.S., men and women switch roles

Over the past three and a half decades, the number of women who are the sole source of income in the full American families has increased almost four-fold (from 6% to 23%). Such an unexpected conclusion analysts Census Bureau (United States Census Bureau).

Consequently, almost 12 million households with two adults today are held exclusively by working wives. This figure is made of experts to talk about the "grand revolution and redistribution of roles within the family."

Today's American women who are married and raising children, spouses bypass almost all indicators. In particular, they are much more likely to

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Western Europe? Look better

Gentlemen, Comrades, comrades, Herr and Frau, ladies and gentlemen! You do not notice that the grounds on which reigns civilized and developed part of humanity, has acquired the features of the house, which is popularly referred to as "yellow"? But in a paradoxical way. Because, in the backward traditional yellow house doctors examine patients carefully, record and analyze their delusions and prescribe appropriate treatment. And if necessary and dress shirt with on-the-extra-long sleeves. No one comes to mind incarnate delusional (that are completely unrelated to reality and mutually exclusive) ideas. Patients were kept in spetsusloviya under which they could harm

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Ubinas volcano scare the residents of Peru

September 5, 2013. Waking up the other day volcano Ubinas Peru continues to throw ash and gas. On Wednesday, he visited the crater by helicopter President Ollanta Humala.

Ubinas intensified on Monday after a four-year lull. Awakening accompanied by five explosions. A column of ash and gas rose by 2 kilometers.

The next day, in the depths of the volcano rumbled another explosion, scaring residents of the surrounding towns.

Local resident: "This has affected the animals as well as people — children, adults. We want to help protect us, the elderly, children, our animals are seriously affected by

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